Sarah Margaret Pike1

F, #333, b. 14 November 1873, d. July 1958
FatherJames Augustus Pike1 b. 20 Dec 1835, d. 30 Jul 1897
MotherMargaret McCabe1 b. 4 Feb 1830, d. 9 Jun 1916
RelationshipGreat-grandmother of Keith Graham Bassett
ChartsAncestors of Keith Graham Bassett
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Birth*14 November 1873 Pudman Creek, Boorowa, NSW, Australia;
Name: Sarah Margaret Pike
Sex of Child: Female
Date of Birth: 14/11/1873
Place of Birth: Pudman Creek, District of Burrowa NSW

Father: James Pike
Occupation: Carrier
Birthplace: Parramatta
Age: 41

Date of Marriage: February 1867
Place of Marriage: Chiltenham Victoria

Mother: Margaret McCabe
Birthplace: Co Cavan Ireland
Age: 46

Previous Issue: 2 males living

Informant: James Pike, Father, Pudman Creek
Present at birth: Mrs Kelly1 
Marriage*26 May 1897 St Georges Rectory, Parkes, NSW, Australia;
Groom: Harry Thomas Harmer
Status: Bachelor
Place of Birth: Chetwynd Victoria
Occupation: Selector
Age: 23
Usual Residence: Trundle
Father: James Harmer
Occupation: Grazier (deceased)
Mother: Ann Williams

Bride: Sarah Margaret Pike
Status: Spinster
Place of Birth: Burrowa NSW
Occupation: Living with her father
Age: 23
Usual Residence: Gobendong, near Trundle
Father: James Pike
Occupation: Grazier
Mother: Margaret McCabe

Date of Marriage: 26/5/1897
Place of Marriage: St Georges Rectory, Parkes NSW
Religion: Church of England
Witnesses: Eliza J Simpson, A G F Bollinger
Minister: F G Neild
;Groom=Harry Thomas Harmer2 
Married Name26 May 1897 Harmer2 
Death of Father30 July 1897 Parkes, NSW, Australia;
Name: James Pike
Date of Death: 30 July 1897
Place of Death: Parkes
Occupation: Storekeeper
Sex: Male
Age: 63 years
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Parramatta NSW
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: Theodore Pike
Occupation: Bootmaker
Mother: Not known

Place of Marriage: Chiltern VIC Age at Marriage: 33
Name of Spouse: Margaret Franks
Children of Marriage: Arthur F 27, Sarah M 23, 1 male deceased
Informant: Arthur F Pike, son, Hillsdale

Cause of Death: Pneumonia, Asthma
Length of Illness: 12 days
Medical Attendant: H Oswin Jobuson
Date Last Seen: 30 July 1897

Date of Burial: 31 July 1897
Place of Burial: Church of England Cemetery Trundle
Minister & Religion: F G Neild
Undertaker: Richard Shaw
Witnesses: L Simmons, H T Harmer;Principal=James Augustus Pike3 
Birth of Daughter19 November 1897 Trundle, NSW, Australia;
Name: Margaret Gladys Harmer
Sex of Child: Female
Date of Birth: 19/11/1897
Place of Birth: Trundle, district of Parkes NSW

Father: Harry Thomas Harmer
Occupation: Farmer
Birthplace: Chetwynd Victoria
Age: 23

Date of Marriage: 26/5/1897
Place of Marriage: Parkes NSW

Mother: Sarah Margaret Pike
Birthplace: Burrowa NSW
Age: 23

Previous Issue: None

Informant: H V Harmer, Father, Trundle
Present at birth: H Oswin Johnson, Mrs Comley;Principal=Margaret Gladys Harmer4 
Birth of Son18 April 1899 Parkes, NSW, Australia;Principal=James Walter Harmer5 
Birth of Son1900 Parkes, NSW, Australia;Principal=Arthur Harry Harmer6 
Birth of Daughter15 May 1902 Parkes, NSW, Australia;Principal=Ethel Ann Harmer7 
Birth of Son1903 Principal=Harold Lemard Harmer 
Birth of Son10 March 1908 Principal=Ivan Llewellyn Harmer 
Birth of Daughter19 December 1910 Principal=Dorothy May Harmer 
Birth of Daughter5 September 1914 Principal=Mary Kathleen Harmer 
Death of Mother9 June 1916 Park Street, Trundle, NSW, Australia;
Name: Margaret Pike
Date of Death: 9/6/1916
Place of Death: Park Street Trundle, Goobang Shire, District of Condobolin NSW
Occupation: Domestic duties
Age: 89
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: County Clare, Ireland
Time in Aust Colonies: 77 years in NSW

Father: Stephen McCabe
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Margaret O'Reily

Place of Marriage 1: Not known
Age at Marriage 1: 18
Name of Spouse 1: James Franks
Children of Marriage 1: John 60, James 57, Katherine 51 living, 3 males, 1 female deceased
Place of Marriage 2: Chiltern Victoria
Age of Marriage 2: 40
Name of Spouse 2: James Pike
Children of Marriage 2: Sarah M 42 living, 2 males deceased
Informant: Sarah Margaret Harmer, daughter, Park Street, Trundle, Witness: W D Olliver

Cause of Death: 1. Endocarditis 2. Bronchitis
Length of Illness: 1. 3 weeks 2. years
Medical Attendant: T D Bertram
Date Last Seen: 8/6/1916

Date of Burial: 10/6/1916
Place of Burial: Roman Catholic Portion of General Cemetery Trundle
Minister & Religion: J A Dunn, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: W D Olliver
Witnesses: G R Guy, D E Bews;Principal=Margaret McCabe8 
Birth of Daughter23 January 1917 Trundle, NSW, Australia;Principal=Frances Maud Harmer9 
Note*23 September 1918 Trundle, NSW, Australia;
Sept 23rd 18
Provost Marshall
Dear Sir
This is to certify that I am willing to consent to my sun J. W. Harmer sailing abroad when ever the authorities think fit.
Yours truly
H H Harmer (Father)
S M Harmer (Mother);Principal=Harry Thomas Harmer, Witness=James Walter Harmer10 
Death of Son30 August 1919 Trundle, NSW, Australia;
(From Our Own Correspondent).
It is some time since Trundleites felt sadder than they did on Saturday morning, when it became known that Arthur Henry Harmer had passed over the great divide.
In the prime of life—18 years—the poor lad succumbed to the dreaded and frightful malady pneumonia. The case was considered practically hopeless on Thursday, when Dr. Boazman, of Parkes, and Dr. Bertram, of Trundle, had a consultation. However, Dr. Bertram, never gave up hope of the brave lad, and fought the disease to the last. The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon, and considering the very short notice, the cortege was very large. The body was first taken to the Church of England, then to the Church of England portion of the local cemetery, where the last sad rites were read by the Rev. A. Mills and Mr H. English, P.M., of the Manchester Unity of Oddfelows.
The scene at the graveside was particularly sad as the poor fellow was loved by all who knew him, and worshipped by his sorrowing parents.
Deceased was a brave and fearless athlete, good footballer, and champion rough rider. The writer has known some good riders, but never saw better than our poor denever saw better than our poor departed "Boug," as he was familiarly known. The rougher the horse the better he liked him. The Trundle Football Team turned up in strong numbers considering the short notice, as did the members of the local branch of the Oddfellow's Lodge.
The funeral arrangements were in the hands of the local undertakers, Geddes Bros.
To the sorrowing relatives we extend our heartfelt sympathy, but they can find solace in the fact that their boy led a good, clean, and upright life.;Principal=Arthur Harry Harmer11,12 
Death of Son10 October 1919 Trundle, NSW, Australia;Harold L Harmer, age 12;Principal=Harold Lemard Harmer11 
Electoral Roll*1930 Trundle, NSW, Australia;
Harmer, Harry Thomas, Trundle, selector
Harmer, Sarah Margaret, Trundle, home duties
Harmer, James Walter, Trundle, labourer;Principal=Harry Thomas Harmer13 
Electoral Roll*1936 Trundle, NSW, Australia;home dutiies13 
Death of Spouse17 October 1941 Ashford, Trundle, NSW, Australia;
Name: Harry Thomas Harmer
Date of Death: 17 Oct 1941
Place of Death: Ashford, Trundle
Occupation: Selector
Sex: Male
Age: 63 years
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Casterton VIC
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: James Harmer Occupation: Butcher
Mother: Ann Williams

Place of Marriage: Parkes NSW Age at Marriage: 23
Name of Spouse: Sarah Margaret Pike
Children of Marriage: Margaret G 43, James W 42, Ethel A 39, Ivan L 32, Dorothy M 30, Mary K 27, Francis M 24 living, 2 males deceased
Informant: A J F Pike, nephew, Gobondery Street, Trundle

Cause of Death: 1. myocardial failure 2. coronary occlusion, 3. coronary sclerosis
Length of Illness: 1. 2 1/2 2, 4 days
Medical Attendant: Ronald R Lockley
Date Last Seen: 16 Oct 1941

Date of Burial: 18 Oct 1941
Place of Burial: Church of England Cemetery Trundle
Minister & Religion: H Randall, Church of England
Undertaker: Allan Block
Witnesses: A J Pike;Principal=Harry Thomas Harmer14 
Electoral Roll1943 Trundle, NSW, Australia;
Harmer, Sarah Margaret, Trundle, home duties13 
Electoral Roll1949 Trundle, NSW, Australia;
Harmer, Sarah Margaret, Trundle, home duties13 
Electoral Roll1954 "Gillenvine", Trundle, NSW, Australia;
Harmer, Sarah Margaret, Gillenvine, home duties13 
Electoral Roll1958 "Gillenvine", Trundle, NSW, Australia;
Harmer, Sarah Margaret, Gillenvine, home duties13 
Death*July 1958 "Gillenbine", Trundle, NSW, Australia;
Name: Sarah Margaret Harmer
Date of Death: Not stated
Place of Death: "Gillenbine" Trundle NSW
Occupation: Home duties
Sex: Female
Age: 83
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Boorowa
Time in Aust Colonies:

Father: James Augustus Pike
Occupation: Grazier
Mother: Margaret McCabe

Place of Marriage: Parkes NSW Age at Marriage: 22
Name of Spouse: Harry Thomas Harmer
Children of Marriage: Gladys M 62, James W 59, Harry J (deceased), Ethel A 55, Harold L (deceased), Ivan L 49, Dorothy M 46, Mary K 43, Francis M 41
Informant: F M Grellman, daughter, "Gillenbine" Trundle

Cause of Death: 1. Coronary occlusion 2. Coronary sclerosis
Length of Illness: 1. few minutes
Medical Attendant: James T Ward
Date Last Seen:

Date of Burial: 15 Jul 1958
Place of Burial: Church of England Cemetery Trundle
Minister & Religion: G W Trudgen, Church of England
Burial*15 July 1958 Church of England Cemetery, Trundle, NSW, Australia;
Sarah Margaret Harmer headstone
Photograph by unknown
Obituary1 August 1958 Trundle, NSW, Australia;
Mrs Sarah Margaret Harmer, who passed away recently at the great age of 83 years, was one of the pioneers of the Trundle District.
When only seven years of age the late Mrs Harmer came to the Trundle District with her parents from Culcairn. At Trundle they selected "Gobondery" Station in 1882 and this was her home until her marriage to the late Mr H Harmer who predeceased her in 1942.
Increasing age curtailed her activities in recent years but in her lifetime she was respected by all who knew her.
Her passing was a blow to a large number of friends and relatives and she is survived by a family of five daughters and two sons. They are: Mrs Fay Bassett (Oatley); Mrs F Merriel (Mascot); Mrs J Milne (Manildra); Mrs J Eastburn (Wellington); Mrs R Grellman (Trundle); Mr J Harmer (Trundle) and Mr I Harmer (Sydney).
Two sons, Arthur and Harold, predeceased her.15 


Harry Thomas Harmer b. 18 Oct 1873, d. 17 Oct 1941


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