Margaret Simmons1

F, #972, b. 1835, d. 21 February 1901
FatherWilliam Simmons2
MotherJohannah Guinen3 b. 13 Oct 1812
Relationship2nd great-grandmother of Keith Graham Bassett
ChartsAncestors of Keith Graham Bassett
Last Edited19 Oct 2022
Birth*1835 Manchester, Lancashire4 
Immigration*29 November 1849 "Lismoyne", Sydney, NSW, Australia;
Margaret Simons, 14, born Manchester LAN, Needlewoman, parents William & Johanna (both dead), Roman Catholic, both read & write
Entrance to Kilmallock Workhouse
News-Arct30 November 1849 "The Sydney Morning Herald", Sydney, NSW, Australia;
The Lismoyne has made the passage from Plymouth in ninety-eight days, after encountering heavy gales from the eastward from the time she entered Bass' Straits. The immigrants by her comprise three married couples and one boy, also 175 female Irish orphans, the whole of whom have arrived in good health. No deaths have occurred during the voyage, and the ship displays great cleanliness.;Principal=Ellen Connell5 
Employment*1850 Immigration Depot, Bathurst, NSW, Australia;
By the Ship “Lismoyne”, John Roals Master, which arrived at Sydney from Plymouth on the 29th day of November 1849
Samuel B. Shaw Surgeon Superintendent

Name: Margaret Simons
Calling: House Servant
Single Persons Age: 14
How many days maintained at Public Expense
On board the Ship in Harbour: 5
In Immigration Depot Sydney: 134
By whom Engaged
Address: depot at Bathurst
With or without Rations:
If the Immigrants leave the Port at which they have disembarked, state the place to which they have proceeded, and by what means the Cost of their Journey has been defrayed.
Destination: Bathurst Depot
Journey how defrayed: By Government6 
News-Arct27 April 1850 "The Bathurst Free Press", Bathurst, NSW, Australia;
Orphan Girls.—Thirty-five orphans girls arrived in town on Thursday last, and are now located at the Immigrant Barracks, awaiting engagements. A great proportion of them, according to their own representations, appear to have been accustomed to no kind of labour at home, and many of them who have, only as nurse-maids.7 
Married Name16 May 1852 Smith3 
Marriage*16 May 1852 St Michaels Church, Bathurst, NSW, Australia;
I, John Smith do hereby declare that I am a Member of, or hold Communion with the Roman Catholic Church
John Smith his mark
I, Margaret Simmons do hereby declare that I am a Member of, or hold Communion with the Roman Catholic Church
Margaret SimmonS her mark
I, Jerome Keating of Bathurst Minister of Bathurst do hereby Certify, that John Smith of Campbells River and
Margaret Simmons of Campbells River were joined together in Wedlock by me, on the Sixteenth day of May 1852, at St Michaels Church in the presence of
Stuart M Donald, Campbells River
Honorah M*glen, Bathurst;Groom=John Smith8 
Marriage*25 April 1861 St Michaels Church, Bathurst, NSW, Australia;
Groom: James Whiley
Status: Bachelor
Place of Birth: N. S. Wales
Occupation: Tradesman
Age: 22
Usual residence: Canowindra
Father: Isaac Whiley
Occupation: Carrier
Mother: Mary Holland

Bride: Margaret Simmons
Status: Widow
Place of Birth: England
Age: 26
Usual residence: Canowindra
Father: William Simmons
Occupation: Tradesman
Mother: Johanna Guinen

Date of Marriage: 25th April 1861
Place of Marriage: St Michaels Church, Bathurst NSW
Religion: Roman Catholic
Witnesses: John Coffey, Alice Bentinck
Minister: James McGirr
;Groom=James Whiley3,9 
Married Name25 April 1861 Whiley10 
Death of Spouse29 September 1890 Borambil, near Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
Name: James Whiley
Date of Death: 29 Sep 1890
Place of Death: Borambel, near Condobolin NSW
Occupation: Selector
Sex: Male
Age: 51
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Richmond NSW
Time in Aust Colonies: All his life

Father: Isaac Whiley
Occupation: Independent
Mother: Mary Holland (surname not known)

Place of Marriage: Canowindra
Age at Marriage: 24
Name of Spouse: Margaret Simmons
Children of Marriage: Isaac 28, Maria 26, Agnes 24, Emma 22, James 21, Henry 19, Percy 17, Florence 15, Margaret 13
Informant: W A Robinson, nephew, Condobolin

Cause of Death: Pneumonia
Length of Illness: 9 days
Medical Attendant: Dr Dalton
Date Last Seen: 27 Sep 1890

Date of Burial: 30 Sep 1890
Place of Burial: Condobolin Cemetery
Minister & Religion: Rev G Keith, Presbyterian
Undertaker: F W Marlin
Witnesses: Robert Morton & W A Robinson;Principal=James Whiley11 
Probate*13 May 1891 NSW, Australia;
610 Whiley James late of Condobolin Farmer
13th May 1891 By Petition Admon granted to Margaret Whiley of Condobolin Widow of Deceased
Surities: Thomas Mooney of Woolanmundry Condobolin Squatter and Thomas Johnston of Condobolin Squatter
Intestate died 29th day of September 1890
Goods Sworn at £3397;Principal=James Whiley12 
News-Arct12 May 1899 "The Lachlander", Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
Something New.
Condobolin is to be relieved of one of its hotels, a fact that no class of people more than the publicans themselves will be pleased to learn. The well known, and at one time leading, hostelry known as the Exchange, for many years under the charge of Mrs. M. Robinson has fallen into new hands — those of Mrs. M. Whiley, of Brent, Borambil — who intends effecting many drastic changes thereto. The license in the first place is to be dropped, and the whole place
renovated — this, amongst other things, to include the addition of a second storey to the back premises. All this is hoped to be accomplished by the 1st July, on and from which date the new proprietrix will open a boarding house on large lines. We are sure that her 26 years of residence in this district, her wide circle of friends, the location of her enterprise, and practical knowledge
of the attention required by those she will deal with, will stand good to Mrs. Whiley in her new venture, and we predict for her a successful business.13 
News-Arct9 June 1899 "The Lachlander", Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
Board and Lodgings.
Mrs. Margaret Whiley, of Brent, Borambil,
HAVING Purchased the Exchange Hotel, begs to intimate to the public that she is having it converted into a—
The Premises will be renovated throughout, and Board and Lodgings afforded at Reasonable Rates.
Large and spacious Dining Rooms upstairs and downstairs.
Excellent Stabling and Grooms always in attendance
Good and Airy Bedrooms.
The above will be opened on 1st. July.
Exchange Boarding house, Denison St., CONDOBOLIN.14 
News-Arct29 September 1899 "The Lachlander", Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
Mrs M. Whiley, of the Exchange boarding house, has decided to further improve that property by the erection of two two-storied houses for use of private families Mr. F. W. Marlin has the work in hand, and will make a start almost immediately.15 
Will*14 February 1901 Denison Street, Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
THIS is the last WILL and TESTAMENT of me MARGARET WHILEY of Denison Street, Condobolin, in the Colony of New South Wales, Widow, After payment of all my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses I hereby direct and authorise my Executors to dispose of all the property known as the Exchange Boarding House and all household effects together with the two other properties situate in Denison Street, Condobolin, as also the Conditional Purchase containing Three hundred and twenty (320) acres of land situate at Bogandillon about twelve (12) miles from Condobolin, and the proceeds arising from such sale together with all money in the Australian Joint Stock Bank Limited or any other Banking Istitution either at current account or fixed deposit, to be equally divided between my two daughters GRACE FLORENCE WHILEY and MARGARET MARY JOSEPHINE DOROTHY WHILEY and my son PERCY JEFFRY WHILEY, and I hereby appoint George Landers of 54 Macarthur Street, Ultimo, and Harry Landers of 54 Macarthur Street, Ultimo, to be Executors of this my last Will and Testament.
I also revoke all previous Wills made by me.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this Fourteenth day of February in the year of our Lord One thousand nine hundred and one.
Margaret Whiley
Signed by the said testator as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us, who at her request in her presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses
Maria Robinson
George Landers Jnr;Beneficiary=Percy Jeffry Whiley, Beneficiary=Grace Florence Whiley, Beneficiary=Margaret Mary Josephine Whiley16 
Death*21 February 1901 "Molong House", Rosebank Street, Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia;
Name: Margaret Whiley
Date of Death: 21 Feb 1901
Place of Death: Molong House, Rosebank Street Sydney NSW
Sex: Female
Age: 68
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Manchester England
Time in Aust Colonies: 51 years in NSW

Father: (Given name not stated) Simmons
Occupation: Boot Maker
Mother: Johanna (surname not stated)

Place of Marriage 1: Not Stated
Age at Marriage 1: Not Stated
Name of Spouse 1: John Smith
Children of Marriage 1: No Issue
Place of Marriage 2: Canowindra NSW
Age at Marriage 2: 26
Name of Spouse 2: James Whiley
Children of Marriage 2: Isaac H 38, Maria (Crampton) 35, Agnes (Moore) 34, Emma (Bassett) 33, James 31, Harry 29, Percy J 27, Grace F 25, Margaret M J D 21 living; none deceased
Informant: (Signed) H Landers, nephew, 54 Macarthur Street

Cause of Death: Gall Stones, Intestinal obstruction
Length of Illness: 5 days
Medical Attendant: W McMurray
Date Last Seen: 21 Feb 1901

Date of Burial: 22 Feb 1901
Place of Burial: Roman Catholic Cemetery Rookwood
Minister & Religion: P O'Reilly, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: Coffill and Company
Witnesses: John Bennett & Sidney Pearsall11 
News-Arct*22 February 1901 "The Lachlander", Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
Her many friends will be sorry to learn that Mrs. Whiley, of the Exchange boarding house, has been in a precarious state of health in Sydney for some time past.17 
News-Arct27 February 1903 "The Lachlander", Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
In Memorium.
IN LOVING MEMORY of MARGARET WHILEY, late of Condobolin, who departed this life on the 21st day of February, 1901, aged 64 year. Interred in Rookwood Cemetery 22nd February.
Mother is gone but not forgotten.
Nor is the good advise she gave,
Sweetest thoughts shall ever linger
Around our darling Mother's grave.
Long days and nights she spent in pain,
To wait for cure was all in vain
But God alone who knowest best
Did ease her pain and gave her rest.
Oh silent grave to thee we trust
This precious part of earthly dust.
Guard it safely, sacred tomb.
Till we, her children, ask for room.
Inserted by her loving sons, P. J. and H. Whiley.18 
Photo* Irish Faminine Memorial, Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney, NSW, Australia;
The Irish Famine Memorial commemorates the arrival of over 4,000 single young women (mostly orphans) from the workhouses of Ireland during the Great Famine. Margaret Simmonds and Ellen Connell both arrived on the Lismoyne in 1849. Margaret Simmons is one of the 420 names etched on the glass panels amd can be seen on the lower left.

;Principal=Ellen Connell19

Family 1

John Smith

Family 2

James Whiley b. 15 May 1839, d. 29 Sep 1890


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