James Milgate1

M, #5000, b. 6 July 1817, d. 27 April 1896
FatherJames Milgate2 b. 3 Mar 1793, d. 22 Mar 1876
MotherElizabeth White2 d. 29 Mar 1839
Relationship3rd great-grandfather of Keith Graham Bassett
Last Edited11 Dec 2014
Baptism*6 July 1817 Ash-near-Sandwich, Kent;son of James & Elizabeth Millgate, Labourer, Overland2 
Death of Mother29 March 1839 Ash-next-Sandwich, Kent;Elizabeth Millgate, 46 years, wife of James Millgate, Husbandry Labourer, Consumption
Informant Ann Terry (neighbour) present at the death;Principal=Elizabeth White3 
Immigration*24 August 1839 "Somersetshire", Port Adelaide, SA, Australia4 
Marriage*25 December 1840 Holy Trinity Church, North Terrace, Adelaide, SA, Australia;James Milgate of Light Square, Adelaide and late of Deal, Kent, England
Elizabeth Potter of Hindley Street, Adelaide, late of Lewes, Sussex, England
Witnesses John & Jane McIntyre;Bride=Elizabeth Potter5 
Birth of Son13 July 1842 Adelaide, SA, Australia;James Potter Millgate son of James Millgate & Elizabeth Potter;Principal=James Potter Milgate1 
Death of Spouse29 August 1843 Hindmarsh, SA, Australia;
When Died: August 29 1843
Name and Surname: Elizabeth Melgate
Sex: Female
Age: Twenty Two Years
Cause of Death: Decline
Rank or Profession: Wife of James Melgate of Hindmarsh
Signature, Description and Residence of Informant: Thos Jones, Weymouth Street, Builder;Deceased=Elizabeth Potter6 
Marriage*21 April 1850 St George's Church, Gawler, SA, Australia;
Groom: James Milgate
Status: Widower
Occupation: Farmer
Age: 31
Usual Residence: Morooroo Creek

Bride: Emily Martin
Status: Widow
Age: 24
Usual Residence: Morooroo Creek

Date of Marriage: April 21st 1850
Place of Marriage: St George's Church, Gawler
Religion: United Church of England and Ireland
Witnesses: Thomas Potter, Harriet Potter, Richard Sourse
Minister: W W Coombs;Bride=Emily Moore7 
Birth of Daughter23 April 1851 Moorooroo Creek, SA, Australia;daughter of James Milgate & Emily Moore;Principal=Ellen Milgate8 
Birth of Daughter8 October 1853 Barossa, SA, Australia;daughter of James Milgate & Emily Moore;Principal=Sarah Ann Milgate8 
Birth of Daughter12 September 1855 Moorooroo Creek, SA, Australia;daughter of James Milgate & Emily Moore;Principal=Emily Milgate8 
Birth of Daughter21 February 1858 Lyndoch Valley, SA, Australia;daughter of James Milgate & Emily More;Principal=Charlotte Milgate8 
Birth of Daughter21 February 1862 Jacobs Creek, SA, Australia;daughter of James Milgate & Emily Moore;Principal=Naomi Milgate8 
Death of Father22 March 1876 Overland, Ash-next-Sandwich, Kent;James Millgate, 84, Farm Labourer, Senile decay
Informant Harriet Wanstall Sister-in-law present at the death, Marshborough, Woodnesborough;Principal=James Milgate3 
Will*23 March 1892 Dunmunkle, VIC, Australia;
Know all men by there presents.
That I, James Millbank, Farmer, of Dunmunkle, in the Province of Victoria.
Being of failing health, but in a sound and disposing state of mind, and memory, and being desirus of settling my worldly affairs, while I have strength and capacity, Do make and publish this my last, Will and Testament.
(Hereby Revoking, and making Void all former Wills by me at any time heretofore made)
1st _____________ firstly. I direct my Executors herinafter named, to pay all my just debts and funeral expenses, from my personal property not hereinafter disposed of.
2ndly____________ Secondly, I give to my wife Emily Millgate all my Real & personal Estate, Land, and Farm, situated at Dunmunkle, both stock and all thereon, During her life. At her demise: I direct that it be equally divided, Viz. that it be sold and the money given in equal shares to my children, James Millbank, Ellen Newell, Sarah Ann McLean, Emily Ingles, Charlotte Newell and Naomi Wiley.
Lastly. I appoint George McLean, Farmer of Dunmunkle, and my wife Emily Millgate, my wife Emily Millgate, my Executor & Executrix.
In Witness Whereof, I hererto set my hand, and Seal, and declared this Instrument to be my last Will and Testament. The twenty third day of March 1892. In presence of the persons whose names are subscribed as attending Witnesses.
James Millgate
On the Twenty third day of Mach 1892. The above named James Millgate in our presence signed the foregoing instrument, and declared to us that the same was his last Will and testament, and requested us to subscribe our names hereto as Witnesses; and we in his presence, and in the presence of each other, here in compliance with such request, hereto subscribed our names.
Charles Walliss, Farmer, Dunmunkle
J M Hanklin, Accountant, Minyip9 
Death*27 April 1896 Minyip, VIC;
When and where Died: 27th April 1896 at Minyip
Name and Surname, Rank or Profession: James Millgate, Farmer
Sex and Age: male, 76 years
Cause of Death: Senile decay
Duration of last Illness: not stated
Medical Attendant by whom verified: Dr Naylor
When he last saw Deceased: 11th April 1896
Name and Surname of father with Rank or profession: James Millgate, Farmer
Name and Maiden Name of Mother: not known
Signature, description and Residences of Informant: George Henry McLean, son-in-law
When and where buried: 27th April 1896, Minyip General Cemetery
Undertaker by whom certified: James Hugh Brady
Where born: County Kent, England
How long in the Australian Colonies, stating which: 56 years, South Australia 34 years, Victoria 22 years
Where Married, at what Age, and to whom: Adelaide, South Australia, age unknown, Elizabeth Potter
later South Australia, age unkown, Elizabeth Harriet Martin
Issue, in order of Birth, their Names and Ages: In first marriage, James Millgate 57
by later marriage, Ellen 45, Sarah Ann 43, Emily 40, Charlotte 39, Naomi 343 
Burial*27 April 1896 Minyip General Cemetery, Minyip, VIC, Australia;
James & Emily Harriet Millgate headstone

Family 1

Elizabeth Potter b. 9 Feb 1823, d. 29 Aug 1843

Family 2

Emily Moore d. 28 Oct 1909


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