Emily Annie Weiss1

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Married Name4 January 1898 Field1 
Marriage*4 January 1898 St John, Hartley, NSW, Australia;
Groom: Arthur Field
Status: Bachelor
Place of Birth: Hartley
Occupation: Miner
Age: 29
Present Residence: Vale of Clwydd
Usual Residence: Vale of Clwydd, Lithgow
Father: Edward Field (deceased)
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Mary Ann Annesley (deceased)

Bride: Emily Annie Weiss
Status: Spinster
Place of Birth: Rockley
Occupation: Domestic duties
Age: 22
Present Residence: Hartley
Usual Residence: Hartley
Father: Frederick Adam Weiss
Occupation: Public School Teacher
Mother: Rosetta Honey

Date of Marriage: January 4th 1898
Place of Marriage: Hartley Parish Church
Religion: Church of England
Witnesses: George Harry Graham Weiss, Sarah Benigna Weiss
Minister: J. Heffernan
;Groom=Arthur Field1 


Arthur Field b. 3 Oct 1869


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