William Cunningham1

M, #315, b. 25 June 1857, d. 25 July 1922
William Cunningham 1857-1922
FatherJohn Cunningham1 b. 3 Oct 1814, d. 16 Dec 1857
MotherEllen Connell1 b. 18 Sep 1831, d. 25 Dec 1888
RelationshipGreat-grandfather of Keith Graham Bassett
ChartsAncestors of Keith Graham Bassett
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Birth*25 June 1857 Caloola (nr Bathurst), NSW, Australia;
Surname: Cunningham
Given names: Unknown (William added after registration)
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 25th June, 1857
Place of Birth: Caloola

Parents of Child
Surname: Cunningham
Given names: John
Occupation: Shepherd
Age: 31 years
Place of birth: County Cork, Ireland
Surname: Connall
Given names: Ellen
Age: 21 years
Place of birth: born County Cork

Date of marriage: 1851
Place of marriage: Bathurst
Previous children of marriage: John 4, Margaret 2, 1 female deceased

Informant: John Cunningham, Father, (Shepherd) Caloola, County of Bathurst1 
Baptism21 September 1857 St Michael, Bathurst, NSW, Australia;
When Baptised: September 21 1857
When Born: 25 June 1857
Child's Chrisian Name: William
Father's Name: John Cunningham
Mother's Name: Ellen Connell
Adode: Peppers Creek
Quality or Profession: Laborer
Sponsors: George Longel? & Mary Mullaghy
By whom the ceremony was performed: B Murphy2 
Death of Father16 December 1857 Caloola (nr Bathurst), NSW, Australia;
Name: John Cunninghame
Date of Death: 16/12/1857
Place: Caloola, near Bathurst NSW
Occupation: Shepherd
Sex: Male
Age: 31
Place of Birth: County Cork Ireland
Time in Aust Colonies: 17 years in NSW

Father: William Cunninghame
Occupation: Hat Maker
Mother: Margaret Sullivan

Place of Marriage: Bathurst NSW
Age at Marriage: 26
Name of Spouse: Ellen Connall
Children of Marriage: John 4, Margaret 2, William 5m living, 1 girl dead

Informant: Michl Kent (his mark), Ship mate, farmer, Wardell near Bathurst, certified by George Larna.... (remainder of surname caught in binding), farmer and grazier, tenant, Caloola near Bathurst

Cause of Death: Unspecified
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant:
Date Last Seen:

Date of Burial: 18/12/1857
Place of Burial: Bathurst
Minister & Religion: J Phelan, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: Kerr and Rae
Witnesses: Michael Kent, Thomas Flood
Registered: 17/12/1857 Bathurst;Principal=John Cunningham3 
Marriage*27 November 1878 Residence of bride's mother, Broad Creek, Forbes, NSW, Australia;
Groom: William Cunningham
Status: Bachelor
Place of Birth: Not stated
Occupation: Farmer
Age: Not stated
Usual residence: Forbes
Father: Not stated
Occupation: Not stated
Mother: Not stated

Bride: Lauria Scott
Status: Spinster
Place of Birth: Not stated
Occupation: Not stated
Age: Not stated
Usual residence: Forbes
Father: Not stated
Occupation: Not stated
Mother: Not stated

Date of Marriage: 27/11/1878
Place of Marriage: Residence of the bride's mother, Broad Creek, Forbes NSW
Religion: Church of England
Witnesses: Eliza Field, Rosetta Howell
Minister: Ephraim Dunstan
;Bride=Lauristina Scott4 
Death of Mother25 December 1888 Foster's Valley, NSW, Australia;
Name: Ellen Joyce
Date of Death: 25/12/1888
Place: Fosters Valley, District of West Macquarie NSW
Sex: Female
Age: 55
Place of Birth: Cork, Ireland
Time in Aust Colonies: 46 years in NSW

Father: (Given name unknown) O'Connell
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Unknown

Place of Marriage (1): Bathurst NSW
Age at Marriage (1): 17
Name of Spouse (1): John Cunningham
Children of Marriage (1): 1 girl dead
Place of Marriage (2): Bathurst NSW
Age at Marriage (2): 26
Name of Spouse (2): William Joyce
Children of Marriage (2): Mary 29, Michael 27, Thomas 25, Patrick 22, Honora 20, Ellen 17, William 15, Bridget 13 living, 1 female dead

Informant: Thomas Joyce, son, Fosters Valley

Cause of Death: Cardiac disease
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: W H Spencer
Date Last Seen: 4/12/1888

Date of Burial: 26/12/1888
Place of Burial: Rockley
Minister & Religion: Thomas J Walsh, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: George Mendham, acting
Witnesses: Patrick Joyce (his mark), William Johnson

Registered: 2/1/1889 Bathurst;Principal=Ellen Connell3 
Govt-gzte*14 March 1898 NSW, Australia;
Postal and Electric Telegraph Department,
General Post Office,
Sydney, 14th March, 1898
the following particulars of a contract entered into for the Conveyance of Post Office Mails from the 1st in stant are published for general information.
No.: 259
Contractor's name: William Cunningham, sen.
Contractor's Address: Condobolin
Postal Line:
Western Road. Railway Station and Post-office, Condobolin
Distance in Miles: ½
Frequency of Communication: No. of times per week. Three or six as requied
Mode of Conveyance: Vehicle, drawn by one horse
Annual Amount payable to Contractor: £19 19s 0d
Date of termination of Contract: 31 Dec, 19005 
Death*25 July 1922 Derriwong, NSW, Australia;
Name: William Cunningham
Date of Death: 25th July 1922
Place of Death: Derriwong, Lachlan Shire
Occupation: Farmer
Sex: Male
Age: 65
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Campbell's River NSWales
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: John Cunningham
Occupation: Not known
Mother: Ellen Lamanda Campbell

Place of Marriage: Carrawobitty NSWales
Age at Marriage: 22
Name of Spouse: Lauristina Scott
Children of Marriage: Lillian M 42, William J 40, John J 38, Merilda 34, Margaret 28, Ellen L 25, Michael F 23, Joseph P 21, Kate 18 living; 2 females deceased
Informant: Joseph Cunningham, son, Hillgrove, Derriwong

Cause of Death: (a) Cardiac degeneration (b) Asthma
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: Francis P Quirk
Date last Seen: 21st July 1922

Date of Burial: 26th July 1922
Place of Burial: Roman Catholic Cemetery, Condobolin
Minister & Religion: James O'Brien, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: F W Marlin
Witnesses: Robert G Marlin, Alf Marlin6 
Burial*26 July 1922 Roman Catholic Cemetery, Condobolin, NSW, Australia7 
Probate4 July 1924 NSW, Australia;
125071 Cunningham William late of near Condobolin Farmer
4 July 1924 On this date Letters of Administration of the Estate of the said deceased were granted to the Public Trustee Intestate died at Derriwong 25 july 1922 Estate sworn at £1909 15 7 nett8 
News-Arct*5 November 1924 "The Lachlander", Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
Harry C. Moulder, auctioneer, Condobolin, will sell, in the estate of William Cunningham, at Derriwong, on Wednesday, November 12, stock, plant, furniture, etc. See advertisement in this issue.

Auction Sale
Wednesday, November 12
At 2 p m
HARRY C. MOULDER Auctioneer, Condobolin. has received instructions from The Public Trustee to sell by Public Auction, in the Estate of William Cunningham, deceased, at his property, situated near Derriwong, the following Stock, Plant, Furniture, etc : —
Plant.—1 Robinson Harvester, 1 2-Furrow Moulboard Plow, 1 Set Harrows and Bar, 1 Dray, 1 Trolly, 1 Pump and Piping, 1 200 Gallon Tank, 1 Scoop, I Princess Separator, 45 gallons per hour. Pair Lorry Shafts, 1 Saddle, 1 Grindstone and Sundries
Stock—1 Blood Mare, with Foal at foot, 3 Saddle Hacks
Furniture—1 Large Cedar Sideboard, 1 Clothes Press and Book Case combined, 3 Chains, 1 Dining Table, 1 Large Boiler
Harry C. Moulder,


Lauristina Scott b. 25 Feb 1860, d. 5 Jul 1951


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