Elizabeth Langdon1

F, #3350, b. 1 September 1706, d. June 1784
FatherJohn Langdon2
Last Edited26 Apr 2008
Baptism*1 September 1706 Probus, Cornwall;daughter of John2 
Married Name15 November 1741 Bassett1 
Marriage*15 November 1741 Probus, Cornwall;Groom=Francis Bassett1 
(Exec-Beneficiary) Will20 January 1769 Probus, Cornwall;In the Name of God Amen I Francis Bassett of the parish of Probus in the County of Cornwall Cordwainer being of a Sound & perfect Mind & Memory praised be Almighty God for the same do make & ordain this my last Will & Testament in Manner & form following (That is to Say)

I Give Unto my Mother Mary Bassett four pounds a year during her life to be paid her out of that part of Ponce Tresillian which Benjamin Dunstone now holdeth of me if my Right I now have therein shall so longe Continue and after her Death the Said Mary Bassett I Give all that part aforesaid unto Ann Daughter of the said Benjamin Dunstone of the parish of Probus during the remainder of my right therein in paying & discharging Moyale of all Rates taxes & out goings whatsoever and all that other part of Ponce Tresillian within the Parish of Merther now in my Possession I Give unto Thomas Bassett my Brother of the parish of St Ewe during the remainder of my Right therein in paying the other Moyale Rates taxes and other outgoings whatsoever from & after the death of my Wife Elizabeth but not to enjoy any part thereof before

Also I Give unto Emanuel son of Richard Bassett of the parish of St Mewan all my Tenement in Tresillian wherein I now Dwell within the parish of Probus after the Death of my Wife Elizabeth
Also I Give unto Francis son of Francis Night os the parish of Mevagisay all that Tenement called lower Trellissickin the parish of Probus during the remainder of my Right therein from and after the Death of my Wife Elizabeth & not before
Also I Give each of my Brothers & Sisters hereafter Mentioned livening one year after my Decease twenty Pounds Viz Emanuel Bassett Ann Wife of Francis Night Elizabeth Wife of Thomas Tremellin unto my Brother Thomas Bassett
I give all my Linning & Woolling apperrel All the Rest of my Goods and Chattles whatsoever I do give & Bequeath unto my beloved Wife Elizabeth Bassett and do make her my whole and Sole Executrix of this my last will & Testament revoking all former Wills heretofore by me made in Witness whwereof I have hereunto Sett my hand & Seal this Twentieth day of January one Thousand seven Hundred & Sixty Nine 1769
Francis Bassett
;Principal=Francis Bassett3 
Death of SpouseJanuary 1770 Probus, Cornwall;Principal=Francis Bassett4 
Will*24 January 1783 Probus, Cornwall;In the Name of god Amen I Elizabeth Bassett of the Parish of Probus & County of Cornwall do make this my last will And Testament in manner & form as Followeth. First I bequeath my Soul to Almighty god that gave it and my body to be buried in a Christian like manner at the discretion of my Executor

I give to Clarandra Oats the Sum of ten pounds to be Paid in six months after my decease
I Also give Mary Bond the sum of ten pound to be paid in six months after my decease
I Also give to Margery Whiteford to be paid in six months after my decease
I Also give to Francis son of Francis And Elizabeth Knight the sum of twenty pounds if he Atain the age of twenty one years
I Also give to Hotton at Veruan the Sum of one Pound & one Shilling
I Also give to the surviving Children of Thomas & Ann Shear the Sum of one pound & one Shilling Each
All the rest of my good Chatels & affects I give to Francis Knight now living in the Parish of Merther Whome I nominate & appoint to be * & Sole Executor of all my goods & Chatels and affects of what nature or kind what so ever in paying my depts. And leggses

Signed Sealed published and Declared this my last will and Testament this 24 Day of January 1783 in the Presents of John Mugford & Jenifor Hugo whose names are here unto Subscribed
Witness here unto
John Mugford
Jenifor Hugo

In witness where unto I have set my hand and Seal
The Sign of
Elizabeth Bassett
Death*June 1784 Probus, Cornwall4 
Burial*8 June 1784 Probus, Cornwall4 


Francis Bassett b. Oct 1712, d. Jan 1770


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