Ivy Rubertine Bassett

F, #123, b. 11 September 1906, d. 21 July 1976
Ivy Bassett
FatherAlfred Bassett b. 2 Jan 1864, d. 26 Sep 1944
MotherEmma Theresa Whiley b. 24 Apr 1867, d. 23 Sep 1938
RelationshipGreat-aunt of Keith Graham Bassett
Last Edited5 May 2022
Birth*11 September 1906 Condobolin, NSW, Australia1 
Married Name15 April 1933 Connolly2 
Marriage*15 April 1933 Randwick, NSW, Australia;Groom=Hilary Gladstone Connolly2
Hilary, Ivy and baby Michael Connolly
Death of Mother23 September 1938 41 Boundary Street, Clovelly, NSW, Australia;
Name: Emma Theresa Bassett
Date of Death: 23 Sep 1938
Place of Death: 41 Boundary Street Clovelly, Municipality of Randwick NSW
Sex: Female
Age: 71
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Condobolin NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: James Whiley
Occupation: Farmer and Grazier
Mother: Margaret (surname unknown)

Place of Marriage: Condobolin NSW
Age at Marriage: 21
Name of Spouse: Alfred Bassett
Children of Marriage: Percy A 46, Ida E 43, Fonzey C 41, Norman L 39, Alan S 37, Ivy M 32, Neta M 28 living, 2 males, 1 female deceased
Informant P A Bassett, son, 45 Main Street, Earlwood

Cause of Death: Coronary occlusion, chronic myocarditis
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: David Adcock
Date Last Seen: 22 Sep 1938

Date of Burial: 24 Sep 1938
Place of Burial: Presbyterian Cemetery Randwick
Minister & Religion: Wm J Grant, Presbyterian
Undertaker: Russell V H Kinsela, employed by Charles Kinsela Pty Ltd
Witnesses: S Ashby, T Strachan;Principal=Emma Theresa Whiley3 
(Beneficiary) Will20 November 1942 Sydney, NSW, Australia;THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me ALFRED BASSETT of 10 Newcastle Street, Rose Bay near Sydney in the State of New South Wales Retired Grazier I REVOKE all previous testamentary dispositions made by me and declare this to be my last Will and Testament I APPOINT my sons PERCY ALFRED BASSETT and FONZEY CARROLL BASSETT to be my Executors and Trustees of this my will I GIVE DEVISE AND BEQUEATH the whole of my estate both real and personal to my trustees UPON TRUST to convert the same into money by sale or otherwise and to divide the proceeds among all my children who shall be living at the time of my death in equal shares and in the event of any of my said children predeaceasing me leaving issue THAN I direct that the share to which such child predeceasing me would have been entitled under this my will if he or she had not predeceased me shall be divided between the children of such child in equal shares or if only one to his or her absolutely I EMPOWER my Trustees to postpone the sale and conversion of any part of my estate for so long as they in their absolute discretion think fit without being responsible for loss AND I DIRECT that the income of unconverted property shall from the time of my death go and be applied in the same manner as the income of the proceeds thereof would have been applicable if the same had been converted AND I DECLARE that my trustees may at any time and from the time of my death go and be applied in the same manner as the income of the proceeds thereof would have been applicable if the same had been converted AND I DECLARE that my Trustees may at any time and from time to time (with the consent of the person entitled to any share of my estate under this my will) appropriate a specific part of my estate whether real or personal in satisfaction or part satisfaction of that share without giving any notice of the intended appropriation to any other person AND I AUTHORISE my Trustees to instrument and instruments and to all such acts and things as may be necessary to carry into effect any such appropriation as foresaid AND I DECLARE that my Trustees may join in any partition of my estate devised in trust for sale and in any such partition may consent to any arrangements for the payment or receipt or securing of any money for equality of partition.
IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand to this my Last Will and Testament at Sydney this Twentyth day of November in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty two.
Alfred Bassett
Eric Doolan, Hairdresser, 698 New South Head Road, Rose Bay
Henry O'Leary, 88
lucas Road, Burwood;Principal=Alfred Bassett4 
Electoral Roll*1943 41 Boundary Street, Clovelly, NSW, Australia;
Connolly, Hilary Gladstone, 41 Boundary street, seaman
Connolly, Ivy Rubertine, 41 Boundary street, home duties;Principal=Hilary Gladstone Connolly5 
News-Arct*29 May 1944 "The Daily News", Perth, WA, Australia;
SYDNEY, Mon — Eighty-year-old Alfred Bassett, retired property owner of Boundary Street, Clovelly, from whom £19,000 was stolen on Saturday night, could not be interviewed today.
"It is no use trying to see him," his daughter, Mrs Collins, said. "If you try to go near him he'll bite your head off."
Mrs Collins added that she did not know how long her father had been keeping the money in the suitcase under his bed.
"It must have been there for a long time," she said, "but although my father lives with me he doesn't tell me all his business. He keeps to himself."
The home from which the money was stolen is a small brick cottage with a few feet of lawn in front.
Mrs. Collins said she thought the thief must have entered through a window while the family was having the evening meal at the rear of the house.
For more than ten years Mr Bassett had crammed notes of from £100 to £5 denomination into a small suitcase under his bed, believing this to be as safe as a bank.
[Note: This should be Mrs Connolly not Collins];Principal=Alfred Bassett6 
Death of Father26 September 1944 St Vincent's Private Hospital, Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia;
Name: Alfred Bassett
Date of Death: 26 Sep 1944
Place of Death: St Vincent's Private Hospital, Darlinghurst, late of 41 Boundary Street, Clovelly
Occupation: Farmer and grazier
Sex: Male
Age: 80 years
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Mount Pleasant, South Australia
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: William Bassett
Occupation: Boot maker
Mother: Margaret unknown

Place of Marriage: Condobolin, N.S.W.
Age at Marriage: About 24 years
Name of Spouse: Emma Teresa Whiley
Children of Marriage: Percy A 52, Ida E 49, Fonzey C 47, Norman L 44, Allen S 42, Ivy M 37, Neta M 33 living; 2 males, 1 female deceased

Informant: P A Bassett, son, 12 Hamilton Avenue, Earlwood

Cause of Death: 1. Peritonitis 2. Carcinoma of sigmoid colon
Length of Illness: 1. 4 days 2. 6 months
Medical Attendant: W Maxwell, registered
Date Last Seen: 26 Sep 1944

Date of Burial: 27 Sep 1944
Place of Burial: General Cemetery, Randwick
Minister & Religion: W J Grant, Presbyterian
Undertaker: L H Bohlson, employed by Charles Kinsela Pty Ltd
Witnesses: S Lynch, C Whelan;Principal=Alfred Bassett7 
Death of Spouse15 September 1966 NSW, Australia;Principal=Hilary Gladstone Connolly8 
Death*21 July 1976 Revesby, NSW, Australia;
CONNOLLY, Ivy Rubertine - July 21 1976 at her residence late of Revesby, dearly loved wife of Paddy Connolly (deceased), loved mother of Michael, Jimmy, Joan, Dianne and June, dear grandmother of Anne, Kevin, Michael, Helen, Peter, Paul, David, Elizabeth, Christopher, Gregory, Dominic, Siobhan and Liam.9 


Hilary Gladstone Connolly b. 6 May 1893, d. 15 Sep 1966


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