Mary Moreton1

F, #5812, b. 11 December 1756, d. November 1834
FatherPhillip Moreton1
MotherBridget Hitchcocks1 b. 3 May 1730
Relationship5th great-grandmother of Keith Graham Bassett
ChartsAncestors of Keith Graham Bassett
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Baptism*11 December 1756 St Michael, Coventry, Warwickshire;
daughter of Philip & Bridgett Moreton2 
Married Name27 October 1780 Chatterton3 
Marriage*27 October 1780 St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire;
John Chatterton, of the Parish of Liverpool, Saddler,
and Mary Norton, of the same place, Spinster,
were married in this Chapel by Banns
this twenty seventh Day of October in the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty
By me Joseph Bowes Curate
This Marriage was solemnized between Us:
John Chatterton
the mark of Mary Morton
In the Presence of :
John Wright
Richard Rogerson;Groom=John Chatterton3 
Name Variation Mary Chadderton 
Conviction*24 March 1788 Lancaster Assizes, Lancaster, Lancashire4 
Mary Chadderton was found hiding under the table of a Manchester house with a pile of clothing nearby when the occupant went to investigate a noise in the night. A window had been broken open and she was charged with burglary. Described as the wife of John Chadderton, a labourer of Manchester, she was sentenced to death at the 24 March 1788 Lancaster Assizes and later reprieved to transportation for seven years. The records of Lancaster Castle gaol noted that she had been committed on 11 November 1787, age given as 29, and was a native of Coventry, Warwickshire. She was probably the Mary Morton who married John Chatterton [sic] at St Nicholas's, Liverpool on 27 October 1780. Mary Morton [sic] the daughter of Philip and Bridgett Moreton was baptised at St Michaels, Coventry on 11 December 1756.
The order for Mary to be embarked on the Second Fleet's Neptune arrived too late for her to be sent to London. She actually sailed for New South Wales on the Third Fleet transport Mary Ann in 1791. At Sydney on 22 October 1791 she married William Adams (tried Old Bailey), a convict who joined the New South Wales Corps and died in 1798. At St Phillips, Sydney on 11 August 1814 she married William Baker, a soldier of the Veteran Company, with whom she had probably lived for much of the time since 1798. He was discharged when the Veteran Company was disbanded in 1823 and was granted 100 acres. At the time of his death at Parramatta in 1824 he had selected a farm site at Sally's Bottom, Kurrajong, which had not yet been surveyed. His widow sent a memorial to the Governor requesting that the land be surveyed and made out in her name. A notation of the document by the Surveyor General John Oxley reads: If Mrs Baker will apply any hour between 9 & 3 to me, I will take care that the one hundred acres of land promised her late husband, be measured for her. On 30 August 1824 Mary married the First Fleet marine settler Benjamin Cusley (c1759-1845) at St Matthews, Windsor, In 1828 the couple were living at Wilberforce; Mary's age was given as 60.5 
News-Arct*4 April 1788 "The Stamford Mercury", Stamford, Lincolnshire;
Last week at Lancaster assizes, John Silvester Dowling and Patrick Burne, for breaking into the dwelling-house of Mrs. Graham, in Liverpool, and stealing plate, cash, bills of exchange, &c. to a considerable amount, received sentence of death, and were executed on Monday last, opposite the house in Liverpool where the fact was committed. —Francis Astley, (who was tried at Lincoln assizes for picking the pocket of Mr. Compton, at Stamford fair in March 1786) for stealing 13 pieces of silk and satin ribband from Mr. Westby, of Lancaster, and Mary Chadderton, for stealing divers articles out of the house of E. Rowle, at Manchester, also received sentence of death. John Redford, for stealing two pieces of cotton and linen handkerchiefs out of a bleaching-ground at Cheetham, to be sent to Botany-Bay for 14 years.6 
Transported*9 July 1791 "Mary Ann", Port Jackson, NSW, Australia;
Name: Chadderton, Mary
Where Convicted: Lancaster
When: 24 March 1788
Term: 7 Yrs
Vessel: Mary & Ann7 
Married Name22 October 1791 Adams8 
Marriage*22 October 1791 St Phillips, Sydney, NSW, Australia;
The Solemnization of Matrimony By Banns between William Adams & Mary Chatterton & Married this 22nd day of October in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & ninety one By me
Richard Johnson Chaplain
This marriage was solemnized between us
William Adams
Mary Chatterton (her mark)
In the presence of
William Tarager (his mark)
Elizabeth Cross (her mark);Groom=William Adams8 
Death of SpouseFebruary 1798 Sydney, NSW, Australia;Deceased=William Adams9 
Muster 1811*1811 NSW, Australia;
Mary Chatterton, "Mary Ann", Convicted Nov 1788 Lancaster, 7 years10 
Cert-Freedom*1 March 1811 NSW, Australia;
No.: 9/930
Name: Mary Chaddirdon
Where Tried: Lancaster
When: 24 Mar 1788
Sentence: Seven Years
Ship: Mary & Anne
When Arrived: 1791
When term expired: March 1795
Date of Certificate: 1 Mar 18114 
Married Name11 August 1814 Baker11 
Marriage*11 August 1814 St Philips, Sydney, NSW, Australia;
William Baker, a Bachelor, of the R Veterans
and Mary Adams, a Widow, of this place
were married in this Church by Banns this Eleventh day of August in the year One Thousand Eight Hundred & Fourteen
By me William Cowper
This marriage was Solemnized between us
Wm Baker
Mary Adams (her mark)
In the Presence of
Alexdr Barton
Catharine Barton (her mark);Groom=William Baker11 
Muster 1822*1822 Parramatta, NSW, Australia;
Mary Chadderton, free by servitude, "Mary Ann", 7 years, Wife of Sgt Baker12 
Death of SpouseApril 1824 Parramatta, NSW, Australia;
age 58;Deceased=William Baker13 
Correspondence*4 May 1824 Parramatta, NSW, Australia;
To His Excellency Sir Thomas Brisbane K.G.B., Captain General, Governor, and Commander in Chief
The respectful memorial of Mary Baker-
That Memorialist is the Widow of the late William Baker formerly of Sergeant of the Veteran Company residing at Parramatta.
That Memorialist begs leave to represent to your Excellency, that your Excellency, was pleased (io n common with others attached to the same Company) to grant her said Husband, one hundred acres of Land.
That prior to the Decease of her said Husband, he selected a portion of Land, for a Farm, called “Sally’s bottom” at the Curryjongs, Memorialist, most humbly solicits your Excellency, to take her Case at your Humane Consideration, and be pleased to give directions to the Surveyor General, to locate to Memorialist, One hundred acres of Land at the Place before mentioned – and for such mark of favor Memorialist as in duly bound will Pray.
New South Wales
4th May 1824

If Mrs. Baker will apply any hour between 9 to 3 to me, I will take care that the one hundred acres of Land promised her late Husband, be measured for her at “Sallys Bottom“, provided there is no prior occupant or claimant for the said Land, and it shall be measured so soon as a Surveyor can be spared for that district
J Oxley
S. G.14 
Married Name30 August 1824 Cusley15 
Marriage*30 August 1824 St Matthews, Windsor, NSW, Australia;
Benjamin Cusley and Mary Baker both of Wilberforce
were Married in this Church by Banns this Thirtieth day of August in the Year of our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and twenty four
By me John Cross
This Marriage was Solemnized between us
Benjamin Cusley (his mark)
Mary Baker (her mark)
In the Presence of us
George McGinnis (his mark)
Ann Rose (her mark)
Robert Cooper;Groom=Benjamin Cusley16 
Muster 1825*1825 Windsor, NSW, Australia;
Mary Chadderton, free by servitude, "Mary Ann", 1791, 7 years, Wife of Ben Cushley Windsor17 
Census 1828*1828 Wilberforce, NSW, Australia;
Benjamin Cusley, 72, came free,, "Friendship", 1788, Labourer
Mary Cusley, 60, free by servitude, Protestant, "Mary Ann", 1791;Head=Benjamin Cusley18 
Death*November 1834 Windsor, NSW, Australia19 
Burial*3 November 1834 Windsor, NSW, Australia;
Name: Mary Crutchley
Abode: Windsor
When Buried: Nov 3 1834
Age: 76
Ship's Name: Mary Ann
Quality or Profession: Wife of Benjamin Crutchley
By whom the Ceremony was performed: Henry F Stiles19 

Family 1

John Chatterton

Family 2


Family 3

William Adams d. Feb 1798

Family 4

William Baker d. Apr 1824

Family 5

Benjamin Cusley d. 20 Jun 1845


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