Elizabeth Mitchell1

F, #985, b. 20 March 1769, d. 24 June 1837
FatherCharles Mitchell2
MotherElizabeth Greenhill3
Relationship4th great-grandmother of Keith Graham Bassett
ChartsAncestors of Keith Graham Bassett
Last Edited8 Mar 2022
Name Variation Betty Mitchell4 
Baptism*20 March 1769 North Bradley, Wiltshire;
Betty Daughr. of Chas. Mitchell - Ashton2 
Gaol*1 January 1790 Fisherton Anger Gaol, Salisbury, Wiltshire;
Lent Assizes, New Sarum, Saturday, March 6, 1790
Calendar of Prisoners.
Betty Mitchell, 19, Committed Jan. 1, 1790, by E. H. Mortimer, Esq. charged on the oath of John Helps, of Studley, on suspicion of aiding and assisting in breaking open his dwelling-house, and stealing five cheeses and sundry other articles.
Sarah Mitchell, 41, Committed Jan. 1, 1790, by E. H. Mortimer, Esq. charged on the oath of John Helps, and also on her own confession, with receiving into her dwelling-house five cheeses, the property of the said John Helps, knowing the same to be stolen. and sundry other articles
Mary Mitchell, 19, Committed Jan. 1, 1790, by E. H. Mortimer, Esq. charged on the oath of John Helps, on suspicion of aiding and assisting her sister Betty Mitchell, in breaking open the dwelling-house of the said John Helps, and stealing five cheeses, some wearing apparel, &c. the property of the said John Helps.5 
Note*6 January 1790 Wiltshire;
The Salisbury and Wiltshire Journal tells us on the 6th Jan, & 8th March 1790 that Betty Mitchell was arrested on the 1st January, 1790 and charged with:-
burglariously breaking and entering the dwelling house of John Helps in the parish of Trowbridge about one in the morning of 30th Dec. last and stealing thereout five cheeses and other goods val. 30 shillings & 6d.

She was then taken to Fisherton Anger Goal outside New Sarum (Salisbury) the then country seat of Wiltshire.

At the same time Sarah Mitchell was arrested and charged with:-
Feloniously receiving five cheeses and one pair of cotton gloves parcel and p. Knowing the same to be stolen.

Sarah was taken to the Bridewell at Devises.

Mary Mitchell with:- house breaking. There is no evidence that Mary was imprisoned.6 
News-Arct7 January 1790 "The Batch Chronicle", Bath, Somerset;
Saturday last Betty Mitchell, of Westbury, was committed to Fisherton gaol, charged on the oath of John Helps, of Studley, farmer, on a violent suspicion of having aided and assisted in breaking open his dwelling-house, and stealing five cheeses, some childbed linen, and a piece of Holland cloth; and also with having part of the said property in her possession. Sarah Mitchell, her mother, was at the same time committed to Devizes bridewell, as a confederate in the said burglary.7 
News-Arct*15 March 1790 "The Reading Mercury", Reading, Berkshire;
At Salisbury assizes, Betty Mitchell, William Baker, and James Mills, for burglaries, and William Carr, for stealing two asses, were sentenced to be transported for seven years, and William Barrington, Joseph Burchell, Richard Baily, William Millgrove, William Tippin, William Dangerfield, Olivia Dangerfield, William Horsell, Isaac Rose, Elizabeth Burdett, Ann Poulton, Sarah Mitchell, Edward Henley, William Henley, Hannah Fitchew, and Mary Mitchell, for divers offences, were discharged.7 
Transported*9 July 1791 "Mary Ann", Port Jackson, NSW, Australia;
Convict Name: Betty Mitchell
Where sentenced: Assizes for County at New Sarum Witshire
When sentenced: 6 March 1790
Term they were Sentenced to be Transported for: Seven years8 
Marriage*20 February 1805 St John's, Parramatta, NSW, Australia;
Edward Field of the Parish of Hawkesbury
& Elizabeth Mitchell of the Parish of Hawkesbury were
Married in this Church by Banns
this twentieth Day of February in the Year One Thousand eight Hundred and five
By me Samuel Marsden
This Marriage was solemnized between us
Edward Field his mark
Elizabeth Mitchell her mark
In the Presence of
Wm Morris
Elizabeth R***in her mark;Groom=Edward Field9 
Married Name20 February 1805 Field9 
Muster 1806*20 August 1806 Nepean, NSW, Australia;
Elizabeth Field, "Mary Ann", Free by Servitude, Wife, Edward Field10 
Muster 180620 August 1806 Nepean, NSW, Australia;Elizabeth Field, "Mary Ann", Married NSW, 3 male, 3 female legitimate children11 
Death of Spouse21 January 1826 Castlereagh, NSW, Australia;Principal=Edward Field12 
Census 1828*1828 Evan, NSW, Australia;
Elizabeth Field, 57, Free by servitude, Protestant, "Mary Ann", 1791,, Landholder
William Field, 22, Born colony, Protestant
Samuel Calway, 27, Free by servitude, Protestant, "Hindostan", 1821,, Clerk
Abraham Levy, 35, Government servant, Hebrew, "Lord Wellington", 1815,, Labourer
Thomas Roe, 11, Born colony, Catholic
Mary Smyth, 67, Free by servitude, Catholic, "Lady Juliana", 1790

32 acres, 20 cultivated, 20 cleared
9 cattle and 3 horses;Son=William Field13 
Death*24 June 1837 Castlereagh, NSW, Australia;age 6714 
Burial*June 1837 Castlereagh Anglican Cemetery, Castlereagh, NSW, Australia;
Elizabeth Field headstone

Family 1

James Wilson

Family 2

Edward Field b. c 1769, d. 21 Jan 1826


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