Neville Jones

M, #168, b. 27 November 1931, d. 25 August 2017
Neville Jones 1931-2017
FatherIvan Harold Jones b. 25 Mar 1899, d. 6 May 1978
MotherEllen Lamanda Cunningham b. 7 Jan 1896, d. 10 Mar 1975
RelationshipUncle of Keith Graham Bassett
Last Edited18 Nov 2018
Birth*27 November 1931 Condobolin, NSW, Australia1 
Photo*circa 1937 Condobolin Show, Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
Jones children
Baptism31 August 1937 All Saints, Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
When Baptised: 31 August 1937
When Born: 27 November 1931
Child's Christian Name: Neville
Parent's Names: Ivan Harold & Ellen Lamanda Jones
Abode: Derriwong
Quality or Profession: Farmer

Note: All 5 children baptised the same day3 
Marriage*26 April 1958 Catholic Church, Condobolin, NSW, Australia;Bride=Patricia Dawn Madden4 
Death of Mother10 March 1975 Orange Base Hospital, Orange, NSW, Australia;
Name: Ellen Lamanda Jones
Date of Death: 10th March, 1975
Place of Death: Orange (Orange Base Hospital)
Usual residence: 39 Melrose St, Condobolin
Sex: Female
Age: 78 years
Conjugal Status: Married
Place of Birth: Condobolin N.S.W.
Time in Australia:

Father: William Cunningham
Mother: Unknown Scott

Place of Marriage: Condobolin N.S.W.
Age at Marriage: 24 years
Name of Spouse: Ivan Harold Jones
Children of Marriage: Harold 49, Edgar 45, Neville 44, Kitty 47, Una 42
Informant: I H Jones, widower, 39 Melrose St, Condobolin

Cause of Death: Carcinoma of Gall Bladder
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: A.J. Kirkwood, Medical Practitioner

Burial Date: 12th March 1975
Burial Place: Church of England Cemetery, Condobolin
Minister and Religion: A O Fox, Presbyterian

Note: death details werre susbequently updated due to numerous inaccuracies.;Principal=Ellen Lamanda Cunningham5 
Death of Father6 May 1978 39 Melrose Street, Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
Name: Ivan Harold Jones
Date of Death: 6 May 1978
Place of Death: Condobolin (39 Melrose Street); Usual Residence 39 Melrose Street Condobolin NSW
Occupation: Farmer
Sex: Male
Age: 80
Conjugal Status: Widower
Place of Birth: Nhill Victoria
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: Vaughan Jones
Occupation: Not stated
Mother: Unknown

Place of Marriage: Unknown
Age at Marriage: 27
Name of Spouse: Ellen Lamanda Cunningham
Children of Marriage: Harold 52, Kitty 50, Edgar 48, Neville 46, Una 45
Informant: N Jones, son, 50 Molong Street Condobolin

Cause of Death: Myocardial infarction, previous myocardial infarctiontis; cerebrovascular accident
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: J McKeon MacQueen
Date Last Seen:

Date of Burial: 8 May 1978
Place of Burial: Church of England Cemetery Condobolin
Minister & Religion:
Witnesses:;Principal=Ivan Harold Jones6 
Death20 August 2017 Condobolin, NSW, Australia4 
Eulogy*25 August 2017 Condobolin Lawn Cemetery, Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
Thank you all for coming.
Neville Jones was born at Nurse Floyd’s in William Street, Condobolin, on the 27th November 1931. He was the fourth of five children born to Ellen Lamanda (nee Cunningham) and Ivan Harold Jones.
The family lived on their property “The Gibba”, between Derriwong and Ootha. From 1938 to 1944, Dad went to school in Derriwong. He had a pet kangaroo that used to push his way in front of the fire in winter. There was only three walls in the boy’s room, so the Jones boys did it tough. Then in ’44, the family move to “Grassmere” where he did school by correspondence. In ’46 the family moved to a house on the Kiacatoo road near Condobolin and a year later Ivan bought a house at 39 Melrose Street.
Dad and his father used to go to work at “Rosewood” on the Wyalong road for Dr Edwards, he did that for 3 years and then had a variety of jobs, including sucker bashing for Marshmans, burr cutting for the Dawsons, working for the county council putting up the new electricity line to Lake Cargelligo, then worked for the council shovelling gravel onto trucks, and also worked for Eric Jones tractor driving and wheat carting.
Then in 1953 he started work at the Research Station, doing wheat research trials with Eric Corben. The trials were all over the west, including Dubbo, Parkes, Forbes, Wyalong, Hillston, Merri Wagga, Quandialla and Grenfell. They often had to camp out at these trials, and one night while camping below the dam wall at Lake Burendong, he told Jimmy Presley “if you hear sirens, we got to get out quick”. I don’t think Jimmy slept that night.
Although Mum, Patricia Dawn Madden, had only lived a couple of miles from “The Gibba” at Round Hill in Ootha, they didn’t meet ‘til Dad moved to Condobolin. On the 26th of April, 1958, they were married at the Catholic Church, Condobolin. They took their marriage vows seriously, as they had been married for 59 years at the time of Dad’s passing. Mum was at his side all throughout his ill health and was by his side when he passed away. Dad used to shoot rabbits at night and do fencing on the weekends so they could purchase the house at 50 Molong Street. They two sons, Neville Anthony (1959), better known as Tony, and Timothy Brian (1962).
In 1967, Dad purchased a 54 acre block from Max Jones in Maitland Street and named it “Nevada”, a combination of his and Mum’s names. In 1975, he purchased another 60 acres from Bill Gifford, and in that same year left the Research Station after 20 years of service, to start his own farm, growing wheat, sheep and pigs. Then in 1975 he bought another 170 acres off Max Jones on the Parkes road.
Dad loved fishing and camping. In the early days he would regularly head to the Darling River with his mates, then latter on with his family. But it was in the Lachlan that he did most of his fishing. He always had a boat, whether it two Chev bonnets welded together, or his last aluminium flat bottom, that he loved taking his grandkids and friends for joy rides. There are many photos of large cod being weighed in the backyard. On one occasion, as he was heading back to town after a successful trip, he spotted a car with a boat on top heading towards him. He told Tim to grab the fish, he thrust his hands down the gills and hung it out the door. It was a 42 pound cod, the other driver nearly ran off the road looking at it.
Dad always had a dog or two, and they would sit up in the passenger’s seat, and they would look a bit annoyed when Mum would take their spot and they had to sit in the middle. Ringo, Husky and Blue are a few that come to mind.
Dad was very mechanically minded, so when Tim was looking at buying a GT off Geoff Buckland, Dad took it for a test drive. As soon as it was warmed up, Dad floored it out the Melrose road at well over 100 miles an hour. Tim and Dad looked at each other with big grins on their faces, and they bought it. Dad spent many a weekend under that car, usually with one of us pumping brakes, or changing gears, and Dad underneath swearing. We had a pure white cat that used to wander under there to see what was going on. Dad would wipe his hand on him, so we had to call the cat “Grease Rag”.
Not many mechanics would attempt to split an international tractor in the middle of a paddock to replace a Bull gear. Most said it would never go again, but he proved them wrong. It might have cost him part of a finger, but the tractor went better than ever.
I will always remember Dad’s physical strength. He was well into his 60s and we still could not beat him arm wrestling. A few push ups at football training were never a match for a lifetime of hard physical labour.
Most of you will be aware that Dad spent the last four years in the dementia ward at the retirement village. The family would like to thank the staff of the high care unit for the love and care they have given to Mum and Dad whilst he was there. It was very much appreciated by the family.
Dad was predeceased by all his brothers and sisters:
Harold Joseph (better known as Snowy),
Kitty Bassett,
Edgar Clement (better known as Clem),
and Una McCarron.
(read by Tony Jones, Neville's son)4 


Patricia Dawn Madden
  • Timothy Brian Jones
  • Neville Anthony Jones


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