Isaac Whiley1

M, #841, b. 26 March 1816, d. 22 November 1886
FatherWilliam Whiley1 b. 21 Sep 1783, d. 8 Apr 1838
MotherBetsey Whiting1 b. 30 Jan 1781, d. 18 Nov 1867
Relationship3rd great-grandfather of Keith Graham Bassett
Last Edited22 Jan 2015
Birth*26 March 1816 Friskney, Lincolnshire2 
Baptism10 April 1816 Friskney, Lincolnshire;
Isaak son of William & Betsey Whiley, Friskney, Higler3 
Marriage*11 June 1836 Wainfleet St Mary, Lincolnshire;
Isaac Whiley of this Parish Bachelor
and Mary Holland of this Parish Spinster
were married in this Church by Banns with Consent of
this Twelfth Day of
June in the Year One thousand eight hundred and thirty six
By me W Hurst Minister
This Marriage was solemnized between us:
Isaac Whiley's mark
Mary Holland's mark
In the Presence of:
Tobias Gibbin's Mark
Sarah Holland;Bride=Mary Holland4 
Immigration*31 August 1837 "City of Edinburgh", Sydney, NSW, Australia;
Isaac Whiley
Arrived by the Ship: City of Edinburgh
Brought out by: Messrs. Wm. Walker & Co
A Native of: the Parish of Friskney in Lincolnshire
Calling: Farm Servant and Shepherd
Age on Embarkation: believed to be about twenty one (on the 3d of April last 1837)
Person certifying registry of Baptism: as certified by Revd. J. W. Booth Vicar of Friskney
Character, and Person certifying the same: The same Clergyman certifies him to be a person of good character as he was informed by Mr. G. Corbett his last employer and Mr. D. Sykes in whose service he had previously been
State of bodily health, strength, and probable usefulness: In good health
Religion: Protestant Episcopal

Mary Whiley
Arrived by the Ship:
Brought out by:
A Native of: the Parish of Wainfleet in Lincolnshire daughter of Wm. (and Mary) Holland Labourer
Calling: in Farm-house service before Marriage
Age on Embarkation: Baptised 11 June 1811
Person certifying registry of Baptism: Revd. Wm. Hurst Officiatg Minister of Wainfleet
Character, and Person certifying the same: Married 12 June 1836 as certified by the clergyman above mentioned
State of bodily health, strength, and probable usefulness: In good health
Religion: Protestant Episcopal
Male children, exceeding one, and under eighteen years: William Whiley, born 4th Sept. 1836
Female children, exceeding one, and under eighteen years: none
;Passenger=Mary Whiley, Son=William Whiley5 
Death of Father8 April 1838 Friskney, Lincolnshire;
When and where died: Eighth of April 1838, Friskney
Name and surname: William Whiley
Sex: Male
Age: 48 years
Occupation: Keeper of a Bar Shop
Cause of death: Verdict "temporary derangement produced by excessive drinking"
Signature, description and residence of informant: C Mastin, Coroner, Boston;Principal=William Whiley6 
Birth of Son15 May 1839 Richmond, NSW, Australia;Principal=James Whiley7 
Birth of Soncirca 1841 NSW, Australia;Principal=Charles Whiley8 
Birth of Son15 July 1841 Nepean, NSW, Australia;son of Isaac & Mary Whiley, Nepean, Farmer, Wesleyan Methodist;Principal=Samuel Whiley9 
Birth of Daughter22 September 1846 Emu Plains, NSW, Australia;Principal=Mary Jane Whiley10 
Birth of Daughter19 January 1849 Bathurst, NSW, Australia;Principal=Maria Whiley9 
Birth of Daughter15 July 1850 Bathurst, NSW, Australia;Principal=Fanny Whiley9 
Birth of Daughter3 November 1852 Bathurst, NSW, Australia;Principal=Susanna Whiley9 
News-Arct13 May 1854 "The Bathurst Free Press", Bathurst, NSW, Australia;
Isaac Whiley, Railway Inn, received his license with a caution to keep his yard clean in future.11 
Birth of Son30 June 1854 Bathurst, NSW, Australia;Principal=Isaac Holland Whiley9 
Birth of Daughter26 April 1856 Keppell Street, Bathurst, NSW, Australia;Father Isaac Whiley, Carrier, born Fiskeny, Lincolnshire, England, 40
Mother Mary Holland, born Wainfleet, Lincolnshire, England, 45
Married 11/06/1836 Wainfleet St Mary, Lincolnshire
Previous Issue William 19, James 17, Charles 15, Elizabeth 12, Mary 10, Maria 7, Fanny 5, Susan 3, Isaac 2 living; none dead
Informant Mary Whiley, mother, Keppell Street, Bathurst
Present at birth Richard Machattie, surgeon; Mrs Nettle, Keppell Street, Bathurst
Notes baptised by the Revd Robert W Vanderkiste (Wesleyan Methodist) 30/06/1856 by the name of "Eliza";Principal=Eliza Maud Whiley12 
Death of Son1859 Chippendale, NSW, Australia;Principal=Isaac Holland Whiley13 
Death of Mother18 November 1867 Bull's Hill, Near Liverpool, NSW, Australia;
Name: Mary Whiley
Date of Death: 18 Nov 1867
Place of Death: Bull's Hill Nr Liverpool
Occupation: Annuitant
Sex: Female
Age: 86
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Lincoln England
Time in Aust Colonies: 14 years NSW

Father: John Whiting
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Unknown

Place of Marriage: England
Age at Marriage: 29
Name of Spouse: William Whiley
Children of Marriage: 5 females and 2 males living, 1 male and 1 female dead
Informant: John Creasy, Bull's Hill Nr Liverpool

Cause of Death: 1. Ossification of the arteries 2. Paralysis
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: N Brown M.D. Parramatta
Date Last Seen:

Date of Burial: 20 Nov 1867
Place of Burial: Church of England Burial ground Prospect
Minister & Religion: J Donkin, Church of England
Undertaker: Jordan Sparks Parramatta
Witnesses:;Principal=Betsey Whiting6 
Residence*1872 Red Bank, NSW, Australia;Isaac Whiley, Storekeeper14 
News-Arct*27 February 1882 "The Sydney Morning Herald", NSW, Australia;
WANTED, a respectable Lady, as GOVERNESS, for the country. Apply to Isaac Whiley, Fernleigh House, Redfern.15 
Death of Daughter8 April 1882 Bathurst, NSW, Australia;
CREASEY.—April 8, at her residence, Bathurst, Mary Jane, the beloved wife of Edward Creasey, and second daughter of Mr. Whiley, Fernleigh, Redfern.    ;Principal=Mary Jane Creasey16 
Death of Daughter26 April 1882 Redfern, NSW, Australia;
ROBERTSON.—April 26, at her parents' residence, Fannie Ida, the beloved wife of J. J. Robertson, and fourth daughter of Mr. Whiley, Fernleigh, Redfern.;Principal=Fanny Robertson16 
Death of Son24 March 1884 Condobolin, NSW, Australia;age 43;Principal=William Whiley13 
Residence*1886 181 Regent Street, Redfern, NSW, Australia;
;Principal=Mary Holland
181 Regent Street, Redfern
Death*22 November 1886 Regent St, Redfern, NSW, Australia;
Name: Isaac Whiley
Date of Death: 22 Nov 1886
Place of Death: Regent Street, Municipality of Redfern NSW
Occupation: Gentleman
Sex: Male
Age: 70
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Lincolnshire England
Time in Aust Colonies: 50 years in NSW

Father: William Whiley
Occupation: Not Stated
Mother: Betsy Whiting

Place of Marriage: England
Age at Marriage: 19
Name of Spouse: Mary Holland
Children of Marriage: 2 males, 4 females living; 2 males, 2 females deceased
Informant: Geo Lander, son-in-law, McArthur Street Ultimo

Cause of Death: Apolplexy
Length of Illness: 3 hours
Medical Attendant: Dr J L De Lambert
Date Last Seen: 22 Nov 1886

Date of Burial: 24 Nov 1886
Place of Burial: Church of England Cemetery Rookwood
Minister & Religion:
Undertaker: R B Cropley and Co
Witnesses: J Luckman & E B Perry17 


Mary Holland b. 9 Jun 1811, d. 9 Oct 1888


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