Mary Hitchen1

F, #866, b. 15 January 1786, d. 1853
FatherDavid Hitchin2 b. 8 Mar 1752, d. Feb 1818
MotherMary Law2 b. 24 Dec 1758, d. 10 Dec 1841
Relationship4th great-grandmother of Keith Graham Bassett
ChartsAncestors of Keith Graham Bassett
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Name Variation Mary Hitchin2 
Note 1. There is some dispute amongst researchers re the parents of Mary Hitchen. We know from Mary's 1805 removal order that she was from the parish of Warley. This means that she is more likely to be the daughter of David Hitchen and Mary Law. Again some researchers have Mary, the mother, as Mary Lane, but on her marriage record she signs as Mary Law. The confusion comes with minister's recording of her name which looks like Lane but it's the way he writes the w, it's the same as the w in Sowerby, so also confirms the surname as Law. There are no Lanes in Warley but there are Laws.3 
Note 2. There is also some dispute re Mary Buckley's death. The 1855 death in Parramatta seems logical but this is the death of a Roman Catholic. Letters (see below) show that the majority of the Buckley family were on the Victorian goldfields when scarlet fever struck the family. Unfortunately these death are not recorded in the Victorian BDMs (with the exception of the slightly later death of Mary Duffy). The reported death of Mrs Buckley at the Ovens digging in the letter to Rev. Wagner must be that of Mary Buckley nee Hitchen as the wives of the Buckley men all survive the goldfields.3 
Birth*15 January 1786 Warley, Yorkshire2 
Baptism26 February 1786 Warley, Yorkshire;
Mary Daughter of David Hitchin & Mary his Wife (born Jay 15 1786, was baptized by me Febry 26 1786 Rd Simpson2 
Removal*14 June 1805 Crompton, Lancashire;
County of Lancaster.
To the Overseers of the Poor of the township of Crompton in the County of Lancaster, to execute; and to the Overseers of the Poor of the township of Warley in the West Riding of the County of York to receive and observe.
Whereas Complaint has been made by you the Overseers of the Poor of the township of Crompton unto us [blank] two of his Majesty’s Justices of the Peace and Quorum, in and for the said County of Lancaster, That Mary Hitchen, Singlewoman, being now pregnant of a Child or Children which is or are likely to be born a Bastard or Bastards doth now inhabit in the said township of Crompton not renting to the Value of Ten Pounds a Year, nor having otherwise gained any legal Settlement there, nor having brought or produced any Certificate owning her to be settled elsewhere, and that she is become chargeable to the township of Crompton aforesaid. NOW we the said Justices, on Examination and Inquiry made into the Premises, and on sufficient Proof this Day made upon Oath before us, and due Consideration thereupon had, do adjudge the said Complaint to be true, and do likewise adjudge that the Place of last legal Settlement of the said Mary Hitchen is in the township of Warley aforesaid. We do therefore require and command you the Overseers of the Poor of the township of Crompton aforesaid, or one of you, to remove and convey the said Mary Hitchen the next and direct Way to the township of Warley aforesaid, and deliver her to the Overseers of the Poor thereof, or to one of them, (together with this our Order, or a true Copy thereof, at the same Time shewing the original, if required) who are hereby required to receive the said Mary Mary Hitchen and provide for her as the Law directs. GIVEN under our Hands and Seals, at Rochdale, in the said County of Lancaster, the fourteen Day of June in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and five
Thos Drake4 
Marriage*12 August 1805 St John the Baptist, Halifax, West Riding, Yorkshire;
James Buckley of Crompton in the Parish of Oldham Cotton Spinner and Mary Hitchen of Warley of the Parish of Halifax Spr, were married in this Church by Banns this twelfth Day of August in the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and five
By me Thos Atkinson Clerk in Orders
This Marriage was solemnized between Us
Ja Buckley's mark
Mary Hitchin's mark
in the Presence of
James Rigg
Robt Hargrave;Groom=James Buckley1 
Married Name12 August 1805 Buckley5 
Conviction*21 October 1817 Lancashire Quarter Sessions, Lancashire6 
News-Arct*4 November 1817 "The Manchester Mercury", Manchester, Lancashire;
At our Quarter Sessions, which commenced at the New Bayley Court House on Tuesday se’nnight and terminated on Friday evening, the following prisnors in addition to those inserted in our last have taken their trials, and been sentenced as under, viz.
Transported seven years.—James Whitworth, Mary Buckley, Mary Howarth, and George Brooks, cotton goods from Messrs. Binns and Rigg, Middleton.7 
Death of FatherFebruary 1818 Yorkshire;Principal=David Hitchin8 
Note30 May 1818 "Maria", At sea;
Mary Buckley Sea Sick Gave her a little Wine9 
Note6 August 1818 "Maria", At sea;
Mary Buckley's Child Diarrhoea Magnesium9 
Note*17 August 1818 "Maria", At sea;
Mary Buckley Bowells Confined Soda Sulph9 
Note4 September 1818 "Maria", At sea;
Elizth Buckley Child Small red pimples resembling the first appearance of Small pox9 
Transported*17 September 1818 "Maria", Port Jackson, NSW;
Name: Mary Buckley
Where Convicted: Lancaster Quarter Sessions
When: 21st October 1817
Term: Seven years
Calling: Cotton weaver
Age: 31

Also on board where her children, George, Sarah, Mary and Elizabeth. Abraham being too old to come with parents, stayed with grandparents and continued his education, coming to Australia at a later date.6 
Assignment*28 September 1818 Sydney, NSW, Australia;
Secretary’s Office Sydney
28th Septr. 1818.
I herewith transmit you a List of the Names of 26 Female Convicts landed from the Transport Ship Maria, Brown Master, of whom 18 are Ordered by His Excellency the Governor for the Factory at Parramatta, and 8 to those to whom His Excellency has already Assigned them and whose Names Appear in the accompanying Lists

These women were sent forward to Parramatta by Water, and you are to Distribute them according to the List herewith.

I have the honor to be,
Your Obedt Hble Servt
(Signed) “J. T. Campbell” Secy

H. W. Arthur Esqre J.P. Parramatta

Sydney 26th September 1818
For the Factory
10. Mary Buckley - & 4 Children10 
Muster 1822*1822 Parramatta, NSW, Australia;
James Buckley,,,Convict, Morley,, 7 years, Sexton
Mary Buckley,,, Convict, Maria,, 7 years, Wife of J Buckley
Buckley, 13, Born Colony,,,,, chidren to J Buckley
Buckley,, Born Colony,,,,, children to J Buckley
Buckley, 2, Born Colony,,,,, chidren to J Buckley;Principal=James Buckley11 
Cert-Freedom*16 March 1826 NSW, Australia;
Number: 63/5035
Name: Mary Buckley
Vessel: Maria
Year Arrived: 1818
Where Convicted: Lancaster
When Convicted: 27th October 1817
Term: Seven Years
Native Place: Yorkshire
Calling: Servant & Cotton weaver
Age: Forty
Height: 5 feet 2 1/4 inches
Complexion: Ruddy
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Date of Certificate: 16 March 1826
General remarks:12 
Census 1828*1828 Parramatta, NSW, Australia;
James Buckley, 41, FS, Protestant, Morley, 1818, 7, Nailer
Mary Buckley, 40, FS, Protestant, Maria, 1818, 7
George Buckley, 20, CF, Protestant, Maria, 1818,, Nailer
Sarah Buckley, 18, CF, Protestant, Maria, 1818
Ann Buckley, 9, BC, Protestant
Jane Buckley, 7, BC, Protestant
Martha Buckley, 5, BC, Protestant
James Buckley, 3, BC, Protestant
William Buckley, 20m, BC, Protestant

3 cattle and 1 horse;Head=James Buckley, Son=George Buckley, Daughter=Sarah Buckley, Daughter=Ann Buckley, Daughter=Jane Buckley, Daughter=Martha Buckley, Son=James Buckley, Son=William Buckley13 
Death of SpouseAugust 1836 Parramatta, NSW, Australia;Principal=James Buckley14 
Gaol*18 March 1839 Parramatta, NSW, Australia;
Standing No.: 531
Name: Mary Buckley
Arrival Ship: Maria
Arrival Year: 1817
Free or Bond on Arrival: Bond
Free or Bond on entering Gaol: Free
Native Place: Yorkshire
Religion: Protestant
Trade or Calling: None
When Admitted: 18 March 1839
Where Admitted: Parramatta
Purpose Admitted: Cells 24 hours
How Disposed of: Discharged Sentence Expired

Year of Birth: 1779
Height: 5 ft 3 in
Complexion: Ruddy
Colour of Hair: Grey
Colour of Eyes: Blue
When Disposed of: 19 March 183915 
Trial*19 May 1840 Parramatta, NSW, Australia;
No. 5
Prisoners' Name: Mary Buckley
Condition: F.S
Where Committed: Parramatta, By C Forbes Esqre
Date: 14 March 1840
Offence: Larceny
Witnesses for the Crown: *lin Jackson, Mary Baker
Witnesses for the Prisoner:
Day of Trial: 19th May 1840
Jury: Civil
Chairman and Justices: W m Manning & Jno Brown Esqres
Verdict, Sentence, &c: Not Guilty, Dischd16 
Gaol9 September 1840 Parramatta, NSW, Australia;:CR:]Standing No.: 1940
Name: Mary Buckley
Arrival Ship: Maria
Arrival Year: 1817
Free or Bond on Arrival: Bond
Free or Bond on entering Gaol: ?
Native Place: Yorkshire
Religion: Protestant
Trade or Calling: None
When Admitted: 9 September 1840
Where Admitted: Parramatta
Purpose Admitted: Cells 48 hours
How Disposed of: Discharged Sentence Expired
When Disposed of: 11 September 184017 
Death of Mother10 December 1841 Hebden Bridge Lane, Heptonstall, Yorkshire;
When and where died: Tenth of December 1841, at Hebden Bridge Lane, Heptonstall
Name and Surname: Mary Hitchen
Sex: Female
Age: 86 years
Occupation: Widow of David Hitchen, Farmer
Cause of death: Old Age
Signature, description and residence of informant: Joseph Wade, Present at death, Machpelah, Wadsworth;Principal=Mary Law18 
Death*1853 Ovens River diggings, VIC, Australia19 
Letter*4 June 1853 Golden Gully, Bendigo Creek, VIC, Australia;
Mr Abraham Buckley
Engineer Mr Burnes
Steam flower Mills
N. S Wales

Golden gulley Bendigo Creek June 4th – 1853
Dear brother and sister this comes with
Ower love to you hoping to find you
And all your family in good health as
This leaves us all at preasent I cant
Possibly make out the reason I have
Not herd from you this makes the
Fourth letter I have sent to you
But I suppose you did not get them
Or I should have shurely have got some
Of them Dear brother I intend Please god to
Stop until next Spring or praps longer
As long as I can make 2 or 3 ounces per
Weak I will stay as I have laid in 7
Months provisions 7 sacks of flower
4 hundred of sugar soap 50 Pounds of
Split peas salt vinegar Coffie mustard
And maney other little things for the     
Winter I have only won to lookout for
Beef gold and good health I herd
You was about comeing to the diggins
I think you had better stop where
You are at least until I come
Back as the diggings at present is
Not very favourable but if you
Should come be shure to make me
Out and I will put you in the
Proper way to go to work mind work
It is but nice work when you get
Your wages I have maid betwean
6 and 7 hundred pounds since I have
Bein here but have done very little
This last 6 months your mother
And martha and duffie and Wife and
William buckley are all at the diggings
At the Ovens Mrs Turner and her husband
Is there also Rations is very dear
Flower 10 pounds per Bag Peas 3s Coffie 3s
Cheese 3s.6d butter 5s Beef 6d pr Pound
Gin Rum Brandy 1 Pound pr Bottle
Port wine 15s.20d give ower kind respects
To tommey your son in law his wife
And family
NB Remember me to Mr and Mrs Dun
The publican also the carpenter at the
Mill in short to all enquireing
Friends No more at present from
Your loving Brother and sister
W. P. and Elizabeth Wall
Also give ower love to William and
His wife ower children all join
In love to these cousins W. P Wall
If you should answer this
Direct W. P Wall golden
Gulley Bendigo creek Melbourn
And please to put a stamp on
And then it will be shure to
Come safe Send us what news
About the Sydney diggins
God by W. P. W20 
Letter12 August 1853 Tumut, NSW, Australia;
Tumut, August 12th, 1853.
My dear Mr. Wagner,
I only received your letter dated 2nd May? Today and sat down to answer it immediately and in doing so I am exceedingly sorry I am obliged to say the report you have heard about your (girl) dear child is quite true. The whole family of the Buckleys that is the old Mrs. Buckley, Martha Buckley and a person named Kenedy (and her husband (Mr. Luke?) Buckley and your Anna, Mr. & Mrs. Buckley and family started together for the gold-diggings at the Ovens River and after they had been there some time the scarlet-fever broke out among them and in addition to the loss you have sustained in the loss of your child, four more of the abovementioned party fell victims to the disease that was ….. Mrs. Buckley, Martha Buckley, Mr. Duffy and one of the children. Buckley wrote me a letter when your child died, asking me to write the sad tidings to yourself and Mrs. Wagner as he said he did not know your address and in the letter Buckley wrote me there was enclosed a certificate from the medical Gentleman stating that he had been called in to attend your child through its illness and everything that could possibly be done to save its life had been done. This certificate together with Mr. Buckley’s letter to me I enclosed immediately in a letter I wrote to you detailing all the information I could gather and addressed it to “The Mission Station “Zions Hill” Moreton Bay.” And it appears to me from your letters now received that you have not received it. If that be the case you can write to the Post master Moreton Bay and get it. How is Mrs.Wagner? Has she been travelling with you? Or is she still in Moreton Bay? I hope she has had no return of the fearful illness she experienced when she was at Tumut and hope with yourself will be able to bear an affliction fathers bore with a spirit of humble faith and resignation to His Divine will. I do not rightly know where Mr. & Mrs. Buckley and the remainder of the party, are at present. They have not returned to Tumut and I think they have removed from the Ovens diggings to the Bendigo diggings. I am glad to inform you that Mrs. Body and my family have arrived safely from England, and have joined me at Tumut now about five months. Mr. Sep? Anderson and Mr. Luke? Ford with their families are enjoying good health, and unite with me in kindest wishes.
And believe me,
My dear Mr. Wagner,
Your faithfully,
T. P. Body19 


James Buckley b. 5 Mar 1786, d. Aug 1836


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