Theodore Pike1

M, #863, b. 10 January 1802, d. 7 December 1862
FatherThomas Pike2 b. 1 May 1768, d. 7 Dec 1845
MotherCatharine Searl3 b. 12 Dec 1773, d. 8 Mar 1857
Relationship3rd great-grandfather of Keith Graham Bassett
ChartsAncestors of Keith Graham Bassett
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Birth*10 January 1802 Bristol, Gloucestershire4 
Baptism24 April 1803 St Luke, Brislington, Bristol, Gloucestershire;
Theodore Clarill Pyke the Son of Thos. Clarill Pyke & Catherine Louisa Pike Was Born Janry the 10 1802 & Baptizd the 24 of April 18034 
Conviction*28 June 1820 "Old Bailey", London;
844. JAMES HOLLIS and THEODORE PIKE were indicted for stealing, on the 15th of June , one handkerchief, value 4 s., the goods of James Bernard Bernard , from his person . - MR. HONE conducted the prosecution.
JAMES BERNARD BERNARD . I am a barrister , and reside in Gray's Inn. On the 15th of June, about nine o'clock in the morning, I was in Castle-street, Bloomsbury - I heard a voice call out
"They have picked your pocket." I felt and missed my handkerchief - and at the same time, turning round, I saw two persons running away. I pursued them towards Plumtree-street, into Museum-street, Broad-street, St. Giles's - and there they divided. I secured Hollis, and never lost sight of him. Pike was brought back, and my handkerchief produced.
WILLIAM HATTON . I am eleven years old, and belong to Shelton school; I live in Little Russell-street. On the 15th of June, I was coming out of a dairy in Castle-street with some milk, and saw Hollis draw the handkerchief from Mr. Bernard's pocket and give it to Pike, who followed close behind him. I am certain they are the boys. I immediately called to Mr. Bernard, they both ran away. I went home, and saw them at the office the same day.
JOHN CAREY . I am a shoemaker, and live in Plumtree-street. I was passing from Museum-street to Drury-lane, and saw Pike running with a handkerchief in his hand. I joined in the pursuit - and when he ran across, he threw it into a shop-door. I picked it up, and gave it to the prosecutor - he was stopped directly.
(Property produced and sworn to.)
The prisoners pleaded distress.
HOLLES - GUILTY . Aged 14.
PIKE - GUILTY . Aged 15.
Transported for Life .
First Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Common Sergeant.5 
Gaol*1820 Newgate Prison, London, Middlesex;
Name: Theodore Pike
Age: 15
Description of Persons, &c: 5 ft 3. Dark Complexn: Brown Hair, hazel Eyes, of slim made, born in Bristol, Sweep
When brought into Custody: 15 June 1820
By whom Committed: H, Jn, Dyer Esq
Offence charged with: Stealing from the person of James Bernard Bernard a Silk Handf
When Tried and before whom: 7h July 1820, Comn: Sergt.
Verdict of Jury: G felony
Sentence: trans. For Life
If executed and when:
Íf respited or pardoned and when:
When discharged removed or otherwise disposed of: 21 July 1820 to the Bellerophon Hulk, Sheerness
If died in Prison and when:
General observations as to former Conduct and Character, Habits of Life, Connexions, &c:

With James Hollis (14)6 
Prison Hulk*21 July 1820 "Bellerophon", Woolwich, London, Middlesex;
Received Twenty five Prisoners from Newgate 21 July 1820
No.: 2088
Name: Theodore Pike
Age: 15
Offence: Steag. a Hdkf. from a Person
Where and When Convicted: Middlesex 28 June 1820
Sentence: Life
How and When Disposed Of: Disd. 23 August 1820 Per Asia NSW7 
Transported*28 December 1820 "Asia I", Port Jackson, NSW, Australia;
Name: Theodore Pike
Where Convicted: Middlesex Gaol Delivery
When: 28th June 1820
Term: Life
Native Place: London
Calling: Chimney sweep
Age: 16
Height: 5 1½
Complexion: fa. rud.
Hair: lt br
Eyes: dark8 
News-Arct6 January 1821 "The Sydney Gazette", Sydney, NSW, Australia;
Yesterday morning the prisoners brought by the ships Almorah, Captain Winter, and Asia, Captain Morice, were landed. They were inspected in the forenoon by His EXCELLENCY the GOVERNOR and COMMANDER IN CHIEF; who was pleased to express to the Commanders and Surgeons of each vessel the highest satisfaction at the appearance of the men, who, one and all, testified to His EXCELLENCY their gratitude to the Gentlemen to whose care and tenderness they had been confided by a benign & merciful Government, in the most lively terms of heartfelt praise, acknowleding they had experienced universal kindness and general attention; indeed, their particularly healthy appearance fully confirmed the expressions of their grateful feelings, which spoke more than language was capable of giving utterance to. When the contemplative mind is insensibly and necessarily, led, on such gratifying occasions as these, to take a retrospect of a few years, how manifestly striking is the contrast that NOW so frequently exhibits itself;—Who can avoid exulting ,at so much GOOD being done in New South Wales ?—The superintending Gentlemen of the Faculty are, Dr. Alexander, R. N. of the Almorah: and Dr. Carlyle, R. N. of the Asia.9 
Conviction7 March 1822 Magistrates Court, Parramatta, NSW, Australia;
Proceedings taken at the Magistrates Court Parramatta
Date: March 7 1822
Present: Hannibal McArthur Esquire
Name: Theodore Pike
Free or Bond: bond
If bond by what Ship: Asia
Nature of Offence: Found away from his Gang having no Pass
Sentence: 50 lashes and to be returned to his Gang
Remissions: Punisht Suspended
Remarks: Belonging to “Campbells Farm”10 
Muster 1825*1825 Parramatta, NSW, Australia;Theodore Pike, C, Asia 1821, Life, Govt. Employ., Parramatta11 
Census 1828*1828 Road Gang 13, Dogtrap Road, Parramatta, NSW, Australia;Thomas Parrot, 29, B, Protestant, Dick, 1821,, Overseer
Theodore Pike, 21, B, Protestant, Asia,, 1821, Overseer Assistant12 
Marriage Bann*9 March 1829 St John's, Parramatta, NSW, Australia;
List of Persons applying for Publication of Banns at Saint John's Parramatta 9th March 1829
Theodore Pyke, 24, Bachelor, Asia 1st, 1821, Life, Bond, OverSeer of a Road Party Parramatta, Good
Elizabeth Barns, 17, Spinster, Native,,, Free, at her Father's Parramatta, Good
This man a Prisoner and an Overseer of a Road party in Parramatta. Accompaning this is a Recommendation Signed by M Lockyer Esq Surveyor of Roads13 
Permission to Marry27 March 1829 Sydney, NSW, Australia;
March 27, 1839
Theodore Pyke, 24, Asia (1), Life, Bond
Elizabeth Barnes, 17, Native,, Free
Revd. S. Marsden, Newcastle
Not until Pyke shall obtain his Ticket of Leave, he being a Prisoner in the Service of Government14 
Ticket of leave*10 December 1829 NSW, Australia;
No. 29/935
10 December 1829

Prisoner's no.
Name, Theodore Pike
Ship, Asia (1)
Master, Morice
Year, 1820
Native place, London
Trade or Calling, Shoemaker
Place of Trial, Middx G D
Date of Trial, 28 June 1820
Sentence, Life
Year of Birth, 1808
Height, 5 feet 5 1/4 inches
Complexion, ruddy
Hair, light Brown
Eyes, dark Hazel
General Remarks, blue mark on forefinger of left hand
Allowed to remain in the District of Hawkesbury
On recommendation of Hawkesbury Bench,
dated 31 August 1829

Altered for Parramatta vide Col Sec letter No 30/170, dated 4 March 1830

obtained a Conditional Pardon No 839 Dated 31 Decr 183615 
Permission to Marry*1 June 1832 Sydney, NSW, Australia;
June 1, 1832
Theodore Pike, 27, Asia, Life, Ticket of Leave
Eliza Murphy, 21, Edward, 7 years, Ticket of Leave
Clergyman: Rev S Marsden, Parramatta16 
Marriage*22 July 1834 St Johns, Parramatta, NSW, Australia;
Theodore Pike Aged 25 years Asia 1 of the Parish of Parramatta
Sarah Buckley Aged 24 years of the Parish of Parramatta were
married in this Church by Banns with the consent of
By me Samuel Marsden Senior Chaplain
This Marriage was solemnized between us
Theodore Pike (his mark)
Sarah Buckley (her mark)
In the Presence of
George Buckley (his mark) of Parramatta
Elizabeth Mortimer (her mark) of Parramatta;Bride=Sarah Buckley17 
Land*4 September 1835 Supreme Court, Sydney, NSW, Australia;
Date of Instrument : Twenty fourth and twenty fifth days of August in the Year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and thirty five
Nature of Instrument : Lease Release and Conveyance
Names of the Parties : Theodore Pike and Sarah Pike to Charles Marsh
Names of the Witnesses : A. Hayward
Description of the Lands or Property conveyed : All that Piece of Parcel of Land containing by admeasurement Thirty four Rods or thereabouts situate lying and being in Airds Street in the Town of Parramatta bounded on one side by Land belonging to the Revd. Samuel Marsden at the back or rear by Land belonging to Mrs Shelley on one other side by land belonging to Mrs Ann Lloyd and fronting Airds Street and which piece or parcel of Land is a moiety of an allotment of Land of Gill’s and is now in the possession of the said Theodore Pike or his undertenants and assigns Together with &c
Consideration and now paid : Thirty five pounds in Cash
Any other Particulars the Case may require : ----------
Theodore Pike
In the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Augustus Hayward Attorney at Law maketh Oath, and saith, that the above Memorial contains a just and true Account of the several particulars therein set forth.
Sworn before me this 4th day)
Of September A.D. 1835 ) Augs. Hayward
J. E. Manning
No. 630, Mr Theodore Pike and Mrs Sarah Pike to Charles Marsh Esquire: Memorial: Received 4th September 1835 at ½ past one o’clock P.M. from Augs. Hayward
H. B. Bradley;Principal=Sarah Buckley18 
News-Arct*4 November 1837 the Sydney Gazette;"Colonial Secretary's Office, Sydney, 30th October, 1837.
His Excellency has directed it to be notified, that the Right Honorable, the Secretary of State for the Colonies, has signified in his dispatch, No 340, dated 10 July, 1837. Her Majesty's Gracious approbation and allowance of the Absolute and Conditional Pardons granted to the undermentioned individuals, viz:-
Conditional Pardons
Dated 31st December, 1836
Pike Theodore, Asia (1)"19 
Pardon-cond*15 December 1837 Government House, Sydney, NSW, Australia;
No. 839
WHEREAS HIS LATE MOST EXCELLENT MAJESTY KING GEORGE THE THIRD, by a Commission under the GREAT SEAL of GREAT BRITAIN, bearing Date the Eighth Day of November, in the Thirty-first Year of HIS MAJESTY'S Reign, was Graciously Pleased to Give and Grant full Power and Authority to the GOVERNOR (or, in case of His Death or Absence, the LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR) for the Time being of His Majesty's Territory of the EASTERN COAST of NEW SOUTH WALES and the Islands thereunto adjacent, by an Instrument or Instruments in Writing, under the Seal of the Government of the said Territory, or as HE or THEY respectively should think fit and convenient for His Majesty's Service, to REMIT either ABSOLUTELY or CONDITIONALLY the Whole or ant Part of the Term or Time for which Persons convicted of Felony, Misdemeanor, or other Offences, amenable to the Laws of Geat Britain, should have been, or should thereafter be respectively Conveyed or Transported to New South Wales, or the Islands thereunto adjacent.
BY VIRTUE of such Power and Authority so vested as aforesaid, I Major general Sir Richard Bourke Captain General and Governor-in-Chief of His Majesty's said Territory of New South Wales and its Dependencies, and Vice Admiral of the same, taking into Consideration the good Conduct of Theodore Pike who arrived in this Colony in the Ship Asia 1 Morice Master, in the Year One thousand eight hundred and twenty, uner sentence of Transportation for Life and whose Description is on the back hereof, DO hereby CONDITIONALLY REMIT the Remainder of the Term or Time which is yet to come and unexpired of the Original Sentence or Order of Transportation passed on the aforesaid Theodore Pike at Middlesex Gaol Delivery on the twenty eighth Day of June One thousand eight hundred and twenty
PROVIDED ALWAYS, and on Condition, that the said Theodore Pike ontinue to reside within the Limits of this Government for and during the space of his original Sentence or Order of Transportation:-Otherwise, the said Theodore Pike shall be subject to all the Pains and Penalties of re-appearing in Great Britain and Ireland, for and during the Term of his original Sentence or Order of Transportation; or, as if this Remission had never been granted.

GIVEN under my Hand and the Seal of the Territory, at Government House, Sydney, in NEW SOUTH WALES, this twenty first Day of December in the Year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and thirty six
(SIGNED) Richd Bourke

Registered in the Colonial Secretary's Office.

NAME: Theodore Pike
SHIP: Asia - 1
MASTER: Morice
YEAR: 1820
OFFENCE: Not Stated
HEIGHT: Five feet five inched and one quarter
HAIR: light Brown
EYES: Dark Hazel
GENERAL REMARKS: Blue mark fourth finger of left hand

I CERTIFY that HER MAJESTY'S Gracious approbation and Allowance of the within CONDITIONAL PARDON, granted to Theodore Pike has been signified to me by the Right Honorable the SECRETARY of STATE for the Colonies, in his Despatch, No. 340, dated 10 July 1837
GIVEN under my Hand, at Government House, SYDNEY, this Fifteenth Day of November One thousand eight hundred and thirty seven
(SIGNED) Richd Bourke

ENTERED upon Record, at Pages 155 & 156 Register No. 5, this First Day of December One thousand eight hundred and thirty eight20 
Govt-gzte*6 October 1838 1838 NSW Government Gazette;"List of Individuals who have obtained Licenses from the Colonial Treasurer for depasturing Stock beyond the Boundaries of the Colony, from the 22nd September to the 5th October, 1838, inclusive, on payment of the established fee.

No. of License. 369
Name. Pike Theodore
Residence. Geggelong Creek
Where applied for. Yass

Colonial Secretary C. D. Riddell"21 
Govt-gzte18 February 1839 1839 NSW Government Gazette;"principal Superintendent of Convicts' Office, Sydney, 18th February, 1839
The Conditional Pardons granted to the undermentioned Persons are now lying at this Office, and will be delivered to the respective Parties on the payment of the Fees due thereon to the Public:-
Pike Theodore, Asia 1
J McLean"21 
Census*March 1841 Conner Street, Yass, NSW, Australia22 
Death of Father7 December 1845 68 Stokes Cross, Bristol, Gloucestershire;
When and where died: Seventh of December 1845 at 68 Stokes Cross
Name and surname: Thomas Pike
Sex: Male
Age: 77 years
Occupation: Painter
Cause of death: Old Age, Certified
Signature, description and residence of informant: J. B. Moss, Painter, present at the death, 68 Stokes Cross;Principal=Thomas Pike23 
Death of Spouse22 September 1851 Bankstown, NSW, Australia;age 39;Principal=Sarah Buckley24 
Death of Mother8 March 1857 45 Stokes Cross, Bristol, Gloucestershire;
When and where died: Eighth March 1857, 45 Stokes Cross
Name and surname: Catherine Pike
Sex: Female
Age: 84 years
Occupation: Widow of Thomas Pike, Tiler and Plasterer
Cause of death: Decay of Nature, Certified
Signature, description and residence of informant: Sophia Moss, Present at the Death, Berkeley place, Clifton, Bristol;Principal=Catharine Searl25 
Death*7 December 1862 Brown Street, Forbes, NSW, Australia;
Name: Theodore Pilke
Date of Death: 7/12/1862
Place of Death: Brown Street Forbes NSW
Occupation: Shoemaker
Sex: Male
Age: 54
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Heredfordshire England
Time in Aust Colonies: 23 years NSW

Father: Thomas Pilke (altered from Pike)
Occupation: Shoemaker
Mother: Not known

Place of Marriage: Parramatta
Age of Marriage: Not given
Name of Spouse: Sarah Buckley
Children of Marriage: 1 boy, 5 girls living, 2 girls deceased
Informant: Amy Man... (remainder not visible on image - caught in binding) Pike, daughter, Forbes

Cause of Death: Colonial Fever [Typhus]
Length of Illness: 14 days
Medical Attendant: Drs Flaton and Nutt
Date Last Seen: At death

Date of Burial: 8/12/1862
Place of Burial: Forbes Cemetery
Minister & Religion: Nil
Undertaker: James Thompson
Witnesses: John Smith

Surname of deceased and his father is clearly recorded as "Pilke" in this register; surname of informant is clearly recorded as "Pike" in this register26 


Sarah Buckley b. 1810, d. 22 Sep 1851


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