Edward Field1

M, #984, b. circa 1769, d. 21 January 1826
Relationship4th great-grandfather of Keith Graham Bassett
ChartsAncestors of Keith Graham Bassett
Last Edited30 May 2022
Birth*circa 1769 England2 
Enlistment*27 July 1789 England;
Enlisted as a private in the 102nd Regiment of Foot (the NSW Corps)2 
Immigration*28 June 1790 Arrived in Port Jackson on "Scarborough"3 
Grant13 December 1794 NSW, Australia;
No.: 373
Date: 1794 Decr 13th
Grantee or Lessee: Edward Field
Situation: West side of Iron Cove Creek
Extent: 25 acres
Term of years: Grant
Annual Quit Rent: 1 s commencing after 5 years
By whom granted: Francis Grose Esq Lieutenant Governor
Registration: A 150
Remarks: Cancelled, an Equivalent being given4 
Discharge*8 May 1801 NSW, Australia;
Discharged substitute Hownes2 
Grant*30 June 1803 NSW, Australia;
No.: 1107
Date: 1803 June 30
Grantee or Lessee: Edward Field
Situation: District of Evan
Extent: 100 acres
Term of Grant: Grant
Annual Quit Rent: 2s after 5 years
By whom granted: Governor King

Edward Field's land grant at Castlereagh
Marriage*20 February 1805 St John's, Parramatta, NSW, Australia;
Edward Field of the Parish of Hawkesbury
& Elizabeth Mitchell of the Parish of Hawkesbury were
Married in this Church by Banns
this twentieth Day of February in the Year One Thousand eight Hundred and five
By me Samuel Marsden
This Marriage was solemnized between us
Edward Field his mark
Elizabeth Mitchell her mark
In the Presence of
Wm Morris
Elizabeth R***in her mark;Bride=Betty Mitchell6 
Muster 1806*1806 Nepean, NSW, Australia;
Name: Edward Field
Wheat: 20½ acres
Maize: 7 acres
Barley: 2½ acres
Potatoes: ½ acres
Orchard & Garden: 1 acre
Pasture: 48½ acres
Total: 80 acres
1 male horse
11 male, 4 female sheep
6 male, 4 female hogs
2 Bushels of wheat in hand
10 Bushels of maize in hand
Not victualled by the Government: himself, wife, 6 children, 1 convict
Remarks: Grant Nepean7 
News-Arct5 February 1809 "The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser", Sydney, NSW, Australia;
To be Sold by Private Contract,
A Capital Farm at the Nepean, the property of Edward Field, containing One Hundred Acres of Land, in praise of which too much cannot be said: Upwards of an acre is laid out in an orchard containing some of the best trees any where to be procured, of the Orange, Lemon, Peach, and other kinds; in addition to which there is a public Pound.
Those who may have a desire to treat for the same are requested to apply to the proprietor on the premises, any day except Saturdays, when he may be seen at the Green Hills.8 
GrantMay 1809 NSW, Australia;
No.: 1476
Date: 1809 May
Grantee or Lessee: Edward Field
Situation: District of Evan
Extent: 100 acres
Term of years: Grant
Annual Quit Rent: 2 s commencing after 5 years
By whom granted: Lieutenant Governor Wm Paterson Esq
Registration: D 27
Correspondence1 February 1810 Evan, NSW, Australia;
His Excellency Lachlan McQuarie Esq Captain General and Governor in Chief in and over His Majesty’s Territory of New South Wales & it’s Dependencies &c &c &c
The Humble Memorial of Edward Field Settler at the Nepean River,
Sheweth unto Your Excellency.
That your Memorialist was Settled at the Reducement of the New South Wales Corps to the Peace Establishment.
That your Memorialist has a Wife and seven Children
That your Memorialist obtain’d the Favour of an Order for the Grant of a farm from Governor King and such Order was in consequence put in force by a Grant from His Honor The late Lieutenant Governor.
That your Memorialist will therefore consider himself highly indebted unto your Excellency provided your Excellency will be so good as to sanction such Grant your Memorialist having already expended upwards of £40- upon such Farm.
And Your Memorialist as in (Duty bound) shall for ever pray &c.
Edward Field
February 1st 18104 
Journal*30 November 1810 Nepean River, NSW, Australia;
"After leaving Doctor Jamison's Farm we passed through Capt. Woodriffe's and Mr. Chapman's, both on the Right Bank of the Nepean and which appeared a very fine rich Soil fit both for Tillage and Pasturage. — Thence we passed through a long extensive chain of Farms along the Nepean belonging to Appledore, Westmore, Collett, Stanyard, Pickering, Field, Stephen Smith, Jones, Cheshire, Harris, Guy, Wm. Cheshire, Landrine, Stockfish, Oldwright, Ryan, Griffith, Kennedy &c. &c. being the front line of Farms on this River.

These are all good Farms, good Soil, and well cultivated, but they are liable to be flooded in general when this River overflows its Banks, and consequently the Houses of the Settlers are very mean and paltry."9 
News-Arct*16 March 1816 "Sydney Gazette and New South Wles Advertiser"", Sydney, NSW, Australia;
At a MEETING of the CLERGYMEN, MAGISTRATES and principal INHABITANTS of the several Districts of the Hawkesbury, held at Windsor the 19th of February, 1816, in Pursuance of an Advertisement in the Sydney Gazette of the 3rd ultimo; WILLIAM COX, Esq. being called to the Chair, it was unanimously resolved to subscribe to the RELIEF of the noble SUFFERERS under the gallant DUKE of WELLINGTON, on the 18th of June last; and also to request His Excellency the GOVERNOR to be pleased to transmit the same to England by His Majesty's Brig Emu, now on the eve of sailing.
The Districts of the Hawkesbury being so wide and extensive, it was Resolved, that the Magistrates should go round their respective Districts, with some of the principal Inhabitants, in order to collect from the Absentees; when the following Persons voluntarily offered their Services on this Occasion; viz. Mr Richard Fitzgerald, Mr Wm. Baker, and Mr. John Howe, for the District of Windsor; Mr. Fitz and Mr. Thorley, for the District of Richmond; Mr. Arndell, Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Paul Bushel, Mr. Andrew Johnston, and Mr. Edward Reynolds, for Wilberforce, Caddie, and Portland Head; Mr. Gilberthorpe and Mr. George Hall for the District of Pitt Town; and Mr. Charles Hadley and Mr. Pierce Collett, for the District of Castlereagh.
It was also Resolved, that the Subscriptions should be paid into the Hands of Mr. Fitzgerald, as Treasurer, at Windsor; and that a Deputation of James Mileham, Esq. and Mr. Richard Fitzgerald, should wait on HIS EXCELLENCY with the Subscriptions so collected.
WILLIAM COX, Chairman.
Subscribers at Castlereagh District.
Mr Fulton Magistrate £3 0s 0d
Mrs. Colletts £2 0s 0d
John Lees £0 18s 0d
Edward Field £0 9s 0d10 
Correspondence1820 Evan, NSW, Australia;
To His Excellency Lachlan Macquarie Esq Captain General & Commander in Chief in & over his Majesty’s Territory of N S Wales & its dependencies
The Humble Petition of Edwd Field Senr of Evan Free, Respectfully Sheweth
That your Excellency’s Petr came to this Colony in Ship Scarbourough in the year 1790 as Soldier in the 102 Regt & obtained his discharge after serving 13 years in said Regt. Petr has a Wife & 4 children to support by honest industry
That his Excellency Govr King was graciously pleased, to grant Petr a Grant of Land upon the banks of the Nepean River upon which he now resides.
That in consequence of many & great floods that loss them 900 Rods of Petrs best ground has together with the wheat been carried away by the overwhelming irresistable torrent. Petr therefore fearing lest the next flood might prove fatal to himself family, buildings & property, Humbly, & earnestly solicits that your Excellency in your usual condescending unrivalled benificence will grant Petr such quantity of Land that your Petr may fly to as a refuge from the assailing, ravishing, & destructive inundation, & Petr as in duty bound will Ever Pray
Edwd Field
Petitioner is an industrious honest man and suffered the loss so prescribed
Jn Jamison
Henry Fulton4 
Muster 1822*1822 Windsor, NSW, Australia;
Field Edward Sr,, came free,, Scarboro,,, Land Holder Windsor
Mitchell Elizabeth,, free by servitude,, Mary Ann,, 7, Wife of Ed Field Windsor
Field William, 15, born colony,,,,, Children of E Field Sr Windsor
Field Sophia, 13, born colony,,,,, Children of E Field Sr Windsor
Field Thomas, 11, born colony,,,,, Children of E Field Sr Windsor
Field George,, born colony,,,,, Son of E Field Senr Windsor;Son=George Field, Wife=Elizabeth Mitchell, Son=William Field, Daughter=Sophia Field, Son=Thomas Field11 
Correspondence*12 August 1824 Evan, NSW, Australia;
12th August 1824
To His Excellency Sir Thomas Brisbane KCB Captain General, governor and Commander in Chief In and Over his Majesty’s Territory of New South Wales & its Dependencies
The Memorial of Edward Field Senr of Evan
Most Respectfully Sheweth
That your Excellys Memost came to this Colony in the Year 1790 as Soldier in the 102 Regt of foot, that he is now a Settler in the District of Evan, that he is married, and has a large family, and having a considerable number of horned Cattle and several Horses he finds it extremely difficult to depasture them, within the limits of his farm, and being desirous of obtaining a further indulgence in Land as a run for his Cattle and impressed with a sense of your Excellency’s kind intentions to promote the welfare and prosperity of the Colonist
Therefore Most Respectfully Solicits Your Excy to take these circumstances into your gracious consideration and be condescendingly pleased to Give Memost a Grant of Land
And he as in duty Bound will ever Pray
Edward Field Senr
Jn MacHenry Resident Magst
Henry Fulton Clergyman4 
Death*21 January 1826 Castlereagh, NSW, Australia3 
Burial*January 1826 Castlereagh Anglican Cemetery, Castlereagh, NSW, Australia;
Edward Field headstone


Elizabeth Mitchell b. 20 Mar 1769, d. 24 Jun 1837


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