Timothy Lees1

M, #4689, b. 19 December 1815, d. 31 August 1878
FatherJohn Lees1 b. c 1777, d. 28 Aug 1836
MotherMary Stevens1 b. c 1778, d. 26 Jul 1839
Relationship4th great-uncle of Keith Graham Bassett
Last Edited22 Feb 2018
Birth*19 December 1815 Castlereagh, NSW, Australia1 
Baptism14 January 1816 Castlereagh, NSW, Australia;son of John & Mary Leese1 
(Son) Muster 18251825 Evan, NSW, Australia;John Lees,, CF, Ganges 1797, Landholder, Castlereagh & Evan
Mary Stephens,, FS, Earl Cornwallis, Wife of John Lees, Evan
John Lees, 18, BC,,, Son of J Lees, Castlereagh & Evan
Mary Lees, 15, BC,,, Daughter of J Lees, Castlereagh & Evan
Esther Lees, 14, BC,,, Child of J Lees, Castlereagh & Evan
Timothy Lees, 10, BC,,, Child of J Lees, Castlereagh & Evan
Sarah Lees, 8, BC,,, Child of J Lees, Castlereagh & Evan
Cornelius Lees, 4, BC,,, Child of J Lees, Castlereagh & Evan;Head=John Lees, Wife=Mary Stevens2 
Death of Father28 August 1836 Nepean, NSW, Australia;Principal=John Lees3,4 
Death of Mother26 July 1839 Christ Church, Castlereagh, NSW, Australia;
Name: Mary Stevens
Abode: Castlereagh
When Died: 26th July 1839
When Buried: 27th July 1839
Age: 64
Quality or Profession (if bond, name of ship): Royal Admiral, Widow to John Lees
By whom the ceremony was performed: Henry Fulton;Deceased=Mary Lees5 
Marriage*23 May 1851 Balladuran, NSW, Australia;Timothy Lees of the parish of Balladuran bachelor
Clara Morris of the parish of Balladuran spinster
by banns
Witnesses William Morris Balladuran & Mary Ann Morris Balladuran;Bride=Clara Morris6 
(Witness) Burial15 May 1868 Mount York, NSW, Australia;Witnesses Timothy Lees & William Peacock
Minister Rev Robert H Mayne CofE;Principal=Henry Field7 
Death*31 August 1878 Shingle House Hotel, Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia;Timothy Lees, age 63, Hawker, a heavy cold, 9 days
Born Penrith NSW
Father John Lees
Mother Mary (surname not known)
Married Clara Morris, age 35, Marthaguy Creek
Children of marriage 7 males, 3 females living; 1 male, 1 female deceased
Informant Clara Lees, widow, Coonamble
Burial 2/9/1878 Nugal, Castlreagh River
Witnesses George Lees & Timothy Lees jnr7 


Clara Morris b. c 1830, d. 11 Oct 1923


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