Michael Scott1

M, #1031, b. 1800, d. 1 June 1875
Relationship3rd great-grandfather of Keith Graham Bassett
Last Edited13 Dec 2016
Birth*1800 Ireland2 
News-Arct29 February 1820 "Freemans Journal", Ireland;
Committed to Clonmel Gaol, by Richard Power, Esq. Michael Scott, charged with having in his possession a fat sheep, supposed to be stolen.3 
Conviction*March 1820 Tipperary, Ireland;Lent Assizes, Convicted 7 years4 
Transportation*9 January 1821 "Prince Regent", Port Jackson, NSW, Australia;
Name: Michl Scott
Where Convicted: Tipperary
When: Lent 1820
Term: Seven Years
Native Place: Nenagh
Calling: Inside Servant
Age: 20
Height: 5 7
Complexion: florid
Hair: brown
Eyes: hazel5 
Birth of Daughtercirca 1823 Principal=Ann Scott 
Birth of Daughtercirca 1824 Principal=Elizabeth Scott 
Birth of Daughtercirca 1824 Principal=Sophia Scott 
Note*25 January 1825 NSW, Australia;The Certificate of Michael Scott of Grace for a Ticket of Leave
We hereby Certify that Michael Scott who came by the Ship Prince Regent which arrived in the year One thousand eight hundred and twentyone has not been convicted of any Crime or misdemeanor in the Colony but is to our certain belief, a sober, honest, and industious character having served faithfully Sarah Watkins residing in the District of Evan, from the 19th day of January 1821 to the 25th day of January 1825
Jullian Henry Resident Magistrate
Henry Fulton Clergyman of the District
Sarah Watkins Mistress;Witness=Sarah Watkins4 
Ticket of leave*17 February 1825 Evan, NSW, Australia;
Ticket of Leave granted
Number: 59/1533
Name: Michael Scott
Vessel: Prince Regent (2)
Year Arrived: 1821
Where Convicted: Tipperary
When Convicted: Lent 1820
Term: Seven years
Native Place: Co. Tipperary
Calling: Labourer
Year of Birth: 1805
Height: 5 feet 7 1/2 inc
Complexion: Fair
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Date of Ticket: 17 February 1825
District: Evan6 
Correspondence*22 June 1826 Court House, Penrith, NSW, Australia;
Court House Penrith
June 22d 1826
In transmitting to your Office the accompanying, Ticket of Leave, I have the honor to acquaint you, for the information of the Excellency the Governor, that the individual whose name appears in the margin, [Michael Scott per ship Prince Regent 21] and to whom it was granted, was convicted before this Bench, on the 20th inst. of pig stealing, and sentenced to have his Ticket of Leave cancelled, & two years added to the term of his original sentence. – I have therefore forwarded him by warrant to the Hyde Park Barracks at Sydney, to be assigned into the service of Government.
I have the honor to be
Your Obedient Servt.
Henry Fulton J.P.
Alexr MLeay Esquire
Col. Secty
Note24 June 1826 NSW, Australia;Ticket of Leave revoked "Taken away by the Penrith Bench the holder having been Convicted of Pig Stealing for which he was Sentenced to have his term of transportation extended two years on the 20 June 1826 and torn up the 24th of the same month"6 
News-Arct*28 June 1826 the Sydney Gazette;
Public Notice
Tickets of Leave Cancelled.
Prince Regent (2)... Michael Scott for Pig-stealing
By Command of His Excellency the Governor
Alexander McLeay
Colonial Secretary's Office, June 27, 18268 
Birth of Son11 October 1826 Evan, NSW, Australia;Principal=Michael Scott9 
Census 1828*November 1828 Hyde Park Barracks, NSW, Australia;Michael Scott, Prince Regent10 
Cert-Freedom*16 March 1829 NSW, Australia;
Certificate of Freedom 29/182
Name: Michael Scott
Ship: Prince Regent 2
Master: Clifford
Year: 1821
Native Place: Nenagh, Co. Tipperary
Trade or calling: Inside Servant
Place of Trial: Tipperary
Date of Trial: Lent 1820
Sentence: 7 years
Year of Birth: 1801
Height: Five feet 7 1/2 inches
Complexion: Fair Ruddy
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Light Hazel
General Remarks: Received an additional Sentence of Two years by the Penrith Bench 20th June 1826 for Pig Stealing11 
News-Arct11 April 1829 the Sydney Gazette;"Public Notice.
The under mentioned Persons have obtained Certificates of Freedom during the last Week: viz.-
Prince Regent (2), Michael Scott
By Command of His Excellency the Governor, Alexander McLeay.
Colonial Secretary's Office, 4th April, 1829."8 
Birth of Daughtercirca 1830 Principal=Ellen Scott 
Birth of Daughtercirca 1831 Principal=Georgina Scott 
Birth of Soncirca 1832 Penrith, NSW, Australia;Principal=Joseph Scott1 
Birth of Sonafter 1832 Principal=William Scott 
Birth of Daughter6 June 1840 Vale of Clwyd, NSW, Australia;daughter of Michael & Sarah Scott, Vale of Clwyd, Farmer, Wesleyan Methodist;Principal=Sarah Scott12 
Marriage*1 January 1846 Hartley, NSW, Australia;Michael Scott, Roman Catholic, of Coalpit Vale
Sarah Watkins, of Coalpit Vale
Witnesses Charles Fell & Frances Fell;Bride=Sarah Collits13 
Death of SonMarch 1849 Mount York, NSW, Australia;Principal=Michael Scott14 
Death of Son12 February 1863 "Cadow", 30 miles from Forbes, NSW, Australia;age 32, Colonial fever
Father Michael Scott, Farmer
Mother Unknown
Informant Edward Jones, Cadow
Buried 13 February, Cadow
Born Penrith
Marriage Esther Mitchell, 7 children - 4 boys & 3 girls;Principal=William Scott15 
Death of Daughter17 March 1863 Lambert Street, Bathurst, NSW, Australia;age 40, wife of a labourer, bilious fever
born NSW
Father Michael Scott, farmer
Mother Sarah Collets
Married John Coffey, age 20, Hartley NSW
Children of marriage Ellen 18, Catherine 16, John 14, Patrick 8, Michael 5 living; 4 boys, 1 girl dead
Informant John Coffey, widower, Lambert Street, Bathurst
Buried 19/3/1863, Bathurst, Minister Thomas L Leonard, Roman Catholic;Principal=Ann Scott16 
Death of Daughter18 March 1863 "Cadow", near Forbes, NSW, Australia;Elizabeth Jones, age 39 years, Colonial Fever, 3 weeks
Father Michael Scott, Farmer
Mother Sarah formerly Collet
Informant Arthur T Wilkinson, Squatter, Bundaburra, Lachlan River
Buried 19/3/1863, Cadow, Lachlan River
Witnesses William Yeo, Josiah Strickland, Robert Wilson
born Nepean New South Walles
Maried Carcoar NSW, 26 years, Edward Jones
5 males and 5 females living;Principal=Elizabeth Scott15 
Death of Spouse18 May 1867 "Uar", Forbes, NSW, Australia;
Name: Sarah Scott
Date of Death: 18/05/1867
Place: Uar, Forbes, NSW
Occupation: Nil
Sex: Female
Age: 70
Place of Birth: England
Time in Aust. Colonies: 64 years in NSW

Father: Pearce Collits
Occupation: Farmer and Grazier
Mother: Mary Harwick

Place of Marriage: Penrith NSW
Age at Marriage: 20
Name of Spouse: Michael Scott
Children of Marriage: 1 Boy, 4 Girls, Living; 3 Boys, 4 Girls Deceased
Informant: John Green, Uar, Son-in-law of the deceased

Cause of Death: Pneumonia and Old Age
Length of Illness: 1 month
Medical Attendant: Dr C. W. Morgan
Date Last Seen: 18/05/1867

Date of Burial: 20/05/1867
Place of Burial: Cadow, Lachlan River
Minister & Religion: None
Undertaker: J. S. Toler
Witnesses: Joseph King, Michael Kegan;Principal=Sarah Collits15 
Death*1 June 1875 Carrowobity near Forbes, NSW, Australia;
Name: Michael Scott
Date of Death: 1 June 1875
Place: Carrawobity near Forbes
Occupation: Farmer
Sex: Male
Age: 74
Place of Birth: Ireland
Time in Aust. Colonies: about 50 years in N.S.Wales

Father: Not Known
Mother: Not Known

Place of Marriage: Not Known
Age at Marriage: Not Known
Name of Spouse: Sarah Collitt
Children of Marriage: 1 Male living, 2 Femailes living, 2 Males deceased, 4 Females deceased
Informant: Pierce Field, Son-in-law, Carrawobity

Cause of Death: Old Age
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: Dr Seth Saen
Date Last Seen: 29 May 1875

Date of Burial: 2 June 1875
Place of Burial: Forbes
Minister & Religion: Rev I R Daseen, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: J. S. Toler
Witnesses: John Flint, John Broom

Buried 02/06/1875, Forbes, Roman Catholic,
Born Ireland, about 50 years in NSW
Married Sarah Collitt
Children 1 male, 2 females living, 2 males, 4 females deceased15 
Will*9 October 1889 NSW, Australia;
Michael Scott late of Carrowobity near Forbes, Farmer - Deceased.
9 October 1889 By Petition Admon with Power of Sale of the Estate and Effects of the above named deceased was granted to Elizabeth Sarah Field of Carrowobity Forbes (wife of Pierce Field of the same place Farmer). The only child Surities.
James McMurtrie - Plasterer and William Effingham Jones - Auctioneer both of Forbes.
Intestate died 1st June 1875.
Goods sworn at 20 pounds.;Beneficiary=Sarah Field17 


Sarah Collits b. 10 Sep 1797, d. 18 May 1867


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