Stephen McCabe1

M, #880, b. 1807, d. 23 July 1881
FatherFrancis McCabe1
MotherMary Farrell1
Relationship3rd great-grandfather of Keith Graham Bassett
Last Edited13 Dec 2016
Note* Castlerahan, Cavan, Ireland;
The 1821 Census records for Castlerahan, Cavan have survived. There is only one Stephen McCabe recorded in the census living with his brother Patrick in Clonkeffy:
Patrick McCabe,, 32, Farmer
Stephen McCabe,, 27, Labourer
This would make Stephen much older than 32 when convicted in 1839, but does align more closely with being 84 at his death in 18812 
Birth*1807 Cavan, Ireland1 
Marriage* Cavan, Ireland;Bride=Margaret Reilly3 
Birth of Daughter1825 Cavan, Ireland;Principal=Mary McCabe4 
Birth of Daughter1828 Cavan, Ireland;Principal=Catherine McCabe4 
Conviction*26 March 1839 Cavan, Ireland;
Stephen McCabe, age 32, Aggravated assault, transportation 7 years5 
Gaol*2 May 1839 Kilmainham Prison, Dublin, Ireland;
No.: 2029
Name: Stephen McCabe
County: Cavan
Crime: Aggravated Assault
Sentence: 7 years
When Tried: 26th March 1839
By Whom Tried:
Age: 32
Height: 5ft 6in
Eyes: Grey
Hair: L Brown
Complex: Fair
When Committed: 2nd May 1839
How disposed of: Blenheim 15th May 1839

Transportation*27 September 1839 "Blenheim", Sydney, NSW, Australia;
List of 200 Male convicts, by the Ship Blenheim, John Grey, Master; Surgeon-Superintendent, William McDowell, arrived from Ireland, 27th September, 1839
Standing No. of Convict: 39-1112
Indent No.: 103
Name: McCabe, Stephen
Age: 30
Education: None
Religion: Roman Catholic
Single, Married or Widower: Married
Children: 1 male, 4 females
Native Place: County Cavan
Trade or Calling: Laborer
Offence: Aggravated assault
Where Tried: Cavan
When Tried: 26 March, 1839
Sentence: 7 years
Former Convictions: None
Height: 5' 5 3/4"
Complexion: Pale and pockpitted
Color of Hair: Light mixed with grey
Color of Eyes: Grey
Particular Marks, Scars, or Remarks: Mole right cheek, mole under left ear
Certificate of Freedom 46/8427 
Ticket of leave*12 December 1843 Yass, NSW, Australia;
No. 43/2834
Prisoner's No. 39/1112
Name. Stephen McCabe
Ship. Blenheim 3
Master. Grey
Year. 1839
Native Place.
Trade or Calling.
Place of Trial. Cavan
Date of Trial. 26th March 1839
Sentence. Seven years
Year of Birth.
General Remarks.

Allowed to remain in the District of Yass
On recommendation of Yass Bench
Dated August 18438 
Note*15 May 1845 Arkstone Forest, Burrowa, near Yass, NSW, Australia;
Petition of Stephen McCabe per Ship Blenheim
To His Excellency Sir George Gipps , Knight, Captain General and Governor in Chief in and over the Territory of New South Wales and Vice Admiral of the same.
The Petition of Stephen McCabe Most Humbly sheweth:
that your Petitioner was tried at Cavan 26 March 1839, Convict for Seven Years - and arrived per Ship Blenheim, Grey, Master in the Year 1839.
That your Petitioner received his ticket of leave dated 12 December 1843 for the District of Yass, which he still enjoys.
That your Petitioner has a Wife and family residing at Dunowen, near Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland - whom he wishes to come out, having it in his power to provide for them.
That your Petitioner has received a letter from his wife Margaret McCabe stating her wish to come out with the family, and that a Petition to that effect was sent by her to His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland from whom an answer was received stating that the Lord Lieutenant had not the power to send them out unless the Governor of the Colony were (sic) the Convict was, recommended the indulgence be granted.
That your Petitioner humbly intreats (sic) Your Excellency will be pleased to grant him the requisite Recommendation to the Lord Lieutenant, that the Petitioners Wife and family may be sent out, and Your humble petitioner will, as in duty bound, for ever pray.
Stephen McCabe in the employ of Mr John James Howell

The Petitioner Stephen McCabe has been known to me since his arrival in the Colony, and is still in my employ. I beg leave to recommend him to the favourable Consideration of Your Excellency as an industrious, sober, careful Man Capable of maintaining his Wife and family.
J J Howell

Response: Inform him that I have no longer the means of procuring Passage for the Wives & Families of Convicts to the Colony
G G June 14 18454 
Cert-Freedom*3 September 1846 Yass, NSW, Australia;
No. 46/842
Date. 3 September 1846
Prisoner's No. 39/1112
Name. Stephen McCabe
Ship. Blenheim 3
Master. Grey
Year. 1839
Native Place. County Cavan
Trade or Calling. Laborer
Place of Trial. Cavan
Date of Trial. 26 March 1839
Sentence. Seven yrs
Year of Birth. 1809
Height. 5 feet 5 3/4 Inches
Complexion. Pale and pock pitted
Hair. Light mixed with grey
Eyes. Grey
General Remarks. Mole on the right cheek another under the left ear9 
Note4 November 1847 Arkstone Forest, near Yass, NSW, Australia;
Application for Wife and Family (form)
I, Stephen McCabe per Ship Blenheim beg respectfully to request that my wife and children may be provided with a passage to this Colony.
I am at present following the occupation of Farm Servant in the Service of Mrs Lucy Howell at Arkstone Forest.
I have the honor to be, Sir, Your obediant Servant
Stephen McCabe his mark

Wife's Maiden Name, Margaret Riley
Present Residence, Old Castle
County, Meath
Town or Parish, &c, Old Castle

Mary McCabe, 26
Catherine McCabe, 23
Margaret McCabe, 20
James McCabe, 17
Bridget McCabe, 14

Persons to whom applicant's family are known:
Edward Plunkett, Esq, Dun Owen, Co Cavan near Old Castle

We hereby certify that Stephen McCabe is a well conducted man, and that he has the means of supporting his family
Lucy Howell
C C Wildath

Eligible & recommended 29 Nov 18474 
Death of Spouse17 September 1877 Pudman Creek, NSW, Australia;
Name: Margaret Macabe
Date of Death: 17/9/1877
Place: Pudman Creek, District of Burrowa NSW
Sex: Female
Age: 71
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Co Cavan Ireland
Time in Aust Colonies: 25 years NSW

Father: Luke Riley
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Catherine Farrell

Place of Marriage: Co Cavan Ireland
Age at Marriage: 20
Name of Spouse: Stephen Macabe
Children of Marriage: 2 females living, 3 males, 2 females deceased
Informant: Mary McEncroe, daughter, Pudman

Cause of Death: General Debility from old age (natural causes)
Length of Illness: 4 days
Medical Attendant: Nil
Date Last Seen:

Date of Burial: 19/09/1877
Place of Burial: Burrowa
Minister & Religion: Father Long, C.C.
Undertaker: W Keating
Witnesses: John O'Hehir, Valentine O'Hehir;Principal=Margaret Reilly3 
Will*6 March 1879 Burrowa, NSW, Australia;
This is the last Will and Testament of me Stephen McCabe of Pudman Creek near Burrowa in the Colony of New South Wales Settler. I hereby revoke all testamentary writings heretofore executed by me After payment of all my just debts funeral and Testamentary expenses I give devise and bequeath all my real and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever to my daughter - Mary McEncroe the wife of Peter McEncroe of Pudman Creek aforesaid Settler to be for her own sole and separate use free from the debts control or engagements of her present or any future husband with whom she may intermarry I appoint my said daughter Mary McEncroe Executrix and Isaac Stevenson of Burrowa aforesaid Executor of this my Will In Witness whereof I have hereunder set my hand this Sixth day of March one thousand eight hundred and seventy nine
Signed by the said Stephen McCabe of Pudman Creek aforesaid (by affixing his mark hereto) as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us present at the same time who at his request in his sight and presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as attesting Witnesses and we certify the same was read over and explained to him and he appeared to us to thoroughly understand the nature and effect hereof
Harold O'Brien
I Peterson
Stephen McCabe his mark;Exec-Beneficiary=Mary McEnroe10 
Death*23 July 1881 Pudman Creek, nr (Burrowa) Boorowa, NSW, Australia;
Name: Stephen McCabe
Date of Death: 23/7/1881
Place: Pudman Creek, District of Burrowa NSW
Occupation: Farmer
Sex: Male
Age: 84
Conjugal Status:
Place of Birth: Co Cavan Ireland
Time in Aust Colonies: 42 years in NSW

Father: Francis McCabe
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Mary Farrell

Place of Marriage: Ireland
Age at marriage: 20
Name of Spouse: Margaret Kelly
Children of Marriage: 2 females living, 3 males, 2 females deceased
Informant: Mary McEncroe, daughter, Pudman

Cause of Death: Paralysis
Length of Illness: 3 years
Medical Attendant: Nil
Date Last Seen:

Date of Burial: 25/7/1881
Place of Burial: Burrowa
Minister & Religion: Father Ling, Catholic Church
Undertaker: W Keating
Witnesses: J O'Hehir, S Woodcock1 


Margaret Reilly b. 1806, d. 17 Sep 1877


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