Margaret Walters1,2

F, #1013, b. 14 June 1810, d. 21 September 1893
FatherThomas Walters3
MotherElizabeth Howells3
Relationship3rd great-grandmother of Keith Graham Bassett
ChartsAncestors of Keith Graham Bassett
Last Edited6 Jun 2022
Birth*14 June 1810 Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales4 
Baptism8 July 1810 Swansea St Mary, Glamorgan, Wales;
Margaret Dr of Thomas Walters, baptized July 8, born June 144 
Marriage*8 October 1829 St Marys, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales;
Llewelin Williams of the Parish of Llanridian Bachelor
and Margaret Walters of this Parish Spinster
were married in this Church by banns
this eighth Day of October in the Year One thousand eight hundred and twenty nine
By me Wm Hewson Vicar
This Marriage was solemnized between us:
Llewelin Williams (his mark)
Margaret Walters
In the Presence of:
John Harris
William Davies
;Groom=Llewellyn Williams5 
Married Name8 October 1829 Williams5 
Census 1841*6 June 1841 Blackpill, Oystermouth, Glamorgan, Wales;
Lewellyn Williams, 30, Blacksmith, Born in County
Margaret Williams, 30,, Born in County
Ann Williams, 10,, Born in County
John Williams, 9,, Born in County
Elizabeth Williams, 6,, Born in County
Thomas Williams, 4,, Born in County
William Williams, 2,, Born in County
;Head=Llewellyn Williams, Daughter=Ann Williams, Son=John Llewellyn Williams, Daughter=Elizabeth Williams, Son=Thomas Williams, Son=William Williams6 
Census 1851*30 March 1851 Blackpill, Oystermouth, Glamorgan, Wales;Margaret Williams, HD, M, 40, Blacksmiths wife, GLA Swansea
John Williams, SO, U, 18, Blacksmith, GLA Oystermouth
Elizabeth Williams, DA, U, 15, Dressmaker, GLA Oystermouth
Thomas Williams, SO,, 13, Scholar, GLA Oystermouth
William Williams, SO,, 11, At home, GLA Oystermouth
James Williams, SO,, 9, At home, GLA Oystermouth
Lucy Williams, DA,, 6,, GLA Oystermouth
Henry Williams, SO,, 4,, GLA Oystermouth
Margaret Williams, DA,, 1,, GLA Oystermouth;Son=John Llewellyn Williams, Daughter=Elizabeth Williams, Son=Thomas Williams, Son=William Williams, Son=James Williams, Daughter=Lucy Williams, Son=Henry Williams, Daughter=Margaret Williams7 
Emigration*8 October 1851 "Charlotte Jane", Plymouth, Devon;Passenger=Ann Williams, Passenger=John Llewellyn Williams, Passenger=Elizabeth Williams, Passenger=Thomas Williams, Passenger=William Williams, Passenger=James Williams, Passenger=Lucy Williams, Passenger=Henry Williams8 
Immigration*14 January 1852 "Charlotte Jane", Adelaide, SA, Australia;
Mrs Margaret Williams, 40, Farm Servant, Swansea, Wales
Ann Williams, 20, Farm Servant
John Williams, 18, Blacksmith
Elizabeth Williams, 16, Farm Servant
Thomas Williams, 14, Farm Servant
William Williams, 12
James Williams, 8
Lucy Williams, 6
Henry Williams, 3
;Passenger=Ann Williams, Passenger=John Llewellyn Williams, Passenger=Elizabeth Williams, Passenger=Thomas Williams, Passenger=William Williams, Passenger=Henry Williams, Passenger=Lucy Williams, Passenger=James Williams8 
News-Arct15 January 1852 "The South Australian Register", Adelaide, SA, Australia;
Wednesday, January 14— The barque Charlotte Jane, 720 tons, Laurence, master, from London and Plymouth 8th October. Passengers—Mrs. and two Misses Pollock, Capt. Molloy, Mr. J. Richardson, and Dr. M'Crea in the cabin; and T. Brereton and family, J. Dixon wife and two children, Elizabeth Gower, Mary Arthurs, J. and M. Alexander, J. Beaton, J. B. Bains, S. Chapman, E. Clements, G. Clements and family, M. Clarke, A. Cormack wife and child, R. Craig wife and child, J. Craigie wife and child, B. and G. Davidson, G. Dalzeil wife and two children, D. Fotheringham, E. and M. Frazer, E. Gower, J. Gower and family, W. Goodliff and wife, W. Garrett, T. Gilbertson, L. Gifford wife and two children, Elizabeth Gray, Peter Garson wife and three children, W. Graham wife and two children, J. Gilmore wife and child, J. and M. Halcroid, H. Hill wife and two children, Janet Halcroid, J. and R. Hooker, W. Hutchison and wife, J. Irvine, Wm. Jones, A. Johnson, C. King, W. Keer, J. Leslie, J. M'Kissock wife and three children, J. M'Kissock wife and child, 'NY. Mayell wife and child, R. Meek and family, W. Moar and family, A. Moriat, A. Moar. 1). M'Kenzie, R. Miller and wife, J. Miller and wife, W. Miller wife and child, D. Miller wife and two children, J. Miller and family, J. Nobb and wife, J. Rayson and wife, Mary Ramsay, M. Robertson, A. Randall and family, W. Riddell and family, G. Stewart, L. Smith and wife, M. Spence, M. Stickle, J. Smith, M. Tail, T. Tyrie, J. Thompson, Helen Thorn, W. G. Tyrie, E. Vinall and wife, C. Ward, M. Williamson, H Henrick, A. Wenwich, R. Wylie, D. Wilson, M. Watson, William Young and family, Ann Tullock, M. Moar, P. Byrne and family, C. Birmingham, Ellen Byrom, S. Banister, M. and P. Brassall, J. Buckley wife and four children, P. Coffer wife and five children, J. Carroll and family, B. Casey, C. M. P. and M. Cahlll, P. Considine, M. Dunn, M. C. and T. Dundon, E. Farrell, J. Gangway, R. R. Lake, W. Maricomb and family, Ellen Moore, C. O'Brien, J. Sheehan and family, E. Smith, E. Sandford, Mary Sexton, F. Sandford and family, T. Swansborough, R. and P. Byrne, W. and B. Byrne, D. and B. O'Brien, Margaret Williams and family, G. Weal wife and two children, and T. and J. Meway, in the steerage. The following children died on the voyage —M. Cormack, and G. Carson; and the following adults— Elizabeth Hunter, aged 26, and Elizabeth Marcom, aged 589 
Death of Spouse15 April 1893 Yahl Paddock, SA, Australia;
When Died: 1893 15th April
Name and Surname: Llewellyn Williams
Sex: M
Age: Years 86
Rank or Profession: Blacksmith
Usual Residence: Yahl Paddock
Cause of Death: Senile Decay
Place where Death occurred: Yahl Paddock
Signature, Description, and Residence of Informant: W Hall, Undertaker's Assistant, Mt Gambier;Principal=Llewellyn Williams10 
Death*21 September 1893 Mount Gambier, SA, Australia;
When Died: 1893 24th September
Name and Surname: Margaret Williams
Sex: F
Age: Years 83
Rank or Profession: Widow of late Llewellyn Williams, Blacksmith
Usual Residence: Yahl Paddock
Cause of Death: Bronchitis 10 days, Senile Decay
Place where Death occurred: Mount Gambier
Signature, Description, and Residence of Informant: W Hall, Undertaker's Assistant, Mt Gambier11 
News-Arct*27 September 1893 "The Border Watch", Mount Gambier, SA, Australia;
DEATH OF AN OLD COLONIST. —Our obituary column to-day contains the announcement of the death of Mrs. Margaret Williams, which occurred on Sunday, 24th inst., a little more than five months after the decease of her husband, the late Mr. Llewellyn Williams, of Yahl. The deceased lady, who was the mother of Mr. T. Williams, J.P., of Moorak, and Mr. W. Williams, of Mount Gambler, came to the colony in 1852, three years after Mr. Williams, and was thus a colonist of 41 years. For eleven years she lived with her husband and family at Mount Barker, where Mr. Williams was engaged in farming. In 1863 they removed to Mount Gambier, and lived on a farm at Yahl till April last, when Mr. Williams died, at the age of 86 years. After her husband's death Mrs. Williams came to town, and lived with her grand-daughter, Mrs. Thos. Hall, in Sturt street, quietly waiting her time. Her age at death was nearly 84 years. The deceased leaves six sons and three daughters, as well as 50 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren, who are scattered over Australia. The funeral took place on Monday afternoon, the Rev. R. A. Caldwell conducting the last services. The deceased was much respected, and there was a large attendance at the funeral.12 
Burial*September 1893 Lake Terrace Cemetery, Mount Gambier, SA, Australia;
Llewellyn & Margaret Williams headstone


Llewellyn Williams b. 13 Feb 1807, d. 15 Apr 1893


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