Emma Theresa Whiley1

F, #7, b. 24 April 1867, d. 23 September 1938
Emma Theresa Bassett nee Whiley 1867-1938
FatherJames Whiley1 b. 15 May 1839, d. 29 Sep 1890
MotherMargaret Simmons1 b. 1835, d. 21 Feb 1901
RelationshipGreat-grandmother of Keith Graham Bassett
ChartsAncestors of Keith Graham Bassett
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Birth*24 April 1867 Boree Creek, Molong, NSW, Australia;
Name: Unnamed female
Sex of Child: Female
Date of Birth: 24 Apr 1867
Place of Birth: Boree Creek, District of Molong

Father: James Whiley
Occupation: Farmer
Birthplace: Windsor NSW
Age: 28 years

Date of Marriage: 25 April 1861
Place of Marriage: Bathurst

Mother: Margaret Simmonds Birthplace: Manchester England
Age: 32 years

Previous Issue: 1 boy 5 years, 2 girls 3 years and 1 3/4 years

Informant: James Whiley, farmer, Boree Creek1 
Marriage*25 June 1888 All Saints Church, Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
Groom: Alfred Bassett
Status: Bachelor
Place of Birth:
Occupation: Farmer
Usual Residence: Derriwong

Bride: Emma Teresa Whiley
Status: Spinster
Place of Birth:
Occupation: Domestic Duties
Usual Residence: Brent Cottage, Borambil South

Date of Marriage: 25th June 1888
Place of Marriage: All Saints Church, Condobolin NSW
Religion: Church of England
Witnesses: Harry Bassett, Amy Piercy
Minister: R Barry Brown;Groom=Alfred Bassett2 
Married Name25 June 1888 Bassett 
Birth of Son29 June 1889 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;Principal=Oliver Bassett3 
Death of Son15 October 1889 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;age 3 months
Cause of death: Bronchitis;Principal=Oliver Bassett4 
Birth of Son12 September 1890 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;Principal=Otha Everleigh Bassett 
Death of Father29 September 1890 Borambil, near Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
Name: James Whiley
Date of Death: 29 Sep 1890
Place of Death: Borambel, near Condobolin NSW
Occupation: Selector
Sex: Male
Age: 51
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Richmond NSW
Time in Aust Colonies: All his life

Father: Isaac Whiley
Occupation: Independent
Mother: Mary Holland (surname not known)

Place of Marriage: Canowindra
Age at Marriage: 24
Name of Spouse: Margaret Simmons
Children of Marriage: Isaac 28, Maria 26, Agnes 24, Emma 22, James 21, Henry 19, Percy 17, Florence 15, Margaret 13
Informant: W A Robinson, nephew, Condobolin

Cause of Death: Pneumonia
Length of Illness: 9 days
Medical Attendant: Dr Dalton
Date Last Seen: 27 Sep 1890

Date of Burial: 30 Sep 1890
Place of Burial: Condobolin Cemetery
Minister & Religion: Rev G Keith, Presbyterian
Undertaker: F W Marlin
Witnesses: Robert Morton & W A Robinson;Principal=James Whiley5 
Birth of Son12 September 1892 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;Principal=Percival Bassett3 
Birth of Daughter22 December 1894 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;Principal=Ida Emelia Bassett 
Birth of Son5 October 1897 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
Name: Fonzey Carol Bassett
Sex of Child: Male
Date of Birth: 5 Oct 1897
Place of Birth: Condobolin NSW

Father: Alfred Bassett
Occupation: Selector
Birthplace: Mt Pleasant, SA
Age: 33 years

Date of Marriage: 25 Jun 1888
Place of Marriage:

Mother: Emma Theresa Whiley
Birthplace: Boree, Orange, NSW
Age: 30 years

Previous Issue: Hotha Eveleigh 7, Percy Alfred 5, Ida Emily 3 living; 1 male deceased

Informant: Alfred Bassett, Derriwong, Condobolin, NSW;Principal=Fonzey Carrol Bassett6 
Birth of Son16 December 1899 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;Principal=Norman Leslie Bassett 
Death of Mother21 February 1901 "Molong House", Rosebank Street, Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia;
Name: Margaret Whiley
Date of Death: 21 Feb 1901
Place of Death: Molong House, Rosebank Street Sydney NSW
Sex: Female
Age: 68
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Manchester England
Time in Aust Colonies: 51 years in NSW

Father: (Given name not stated) Simmons
Occupation: Boot Maker
Mother: Johanna (surname not stated)

Place of Marriage 1: Not Stated
Age at Marriage 1: Not Stated
Name of Spouse 1: John Smith
Children of Marriage 1: No Issue
Place of Marriage 2: Canowindra NSW
Age at Marriage 2: 26
Name of Spouse 2: James Whiley
Children of Marriage 2: Isaac H 38, Maria (Crampton) 35, Agnes (Moore) 34, Emma (Bassett) 33, James 31, Harry 29, Percy J 27, Grace F 25, Margaret M J D 21 living; none deceased
Informant: (Signed) H Landers, nephew, 54 Macarthur Street

Cause of Death: Gall Stones, Intestinal obstruction
Length of Illness: 5 days
Medical Attendant: W McMurray
Date Last Seen: 21 Feb 1901

Date of Burial: 22 Feb 1901
Place of Burial: Roman Catholic Cemetery Rookwood
Minister & Religion: P O'Reilly, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: Coffill and Company
Witnesses: John Bennett & Sidney Pearsall;Principal=Margaret Simmons5 
Birth of Son28 January 1902 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;Principal=Allen Seymour Bassett3 
Birth of Daughter25 April 1904 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;Principal=Priscilla May Bassett 
Birth of Daughter11 September 1906 Principal=Ivy Rubertine Bassett 
Birth of Daughter13 June 1911 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;Principal=Neta Meurone Bassett3 
Photo*circa 1912 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
;Principal=Alfred Bassett7
Children of Alfred and Emma Theresa Bassett
Death of Son3 July 1916 Fleurbaix, France;Principal=Otha Everleigh Bassett8 
Death of Daughter1 August 1926 District Hospital, Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
Priscilla May Bassett, date of death 1/8/1926 at the District Hospital Condobolin Municipality (late of Condolin) NSW. Father Alfred Bassett, Grazier, Mother Emma Wiley, not married.Informant H. C. Moulder JP, Coroner, Condobolin; and by L O'Donnell, Matron, District Hospital Condobolin.
--Cause of death Septicaemia following abortion brought about by her own act. Finding at inquest held on 3/8/1926 at Court Hous Condobolin - H.C. Moulder JP, coroner.
Date of burial 2/8/1926 at the Presbyterian Cemetery, Condobolin. Minister Harry W. Whittle, Presbyterian. Undertaker Robert G. Maton. Witnesses Alf J Marlin, F. W. Marlin. Registered 3/8/1926 Condobolin.;Principal=Priscilla May Bassett9 
Electoral Roll*1930 "Marune", Blackwood Avenue, Clovelly, NSW, Australia;
Bassett, Alfred, Marune, Blackwood avenue, grocer
Bassett, Emma Teresa, Marune, Blackwood avenue, home duties;Principal=Alfred Bassett10 
Photo*circa 1932 NSW, Australia;
Emma Theresa Bassett
Electoral Roll1933 1 Surfside Avenue, Clovelly, NSW, Australia;
Bassett, Alfred, 1 Surfside avenue, Clovelly, grazier
Bassett, Emma Teresa, 1 Surfside avenue, Clovelly, home duties
Bassett, Ivy Rubertine, 1 Surfside avenue, Clovelly, home duties
Bassett, Neta Meurine, 1 Surfside avenue, Clovelly, home duties;Principal=Alfred Bassett10 
Electoral Roll1936 1 Surfside Avenue, Clovelly, NSW, Australia;
Bassett, Alfred, 1 Surfside avenue, Clovelly, grazier
Bassett, Emma Teresa, 1 Surfside avenue, Clovelly, home duties;Principal=Alfred Bassett10 
Death*23 September 1938 41 Boundary Street, Clovelly, NSW, Australia;
Name: Emma Theresa Bassett
Date of Death: 23 Sep 1938
Place of Death: 41 Boundary Street Clovelly, Municipality of Randwick NSW
Sex: Female
Age: 71
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Condobolin NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: James Whiley
Occupation: Farmer and Grazier
Mother: Margaret (surname unknown)

Place of Marriage: Condobolin NSW
Age at Marriage: 21
Name of Spouse: Alfred Bassett
Children of Marriage: Percy A 46, Ida E 43, Fonzey C 41, Norman L 39, Alan S 37, Ivy M 32, Neta M 28 living, 2 males, 1 female deceased
Informant P A Bassett, son, 45 Main Street, Earlwood

Cause of Death: Coronary occlusion, chronic myocarditis
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: David Adcock
Date Last Seen: 22 Sep 1938

Date of Burial: 24 Sep 1938
Place of Burial: Presbyterian Cemetery Randwick
Minister & Religion: Wm J Grant, Presbyterian
Undertaker: Russell V H Kinsela, employed by Charles Kinsela Pty Ltd
Witnesses: S Ashby, T Strachan11 
Burial*24 September 1938 Randwick General Cemetery, Randwick, NSW, Australia;
Alfred & Emma Theresa Bassett headstone
Probate7 February 1939 NSW, Australia;
236636 BASSETT, EMMA TERESA late of Clovelly near Sydney MARRIED W OMAN
THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESAMENT of me EMMA TERESA BASSETT wife of Alfred Bassett of 1 Serpide Avenue, Clovelly Retired Grazier AFTER payment of all my just debts funeral and testamentary expenses Probate and Estate Duties I GIVE DEVIDE AND BEQUEATH all my real and personal estate of whatsoever kind and wheresoever situate to my dear husband Alfred Bassett and I appoint my sons Percy Alfred Bassett and Fonzey Carroll Bassett to be executors and trustees of this my will, AND I REVOKE all former wills and declare this to be my last will and testament. AS WITNESS my hand at Clovelly this seventeenth day of December, One thousand nine hundred and thirty-six.
SIGNED by the said TESTATRIX as and for her last will and testament in the presence of us both present at the same time and we at her request and in her presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses:- R.E.TAYLOR, Solicitor, 185 Elizabeth Street, Sydney/ E.M.FULIER, Clerk, C/- 185 Elizabeth St. City/
7th February, 1939. ON this date, PROBATE of the last will and Testament of the Estate of the abovenamed deceased was granted to Percy Alfred Bassett and Fonzey Carroll Bassett the Executors named in the aid will. TESTATRIX died on the 23rd day of September in the year One thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight. ESTATE SWORN at the sum of £2849/5/11d nett.12 


Alfred Bassett b. 2 Jan 1864, d. 26 Sep 1944


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