Elizabeth Stafford1

F, #1074, b. 1815, d. 10 September 1859
FatherFrancis Stafford1 b. c 1777, d. 23 Mar 1828
MotherElizabeth Adams1 b. 9 Aug 1795
Relationship3rd great-grandmother of Keith Graham Bassett
ChartsAncestors of Keith Graham Bassett
Last Edited23 Jun 2020
Birth*1815 Sydney, NSW, Australia1 
(Daughter) Muster 18251825 Sydney, NSW, Australia;
Francis Stafford,, Free by servitude, Atlas, 1802, 7 years, householder Sydney
Eliza Stafford, 10, born colony,,,, Daughter of Francis Stafford;Principal=Francis Stafford2 
(Step-daughter) Census 18281828 Wilberforce, NSW, Australia;
Michael Poor, 40, Free by servitude, Catholic, "Providence", 1811,, Landholder
Elizabeth Poor, 33, Born colony, Catholic
Elizabeth Poor, 13, Born Colony, Catholic
Francis Lord, 22, Free by servitude, Protestant, "Earl St Vincent", 1820, Labourer
Michael Green, 25, Government Servant, Protestant, "Countess of Harcourt", 1824, Labourer
William Hutsel, 32, Free by servitude, Catholic, "Shipley", 1818, Labourer
Michael Poor, 37, Government servant, Catholic, "Earl St Vincent", 1818, Labourer;Head=Michael Power, Wife=Elizabeth Adams3 
Death of Father23 March 1828 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia;Deceased=Francis Stafford4 
Married Name18 October 1831 Spilsbury5 
Marriage*18 October 1831 Windsor, NSW, Australia;
I hereby Certify that John Spilsbury of the Parish of Windsor aged 32 years and
Eliza Stafford spinster of the Parish of Wilberforce, aged 17 years were
Married in this town of Windsor by banns with consent of all parties concerned,
this Tuesday 18th day of October in the year 1831
By me John McGarrie Presbn. Chaplain
This marriage was solemnized between us
John Spilsbury his mark
Eliza Stafford her mark
In the Presence of
John Chane of Sydney
Anne Chane of Sydney;Groom=John Spilsbury6 
News-Arct*12 January 1832 "The Sydney Gazette", Sydney, NSW, Australia;
CAUTION—Whereas my wife, ELIZA SPILSBURY, has left her house and home without any just cause or provocation, I hereby give notice, that any person harbouring or employing the said ELIZA SPILSBURY, will be prosecuted with the utmost rigour of the law, and that I will not be accountable for any debts she may contract after this date.
JOHN (his mark) SPILSBURY.
Windsor, Jan. 4,1832.
                    ;Principal=John Spilsbury7 
News-Arct26 June 1832 "The Sydney Gazette", Sydney, NSW, Australia;
ALL Persons are cautioned against giving credit to my Wife, ELIZA SPILSBURY, as I will not pay any debts she may contract, having left her home without any just cause or provocation. Any person harbouring her after this notice, will be prosecuted according to law.
Windsor, 19th June, 1832.;Principal=John Spilsbury8 
Marriage*5 September 1839 St Marys, Sydney, NSW, Australia;
I, James Mason (the mark of James Mason)
I, Elizabeth Stafford do hereby declare
that I am a Member of, or hold Communion with, the Roman Catholic
Church (signed)
I, Francis Murphy of Sydney
Minister of St Marys Church do hereby certify
that James Mason of Adelaide South Australia
and Elizabeth Stafford of same place
were joined together in Wedlock by me, on the fifth day of
September 1839 at St Marys Sydney
in the Presence of Hugh Flood & Jane Birmingham both of Sydney;Groom=James Mason9 
Married Name5 September 1839 Mason9 
News-Arct*23 January 1844 "The Southern Australian", Adelaide, SA, Australia;
JANUARY 19, 1844.
Henry Wilson was charged with stealing sawn stuff, belonging to Richard Mitchell and Thomas Sanders, residing near Willunga, and Elizabeth Mason with receiving the same, knowing the same to be stolen.
The prosecutors had followed the dray tracks to where Mrs Mason resides, where they found the stuff, which they swore to as their property.
The case was ordered to stand over for a week, for further evidence, and the prisoners were allowed bail.
Mr Richman appeared for the prosecution, and Mr Fisher for the defendants.10 
News-Arct8 March 1844 "The Southern Australian", Adelaide, SA, Australia;
Henry Wilson and Elizabeth Mason were indicted, Wilson for stealing, and Mason for receiving gum timber belonging to the crown, and on another count, for stealing and receiving respectively, gum timber belonging to Thomas Sandrey and Richard Mitchell.
T. Sandrey.-I live near Willunga; I am a sawyer; I had a licence up to the 1st January last; I have a partner; his name is Richard Mitchell; we had a sawpit about two miles from Willunga; I missed some sawn timber; a few days after Christmas we left the place to go harvesting; we left the timber there, a large quantity of slabs and quartering lying on each side of the pit; I was away about three weeks; I was at the pit a day or two after Christmas day; I returned on 16th January; my partner was away at harvest work also; we had also corn of our own; it was about two miles from the pit; on 16th January we found the quartering and some slabs gone-fourteen pieces of quartering-we then saw the prints of the wheels of a loaded dray; we followed the track to Mrs Mason's section, about three quarters of a mile off; we saw the slabs inside of a kangaroo fence; Mrs Mason was there; she said she had bought the timber from a man named Tom; we said, what Tom? she said Overland Tom-she expected him back to thrash; she said she gave 7s for the whole timber; she said he had asked 8s; we said it was our timber, and we had never sold it; we found about two hundred feet of slabs, and some made into pig styes; we found quartering cut to two or three feet lengths; I swear the timber produced is my cutting; it is mine.
Cross-examined.-I would not say that the timber was not cut in the adjoining section ; the up-hill section is that where the sawpit is.
By the Advocate-General.-Some part of the timber was cut on the section; the section is No. 467, I daresay 466 must join it.
By Mr Fisher.-There is nothing fit for sawing but gum in the neighbourhood; a great quantity of gum was cut from the adjoining section to fence Mrs Mason's section; I think we cut one tree there; the sawpit was near the boundary, the end came against it; we drew the timber by timber carriages; if the end of timber was on the ground, it would have shown tracks; I know the track was of a loaded dray from the impression; there was a slight shower at that time; we had no difficulty in tracing the tracks; the heavy wood was stored inside of a fence up in a corner; the quartering was lying in a yard; my saw makes different work than other people's; there is no difference in the saws; I never returned for three weeks.
Re-examined.-I traced the section line along with Robins; we cut all but one tree in the section on which our pit was.
Richard Mitchell, sawyer, near Willunga.-I am partner with last witness. Licence produced, but none of the blanks were found to be filled up.
Mr Fisher submitted that the indictment could not lie, as the timber was not these men's property.
This was over-ruled.
This witness corroborated the evidence of his partner.
John McLaren, Esq., Land Office, produced map of districts C and B; 467 is government land.
Cross-examined.-466 has been sold ; it is not crown land.
Jeremiah Robins.-The prisoner Wilson lives in Light Square, in a house formerly kept by Mason; he proved that he had found the timber at Mrs Mason's; Mrs Mason said a man had come in for a drink of water, called Overland Tom; Wilson and Mason were together in the latter house; she said she had bought from Tom, and sent Wilson, who went with the dray; Tom, she said, would be back to thrash barley; I made enquiry about Tom, but have never been able to find him.
Cross-examined.-I made the enquiries about town among my own men, and in different places; this is the third time I have been in town since; Wilson gave me a description of Tom when I brought him in; I have looked into several houses to see if I could see him; Mrs Mason and Wilson were together in the kitchen, and another man that I have seen to-day; they were drawing wheat; I did not enquire who were drawing; Wilson was not stacking the wheat; I took Wilson; Hall the constable was there before me; he did not take him; I have not taken a more active part in the business than my duty required; I don't know a Mr Colvin by name; I have seen the man now pointed out; that man came to the Post-office at Willunga for a letter one day. and talked for five minutes; I saw him yesterday; the man complained of not being paid; I asked who subpoenaed him; he said Mrs Mason; I then asked had not Mrs Mason paid him; I said nothing about his perjuring himself; I saw Sandrey, and Mitchell, and Uphill; I swear I did not say Uphill was coming to perjure himself; the sawpit is about 30 feet from the line of section 466; there is gum timber, and plenty has been cut for splitting; I saw one gum tree felled for another purpose; I traced the lines by the survey pegs; the corner pegs are there, and the corners are cut; the sections have not been burned lately; I saw the number 467 district C.
Charles Latta.-I know Mitchell and Sandrey's sawpit; I know Wilson; I saw him in harvest time with a dray; I don't now the month; the dray was coming from Mr Mason's way; the prisoner was the man with the dray; I saw him come back with the dray, it was coming in the direction of the sawpit; there was timber on it; he went down the fiat towards Mrs Masons; I did not see any one else with the dray; it was driven across ray section which adjoins Mr Mason's; to the best of my recollection this was after Christmas; it was before I went before the Magistrate.
John Robinson.-I live at McLaren Vale; I sometimes survey, and am no particular trade; I know the sawpit in question; the sketch shown is made by me; the sawpit is on 467; I traced the division line; there are numbered pegs; the timber is called gum; on 466 a number of trees are cut down, some many months ago; there are traces of trees drawn from 466 direct to the sawpit; there were slabs sawn on 486 on 23rd Feb., also on the 6th or 7th of the same month; there were fewer slabs last time; I saw them lie round the sawpit.
Cross-examined.-I know Mrs Mason only from having stacked her wheat.
By Mr Fisher.-Wilson was on the stack when the policeman came.
By the Court.-There was timber cut on the section 466; there was only slabs and refuse timber when I last saw it.
David Colvin.-I live at McLaren Vale; I went with Mr Robson to examine the sections 466 and 467; Sandrey and Mitchell's sawpit is on 467; on 466 most trees are cut down; there are slumps left on 466; there are marks; I did not take notice of the tracks; I saw, yesterday, Robins of the police; he said I ought not to be sorry, as he supposed I had got something for my trouble; I said he did not suppose I was bribed; he did not give me any satisfactory answer at all.
John Barns.-I live at Mr Mason's Clear Villa; I recollect gum slabs being brought to Mr Masons; I do not know the day; previous to their coming. a man who called himself Overland Tom was there; he asked for a drink of water; Mrs Mason gave him some milk and something to eat; he said he had some slabs for sale; Mrs Mason asked him what he wanted for them; he said he wanted 8s or 9s; Mrs Mason offered him 6s; he took 6s for the slabs; the slabs were brought; Mrs Mason paid the money; the slabs were put on the dray; I saw the money paid; the slabs were on the dray in the public road three or four days; some was used for a pig stye and the rest was put in the yard.
Cross examined.-The man said he was called Overland Tom; I have not seen him before or since; he was a short dark man; he had nothing with him; he said he had the wood at a sawpit; it was about a mile off, but I did not know whose it was; I have passed it once or twice; I did not know on what business the man came; he spoke of the slabs after he had something to eat; Wilson came to yoke up the bullocks; Mrs Mason told him to go for the slabs along with the man; WiIson was working there; Overland Tom went along with Wilson; they went beyond Lattas place; I saw the money paid; it was 6s; that was what the man agreed for; I never said it was a different sum; I have never said that the sum was 7s, and that Mrs Mason closed for that sum and paid it; the witness was here shewn his deposition before the Magistrate; it is here said 7s; I think it was 6s; I first knew Mrs Mason in Launceston; I lived with her in Morphett-street; I have lived with her 10 years on and off.
By the Judge. -I don't know the quantity of slabs; the 6s was to be paid for a load of slabs; nothing was said about quartering; I did not take notice of whether it was slabs or quartering; I don't know what quartering is (laughter in the Court); shewn a piece of quartering; I saw some like this; I can't say what quantity of quartering there was; there was no timber brought from any other place for the pig stye; the timber was brought the same day the bargain was made.
Sandrey, re-called: By the Judge.-There were 14 pieces quartering taken; at Mrs Mason's we saw a number of pieces of quartering cut down short, but none uncut.
Verdict, Guilty. Sentence, six months imprisonment.
Confirmation*February 1852 Willunga, SA, Australia;
James Mason: A convert aged 47, not confirmed: perhaps not made his 1st communion: out of the Church:
Elizabeth, (Stafford) not Confirmed: out of the Church
Francis John 19, not Confirmed: out of the Church
Elizabeth 16, not Confirmed: out of the Church
Sarah 15, made first Holy Communion 2nd Feb. Gives meat and cheese: bench rent paid for the quarter in butter:;Principal=James Mason12 
News-Arct26 February 1853 "The Adelaide Observer", Adelaide, SA, Australia;
MR. FRANCIS MASON, of Maclaren Vale, is requested to return home immediately, as his Father is very ill.
WM. JOHNSTONE, North Adelaide.13 
News-Arct23 July 1853 "The Adelaide Observer", Adelaide, SA, Australia;
THIS is to give Notice, that in the event of any person or persons being found REMOVING or CUTTING TIMBER or STONE, or in any manner trespassing upon Sections 479 and 480, in the district of Willunga (Maclaren Vale; or any person making or attempting to make a thoroughfare through Clare Villa Farm, Maclaren Vale aforesaid, will be prosecuted according to law, without further notice.
J. & E. MASON, Maclaren Vale.
July 14, 1853.
Witness—William John Lone,
Fiinnss-street, North Adelaide.;Principal=James Mason14 
Death of Spouse9 February 1854 Muckleford Creek near Castlemaine, VIC, Australia;
When and where Died: on the 9th of February 1854 at Muckleford Creek
Name and Surname, Rank or Profession: James Mason age 49
Sex and Age: Male age 49 years
Cause of Death: Dysentry & Low fever
Duration of last illness: 13 days
Medical Attendant by whom certified: Henry Howlett
When last Seen: 8 February 1854
Father: - Mason
Mother: Mary Mason
Informant: Francis A Mason, Farmer, Tarangowa, the son of the deceased
Registered: Castlemaine
Where Born, and how long in the Australian Colonies: Born in Grosvenor Square in the County of Middlesex in England and lived in the Colonies of Victoria and South Australia for 25 years
Married: At Saint Marys Church in Sydney to Elizabeth Stafford
Children of Marriage: Francis Andrew Mason age 22, Elizabeth Sophia wife of Andrew Maddagan age 19, Sarah Sophia Mason age 17 years;Deceased=James Mason15 
News-Arct26 August 1854 "The Adelaide Observer", Adelaide, SA, Australia;
SUPPOSED to be at the Victoria Diggings.
—To FRANCIS JOHN MASON, formerly of Clare Villa Farm, Maclaren Vale.—Your Mother requests you will immediately return home on seeing this advertisement, in consequence of your Grandfather's decease.
ELIZABETH S. MASON, Maclaren Vale.
August 24th, 1854.16 
News-Arct26 August 1854 "The Adelaide Observer", Adelaide, SA, Australia;
SUPPOSED to be at the Victoria Diggings.
—To FRANCIS JOHN MASON, formerly of Clare Villa Farm, Maclaren Vale.—Your Mother requests you will immediately return home on seeing this advertisement, in consequence of your Grandfather's decease.
ELIZABETH S. MASON, Maclaren Vale.
August 24th, 1854.;Principal=Francis John Mason16 
Will*7 November 1855 Adelaide, SA, Australia;
I Elizabeth Sophia Mason of MacLaren Vale in the province of South Australia Widow do make my last Will and Testament in manner following that is to say I give devise and bequeath all my real And personal Estate whatsoever and wheresoever unto my friends William Johnstone of North Adelaide in the province aforesaid Gentleman and Edward Amand Wright of Adelaide in the province aforesaid Esquire their heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns respectively according to the nature and quality thereof respectively Nevertheless upon and for the trusts intents and purposes hereinafter declared of and concerning the same that is to say Upon Trust that they the said William Johnstone and Eward Amand Wright and the survivor of them his heirs Executors Administrators or Asigns respectively do and shall with all convenient speed call in and by sale or otherwise convert into money such part of my said personal Estate as shall not consist of money absolutely sell and dispose of my said Real Estate either together or in parcels by public Auction or private contract for the best price that can be reasonably obtained for the same with full power to buy in the premises or Any part thereof and to resell the same as aforesaid without being Answerable for any difference in price or other loss And I declare that the receipt or receipts in writing of the Trustees or Trustee for the time being of this my Will for any money payable to them or him under the Trusts aforesaid shall effectually discharge the person or persons paying the same from the money therein Expressed or Acknowledged to be received and from all liability to see to the application thereof on account or in respect of the misapplication or nonapplication thereof And I declare that the Trustees and the survivor of them his Executors Administrators and Assigns shall stand possessed of the monies to arise by the ways and means aforesaid and of the money of which I shall dispossessed In Trust for my Children Francis John Mason Elizabeth Ann Mason and Sarah Sophia Elliott their heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns in equal shares and proportions as tenants in common the shares of the said Francis John Mason and Elizabeth Ann Mason to be paid to them on my decease and the remaining third part to be invested by the said Trustees or Trustee in their or his own names or name upon Government or real securities to be from time to time varied at his or their discretion and the dividends, Interest and proceeds arising therefrom during the lifetime of my daughter Sarah Sophia Elliott to be paid to her for her sole use and benefit by even and equal quarterly payments free from the control of her present or any future husband and her receipt alone to be a sufficient discharge and after her decease such remaining third part to be divided equally amongst her children if any or if but one to be transferred to such and in case the said Sarah Sophia Elliott shall die without issue then such third part shall be paid or transferred to such person and in such manner as she shall by any Will or other instrument under her hand whether covert or sole direct or appoint And I declare that it shall be lawful for the Trustees or Trustee for the time being during the life and minority of any of the children of my last named Daughter to pay and apply any portion of his or her expectant share under this my will in or towards his or her maintenance and Education or otherwise for his or her advancement in the World And I declare that if my Trustees hereinbefore named or either of them or any Trustees or Trustee to be appointed under this clause shall die or be unwilling or incompetent to accept or execute the Trusts of this my Will it shall be lawful for the competent accepting Trustee or Trustees for the time being if any whether retiring from the Office of Trustee or not or if none for the Executors or Administrators of the last deceased Trustee to substitute by any instrument under their or his hands or hand any person or persons in whom alone or as the case may be jointly with any surviving or continuing Trustees or trustee my Trust Estate shall be vested And I exempt any Trustee of my Will from liability for losses occurring without his own wilful default and Authorise him to retain and allow to his Cotrustee all expences incidental to the Trusteeship I appoint the said William Johnstone and Edward Amand Wright to be Executors of my will
In witness whereof I have at the end or foot hereof and of the preceding sheet subscribed my hand this seventh day of November in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fifty five
Signed and acknowledged b the within named Testator Elizabeth Sophia Mason as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us who at her request in her presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto set our names as Witnesses
Edwd Garton Miller
Clerk to Mr. Fisher
Jno. Hatchett
Clerk to Mr. Fisher
Solr. Adelaide17 
News-Arct12 February 1859 "The Adelaide Observer", Adelaide, SA, Australia;
TO be LET, CLARE VILLA FARM, MACLAREN VALE. A good House, containing six Rooms and food Cellar, and a Well of good Water; a Garden stocked with Fruit Trees and Vines; Stockyard and Piggery. Also, two Sections of running Land. No person need apply without capital and respectability. Apply to Mrs. E. S. Mason, on the premises.18 
Death*10 September 1859 McLaren Vale, SA, Australia;
Sarah Sophia Mason, age 44, residence McLaren Vale

Note: although recorded as Sarah Sophia Mason, this must be Elizabeth Mason's death as we know Elizabeth died between 1859 and 1860. Elizabeth would have been 44 in 1859. Her daughter's name was Sarah Sophia Mason but she was still alive19 
News-Arct23 October 1860 "The South Australian Register", Adelaide, SA, Australia;
On FRIDAY. November 2.
FREDERIC WICKSTEED is instructed to sell, on the premises, Clairville Farm, Maclaren
Vale, on Friday. November 2, at 12 o'clock-
All those Three SECTIONS of LAND, numbered respectively 479, 480, and 494, at MACLAREN VALE, in the Hundred of Willunga, each containing 80 Acres.
Terms at time of sale.
For further particulars apply to Messrs, Wright Brothers, King William-street, Adelaide.
Also, at same time.
All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, STOCK, and EFFECTS, consisting of—
Spring-Cart and Harness, Box-Cart
Sows, Pigs, Cows, Horse, Scales and Weights
Dairy Utensils, Silver Watch
Feather Bed and Pillows, Tables, Chairs
Bedstead. Kitchen Utensils
&c., &c., &c.20 

Family 1

James Mason b. c 1805, d. 9 Feb 1854

Family 2

John Spilsbury


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