Mary Hardwick1

F, #1050, b. 24 December 1769, d. 4 August 1841
FatherEdward Hardwick2
MotherMary (?)2
Relationship4th great-grandmother of Keith Graham Bassett
ChartsAncestors of Keith Graham Bassett
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Birth*24 December 1769 Shoreditch, Middlesex2 
Baptism7 January 1770 St Leonards, Shoreditch, Middlesex;
daughter of Edward & Mary Hardwick2 
Marriage*15 November 1795 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, London;
Banns of Marriage between Pierce Collett & Mary Hardwick were published October 25th & Novemr 1st & 8th 1795
Pierce Collett of this Parish Hamlet of Rat Bachelor and Mary Hardwick of this Parish & same Hamlet Spinter were
married in this Church by Banns
his Fifteenth Day of November in the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety five by me Thos, Braithwaite, Rector
This Marriage solemnized bewteen us
Pierce Collett
Mary Hardwick (her mark)
In the Presence of Danl Price;Groom=Pierce Collett3 
Married Name15 November 1795 Collits4 
Transported*14 December 1801 "Minorca", Port Jackson, NSW, Australia;Convict=Pierce Collits, Passenger=Sarah Collits, Passenger=Maria Collits5 
Grant*1 July 1803 NSW, Australia;
No.: 1110
Date: 1803 July 1st
Grantee or Lessee: Mary Collett
Situation: District of Evan
Extent: 70 acres
Term of Grant: Grant
Annual Quit Rent: 2s 6d after 5 years
By whom granted: Governor King

Mary Collett's land grant at Castlereagh
Muster 1806*20 August 1806 Evan, NSW, Australia;Mary Collets, "Minorca", came free, wife, Pearce Collet7 
Muster 180620 August 1806 Evan, NSW, Australia;Mary Collet, "Minorca", married England, 2 male, 3 female legitimate children, came free8 
News-Arct*16 March 1816 "Sydney Gazette and New South Wles Advertiser"", Sydney, NSW, Australia;
At a MEETING of the CLERGYMEN, MAGISTRATES and principal INHABITANTS of the several Districts of the Hawkesbury, held at Windsor the 19th of February, 1816, in Pursuance of an Advertisement in the Sydney Gazette of the 3rd ultimo; WILLIAM COX, Esq. being called to the Chair, it was unanimously resolved to subscribe to the RELIEF of the noble SUFFERERS under the gallant DUKE of WELLINGTON, on the 18th of June last; and also to request His Excellency the GOVERNOR to be pleased to transmit the same to England by His Majesty's Brig Emu, now on the eve of sailing.
The Districts of the Hawkesbury being so wide and extensive, it was Resolved, that the Magistrates should go round their respective Districts, with some of the principal Inhabitants, in order to collect from the Absentees; when the following Persons voluntarily offered their Services on this Occasion; viz. Mr Richard Fitzgerald, Mr Wm. Baker, and Mr. John Howe, for the District of Windsor; Mr. Fitz and Mr. Thorley, for the District of Richmond; Mr. Arndell, Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Paul Bushel, Mr. Andrew Johnston, and Mr. Edward Reynolds, for Wilberforce, Caddie, and Portland Head; Mr. Gilberthorpe and Mr. George Hall for the District of Pitt Town; and Mr. Charles Hadley and Mr. Pierce Collett, for the District of Castlereagh.
It was also Resolved, that the Subscriptions should be paid into the Hands of Mr. Fitzgerald, as Treasurer, at Windsor; and that a Deputation of James Mileham, Esq. and Mr. Richard Fitzgerald, should wait on HIS EXCELLENCY with the Subscriptions so collected.
WILLIAM COX, Chairman.
Subscribers at Castlereagh District.
Mr Fulton Magistrate £3 0s 0d
Mrs. Colletts £2 0s 0d
John Lees £0 18s 0d
Edward Field £0 9s 0d;Principal=Pierce Collits9 
News-Arct24 March 1827 "The Australian", Sydney, NSW, Australia;
Collet's Inn is, I am say sorry to say, only half-way to Bathurst, and bad as the preceding half was, the latter part of the journey is the worst. The vale of Clwydd reminds one of the valley of Bastan, in the pass of Ronscesvalles. But we must not forget mine host of the Golden Fleece, and give him the go by in this way. I assure you there is only one better Inn in the whole Colony; for it is as warm, comfortable, and commodious in the inside, as it is beautiful and picturesque without. The house is neat in the extreme, and the brightness, order, and almost Dutch cleanliness of the kitchen pleased and surprised me. To arrive at Collet's is like passengers going ashore from a weary voyage, every thing appears a couleur de rose. There was just light enough the evening we got in, to see to shave and make ourselves comfortable after the filthy night at Springwood. Our horses were delivered over to the hostler, with perfect confidence that they would each get a belly full, for we were in a land of plenty; there was no necessity to stand by, stroking their tails, as some body recommended in another place, while they devoured their thimble full of maize:— their chafed backs were well bathed in salted water, and we adjourned to the house, and discussed a supper in the midst of the Blue Mountains, as good as we could have had, for aught I know, at the Blue Boar in Holborn. It was an American sort of supper, including excellent hyson tea, double refined sugar, plenty of cream and butter, as hard as cheese, and the water crystal itself. When I saw such a plenty of good furniture, glass, and earthenware, I at first wondered how such fragile furniture could have been brought so safely across the mountains, but felt no surprise as soon as I heard that the lime itself of which the home was built, was brought all the way-from Parramatta! a distance of seventy miles; and of course when they can bring lime, they may us well bring loaf sugar. After supper, and drinking the health of our Sydney friends, male and female, for it was a Saturday night, we finished our cegars under the verandah, though rather chilly, and amused ourselves by listening to the man in the kitchen, who was busy reading aloud a ten days' old Australian, to a party round him. But though ten days old, it was new to them, for it had just arrived in a dray, such is the admirable state of our internal communications in New South Wales. After excellent beds, we resumed our journey in the morning. I would fain have stopped, but time would not permit—besides all this good accommodation is not had for nothing; some people thinking the charges high at this house under the hill, though for my part, I thought them extremely moderate, every thing considered.;Principal=Pierce Collits10 
Census 1828*1828 Colletts Farm, 51 miles east of Bathurst, Mount York, NSW, Australia;
Pierce Collits, 57, FS, Minerva, Protestant, 1801, 14 years, Publican
Mary Collits, 57, CF, Protestant, Minerva, 1801
Amelia Collits, 16, BC, Protestant
William Collits, 13, BC, Protestant
John Watkins, 33, BC, Protestant
James Watkins, 11, BC, Protestant
Mary Ann Watkins, 10, BC, Protestant
Maria Watkins, 8, BC, Protestant
John William Wood, 33, FS, Protestant, Batavia, 1818, Schoolmaster
William Pritchard, 28, TL, Protestant, Malabar, 1819, Labourer
Ellen Leach, 33, GS, Protestant, Brothers, 1823, House servant
John Walters, 35, GS, Protestant, Isabella, 1819, Shoemaker
John Pritchard, 29, GS, Protestant, Coromandel, 1820, Labourer
Herbert Phillips, 27, GS, Protestant, Agamemnon, 1820, Labourer
William Cross, 25, GS, Protestant, Mangles, 1824, Labourer
Joseph Stokes, 39, GS, Protestant, Henry Porcher, 1825, Carpenter
Gerorge Howeth, 28, GS, Protestant, Mangles, 1820, Labourer
William Powell, 50, GS, Protestant, Baring, 1820, Labourer
James O'Neal, 25, GS, Catholic, Countess of Harcourt, 1827, Labourer
Hugh Hughes, 35, GS, Catholic, Lord Sidmouth, 1825, Stonemason

200 acres - 36 cultivated, 54 cleared
360 cattle, 8 horses, 300 sheep;Head=Pierce Collits, Daughter=Amelia Collits, Son=William Collits, Son-in-law=John Watkins, Grandson=James Watkins, Granddaughter=Mary Ann Watkins, Granddaughter=Maria Watkins11 
Death*4 August 1841 Hartley, NSW, Australia1 
Burial*August 1841 Cemetery behind Collitts Inn, Mount York, NSW, Australia;
Mary Collits headstone
Inquest6 August 1841 Hartley, NSW, Australia;
No.: 19
District: Hartley
Date: 6 August 1841
Name of deceased: Mary Collits
By whom held: H. Atkins PmM
When received: 9 August 1841
Verdict: Accidentally Killed (Intoxd.)13 


Pierce Collits b. c 1769, d. 19 Sep 1848


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