John Shain1

M, #5849, d. 27 July 1891
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Marriage*28 March 1868 Albury, NSW, Australia;Bride=Louisa Pike1 
Death*27 July 1891 Albury Flat, NSW, Australia;
A man named John Shain, an old resident of the Albury Flat, was the victim of a shooting misadventure on Sunday afternoon, attended with very distressing circumstances. It seems that earlier in the day he paid a neighborly visit to the residence of Mr John Kennedy, the poundkeeper, and was induced to to remain for dinner. In the afternoon Kennedy and his guest left on a hare-shooting excursion in the paddocks surrounding the house. They had walked a considerable distance, and when in some long grass Shain started a quail. The bird flew a short distance in front of the party, and alighted in the long grass, whereupon Shain suggested to Kennedy that he should go on ahead and try and get a shot at the bird. Kennedy immediately moved forward, while Shain, unknown to him, proceeded in a circuitous direction towards where the game was supposed to be. Kennedy was about 40 yards ahead when he started the quail, which took flight to one side, and towards where Shain had gone. Kennedy fired at the quail, and the greater portion of a charge of No. 2 shot lodged in the chest, thighs, and abdomen of the unfortunate man Shain, whom Kennedy supposed had remained immediately at the rear, but whom he most unaccountably had not seen when he fired on the bird. On being struck, Shain exclaimed, "Oh, God, I'm shot" He fell backwards, and appeared to go off in a swoon. Kennedy was greatly distressed, and at once obtained some water from the river and tried to revive the injured man. When the extent of his injuries were ascertained, Shain was removed to his home, and Dr Woods was sought for. The
doctor at once saw the wounding was most serious, and, as there would be greater facilities at the hospital than were obtainable at the home of the unfortunate man in such a serious case, the doctor ordered his immediate removal to the institution, where he was admitted after nightfall. It was found that the shot had entered the chest, thighs, and abdomen, piercing the liver and intestines, and that little hope could be held out of his recovery.
As the man appeared likely to die, the police magistrate was sent for and his dying depositions, as follows, were taken:- John Shain, believing that he is in danger of dying, deposes as follows, having been duly sworn:- I went out shooting this afternoon with Mr John Kennedy; he shot at a quail and, not seeing me, shot me. I was about 40 yards from him. It was purely accidental. I said, "Oh, my God, I'm shot." He was much distressed; I can hardly say what he said. I believe that I am seriously injured, and may probably die. - (Signed) John Shain.
The injured man also made his will, and his wife, children and other relatives were allowed to see him. He had a very bad night. Mr C. Magee, the superintendent, sat up with him throughout to relieve his suffering by frequent injections of morphia, and on Monday, after remaining in a state of collapse for some hours, he expired during the afternoon. An inquest was hold on Tuesday afternoon, when a verdict of accidental death was recorded.
Shain was 57 years of age, and formerly resided near Germanton. He was an American by birth, and was well respected.


Louisa Pike b. 6 Feb 1838, d. 8 Nov 1920


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