Lauristina Scott1

F, #316, b. 25 February 1860, d. 5 July 1951
FatherJoseph Scott1 b. c 1832, d. 3 Sep 1875
MotherEliza Field1 b. 31 Jul 1835, d. 3 Apr 1906
RelationshipGreat-grandmother of Keith Graham Bassett
ChartsAncestors of Keith Graham Bassett
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Birth*25 February 1860 Coalpit Swamp, Hartley, NSW, Australia;
Name: Lauristina Cunningham (name registered after birth)
Sex of Child: Female
Date of Birth: 25th February 1860
Place of Birth: Coalpit Swamp

Father: Joseph Scott
Occupation: Grazier
Birthplace: Penrith NSW
Age: 27

Date of Marriage: 1852
Place of Marriage: Hartley NSW

Mother: Eliza Field
Birthplace: Penrith NSW
Age: 24

Previous Issue: 4 females living

Informant: Eliza Scott, mother, Coalpit Swamp
Present at Birth: Mrs Sarah Scott;Witness=Sarah Collits1 
Death of Father3 September 1875 Broad Creek, Bogabagil, (near Forbes), NSW, Australia;
Name: Joseph Scott
Date of Death: 3 September 1875
Place of Death: Broad Creek, Bogabagil, near Forbes
Occupation: Carrier
Sex: Male
Age: 44
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Penrith, Nepean River, N.S.Wales
Time in Aust Colonies: Since birth in N.S.Wales

Father: Michael Scott
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Sarah Collits

Place of Marriage: Hartley
Age at Marriage: 21 years
Name of Spouse: Eliza Field
Children of Marriage: 3 Males living, 7 Females living, 1 Male deceased
Informant: H M Beuzeville (son-in-law) & Eliza Scott (wife), Bogabagil

Cause of Death: Scrofulous disease of the kneejoints
Length of Illness: Three months
Medical Attendant: G. J. R. Combe
Date Last Seen: 2 Sept 1875

Date of Burial: 4 Sept 1875
Place of Burial: Forbes Cemetery
Minister & Religion: Rev G Dunstan, Church of England
Undertaker: Geo J Thomson
Witnesses: William Jones & Thomas Plunkett;Principal=Joseph Scott2 
Marriage*27 November 1878 Residence of bride's mother, Broad Creek, Forbes, NSW, Australia;
Groom: William Cunningham
Status: Bachelor
Place of Birth: Not stated
Occupation: Farmer
Age: Not stated
Usual residence: Forbes
Father: Not stated
Occupation: Not stated
Mother: Not stated

Bride: Lauria Scott
Status: Spinster
Place of Birth: Not stated
Occupation: Not stated
Age: Not stated
Usual residence: Forbes
Father: Not stated
Occupation: Not stated
Mother: Not stated

Date of Marriage: 27/11/1878
Place of Marriage: Residence of the bride's mother, Broad Creek, Forbes NSW
Religion: Church of England
Witnesses: Eliza Field, Rosetta Howell
Minister: Ephraim Dunstan
;Groom=William Cunningham3 
Married Name27 November 1878 Cunningham4 
Birth of Daughter13 September 1879 Forbes, NSW, Australia;Principal=Lilian Mary Cunningham5,6 
Birth of Son1881 Forbes, NSW, Australia;Principal=William Joseph Cunningham7 
Birth of Son27 March 1884 Carrawabity, NSW, Australia;
Name: John Henry Cunningham
Sex of Child: Boy
Date of Birth: 27 Mar 1884
Place of Birth: Carrawabity, District of Forbes NSW

Father: William Cunningham
Occupation: Farmer
Birthplace: Bathurst
Age: 24

Date of Marriage: 27 Nov 1881
Place of Marriage: Forbes

Mother: Lauriastina Scott
Birthplace: Hartley
Age: 23

Previous Issue:

Informant: L Cunningham, mother, Carrawabity
Present at Birth: Mrs Field
Registered: 1 May 1884 - Forbes

Notes: Mother’s name is clearly recorded as “Lauriastina Scott” in this register; place name is clearly recorded as “Carrawabity” in this register;Principal=John Henry Cunningham8 
Birth of Daughter1886 Forbes, NSW, Australia;Principal=Edith M Cunningham9 
Birth of Daughter27 November 1888 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;Principal=Merilda Cunningham10 
Death of Daughter1890 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;Principal=Edith M Cunningham11 
Birth of Daughter1891 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;Principal=Priscilla Cunningham12 
Death of Daughter1893 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;Principal=Priscilla Cunningham13 
Birth of Daughter9 October 1893 Derriwong, NSW, Australia;
Name: Margaret Cunningham
Sex of Child: Female
Date of Birth: 9/10/1893
Place of Birth: Derriwang near Condobolin

Father: William Cunningham
Occupation: Selector
Birthplace: Rockley NSW
Age: 36

Date of Marriage: 27/11/1878
Place of Marriage: Forbes

Mother: Lauristina Scott
Birthplace: Hartley NSW
Age: 33

Previous Issue: 2 males, 3 females living; 1 female deceased

Informant: W Cunningham, father, Derriwang near Condobolin
Present at Birth: Mrs Broom;Principal=Margaret Cunningham14 
Birth of Daughter7 January 1896 "Water View", Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
Name: Ellen Lamander Cunningham
Sex of Child: Female
Date of Birth: 7th January 1896
Place of Birth: Water View, Condobolin

Father: William Cunningham
Occupation: Carrier
Birthplace: Bathurst NSW
Age: 38

Date of Marriage: 27th November 1878
Place of Marriage: Carrawobity NSW

Mother: Laura Shina Scott
Birthplace: Hartley NSW
Age: 35

Previous Issue: Lillian M 16, William J 14, John J 11, Merilder 7, Margaret 2 living; 2 females deceased

Informant: L S Cunningham, mother, Waterview, near Condobolin NSW
Present at Birth: Lydia Broom;Principal=Ellen Lamanda Cunningham1 
Birth of Son1898 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;Principal=Michael Francis Cunningham15 
News-Arct*23 June 1899 "The Lachlander", Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
Local Police Court.
Friday, 16th June, 1899.
(Before D. H. Tasker and J. M. Styles, Esqs., Js.P.)
Lauristina Cunningham v. John Thornton. —Stealing wire netting.
Mr Chauncy appeared for prosecutrix and Mr Ford for accused.
Lauristina Cunningham deposed: Information read is mine and is correct; I missed some wire between 23rd and 25th May; my boy first missed it and I went and discovered tracks of a man and boy about the yard the wire netting was taken away from; netting produced is the lost netting; I identify it by the marks on it—a piece was cut out of the end and pieces broken out where the staples had been driven in; I purchased the wire from Richard Jones about four years ago; I saw accused on 30th May and told him I thought he had taken the wire netting, and he said Yes, he had taken it, and if I wanted it to bring the police; I sent for the police, who came out on
31st May to Derriwong; I am not on friendly terms with accused.
Constable Bool deposed: I visited accused's place on 31st May and asked to be shown the wire netting he had taken from Cunningham's yard; he complied, and I now produce the netting; accused said he hed taken the wire off the fence near the railway line; accused said the wire belonged to him, and that it had been taken off his daughter's fence; I could not trace the tracks shown me.
William Joseph Cunningham deposed to building a wallaby yard and of placing the wire netting produced around it; the wire was originally got from Mr. R. Jones.
John Joseph Cunningham swore he had not taken any netting from Mr. Thornton's; the wallaby trap was not on the stock route.
Wilfred Osborne Jones deposed to seeing a wallaby yard near Mr. Cunningham's fence with wire netting round it; he had given the Cunningham's some netting — that produced.
For the defence —
John Thornton, gardener, Derriwong, deposed that his wife had told him on 20th May that someone had cut and carried away six panels of netting fence from his daughter's selection; his son told him he had seen, some wire round a rabbit trap on the stock route; he went and examined this netting and found it corresponded in every way to the wire he had lost; he took the wire netting and now produced netting from which the wire lost had been cut.
Sophia Thornton corroborated her husband's evidence.
Fined 10s or 7 days. Fine paid.16 
Birth of Son1901 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;Principal=Joseph Patrick Cunningham17 
Birth of Daughter1903 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;Principal=Kathleen Cunningham18 
Death of Mother3 April 1906 Carrawobitty, (near Forbes), NSW, Australia;
Name: Eliza Stewart
Date of Death: 3 Apr 1906
Place of Death: Carrawobbity
Occupation: Domestic Duties Old Age Pension
Sex: Female
Age: 70
Congugal Status:
Place of Birth: Penrith
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: Edward Field
Occupation: Blacksmith
Mother: Esther Lees

Place of Marriage 1: Penrith
Age at Marriage 1: 16
Name of Spouse 1: Joseph Scott
Children of Marriage 1: Sophia 53, Rozetta 51, Laurestina 46, Edward J 43, Victoria 39, Sarah 37, William H 36, Arthur R 33, Evelyn M 31; 1 female deceased
Place of Marriage 2: Carrawobbity
Age at Marriage 2: 43
Name of Spouse 2: Edward Field
Children of Marriage 2: no issue
Place of Marriage 3: Carrawobbity
Age at Marriage 3: 48
Name of Spouse 3: Charles Stewart
Children of Marriage 3: no issue
Informant: A R Scott, son, Carrawobbity

Cause of Death: Senile Decay
Length of Illness: 4 mts
Medical Attendant: H E M Delohery
Date Last Seen:

Date of Burial: 4 Apr 1906
Place of Burial: Church of England Cemetery, Forbes
Minister & Religion: Church of England
Undertaker: Geo J Thomson
Witnesses: J E Rawsthorne & J King;Principal=Eliza Stewart19 
Death of Spouse25 July 1922 Derriwong, NSW, Australia;
Name: William Cunningham
Date of Death: 25/7/1922
Place of Death: Derriwong, Lachlan Shire, District of Condobolin NSW
Occupation: Farmer
Sex: Male
Age: 66
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Campbells River NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: John Cunningham
Occupation: Not known
Mother: Ellen Lamanda Connell

Place of Marriage: Carrawobitty NSW
Age at Marriage: 22
Name of Spouse: Lauristina Scott
Children of Marriage: Lillian M 42, William J 40, John J 38, Merilda 34, Margaret 28, Ellen L 25, Michael F 23, Joseph P 21, Kate 18 living; 2 females deceased
Informant: Joseph Cunningham, son, Hillgrove, Derriwong

Cause of Death: Cardiac degeneration, Asthma
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: Francis P Quirk
Date last Seen: 21/7/1922

Date of Burial: 26/7/1922
Place of Burial: Roman Catholic Cemetery Condobolin
Minister & Religion: James O'Brien, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: F W Marlin
Witnesses: Robert G Marlin, Alf Marlin;Principal=William Cunningham20 
Electoral Roll*1930 Derriwong, NSW, Australia;
Cunningham, Laurestina, Derriwong, home duties21 
Electoral Roll1937 c/o Huxley, Goobang Street, Condobolin, NSW, Australia;
Cunningham, Laurestina, c/o Huxley, Goobang Street, home d.21 
Death of Son26 August 1943 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;Principal=William Joseph Cunningham22 
Death*5 July 1951 Newington State Hospital and Home, Newington, NSW, Australia;
Name: Lauristina Cunningham
Date of Death: 5/7/1951
Place of Death: Newington State Hospital and Home, Newington, District of Auburn NSW
Occupation: Old Age Pensioner
Sex: Female
Age: 88
Conjugal Status: Widow
Place of Birth: Hartley NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: John Scott
Occupation: Labourer
Mother: Unknown

Place of Marriage: Unknown
Age at Marriage: 16
Name of Spouse: (Given name unkown) Cunningham
Children of Marriage: Lillian 71, John J 66, Mildred 62, Margaret 58, Ellen L 55, Michael T 53, Joseph P 50 living; 1 male deceased
Informant: R A Hall, for manager, Newington State Hospital and Home, Newington

Cause of Death: gangrene of foot, arterio sclerosis, auricular fibrillation
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: L Sharfstein
Date Last Seen:

Cremation Date: 7/7/1951
Cremation Place: Rookwood Crematorium
Cremation Informant: T J Massey, Superintendent
Cremation Religion: A O Fox, Presbyterian
Cremation Witnesses: R Boyce23 
Death notice11 July 1951 "The Sydney Morning Herald", Sydney, NSW, Australia;
CUNNINGHAM Laurestina.- July 4, 1951, at a hospital, Burwood, loved wife of the late, William Cunningham mother of Mrs. Waller (Condobolin), William (deceased), John, Edith (deceased), Mrs. Bassett (Sydney), Priscilla (deceased), Mrs. Crowe (Ootha), Mrs. Jones (Condobolin), Michael (Billinudgel), Joseph (Sydney), Mrs Yetman (Yarrabandai). Privately cremated July 6, 1951. At rest.24 
Obituary27 July 1951 "The Land", Sydney, NSW, Australia;
Laurestina Cunningham, a pioner [sic] of the Forbes district, died in Newington Hospital, Auburn, on July 4, aged 90.
Her parents, John Scott and his wife, had come from Leith, Scotland, in the sailing ship "Red Rover," and settled at Hartley, where they began farming.
Later the Scotts and their family, with their relatives the Collits and Fields, travelled over land in bullock drays to Cadow Station, near Forbes, and took part in the goldrush at that town, where they won a fair share of the gold from the diggings.
John Scott then took up land at Carrawobuddy, now known as Carrawobitty, and was the original settler on that later well-known station property.
The subject of this notice married William Cunningham at her parent's station home in 1878, and settled on what became known as Derriwong Station, between Bogan Gate and Condobolin.
Cobb and Co.'s coaches were the only form of regular transport in the outback in those days, and Derriwong became a half way stage for the coaches on the 65 mile run to and from Parkes and Condobolin.
When the coach was two miles away from Derriwong homestead, the driver used to blow a bugle to let the Cunninghams know the coach was approaching so that they could have tea and refreshments ready for the driver and passengers while the horses were being changed.25 


William Cunningham b. 25 Jun 1857, d. 25 Jul 1922


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