Ellen Connell1

F, #328, b. 1833, d. 25 December 1888
FatherThomas Connell2
MotherMary McCarthy2
Relationship2nd great-grandmother of Keith Graham Bassett
Last Edited4 Nov 2015
Birth*1833 Kinsale, Cork, Ireland3 
Immigration*29 November 1849 "Lismoyne", Botany Bay, NSW, Australia;Catherine Connell, 17, Farm servant, Kingsale Cork, John & Mary both dead, Roman Catholic, neither read nor write, no relations in colony, good helalth, Kinsale Union
Ellen Connell, 16, Farm servant, Kingsale Cork, John & Mary both dead, Roman Catholic, neither read nor write, no relations in colony, good health, Kinsale Union;Passenger=Catherine Connell3 
Marriage*9 November 1851 Bathurst, NSW, Australia;
I, John Cunningham do hereby declare that I am a Member of, or hold Communion with the Roman Catholic Church
I, Ellen Connell do hereby declare that I am a Member of, or hold Communion with the Roman Catholic Church
I, Jerome Keating of Bathurst Minister of Bathurst do hereby certify that
John Cunningham of Belleview
and Ellen Connell of Belleview
were joined together in wedlock by me, on the 9th day of November, 1851, at Bathurst
In the presence of
Michael O'Donnel, his mark of Bellview
Catherine Connell, her mark
John Cunningham
Ellen Connell, her mark;Groom=John Cunningham4 
Married Name9 November 1851 Cunningham1 
Birth of Daughter6 January 1852 Queen Charlotte's Vale, NSW, Australia;
Note - Queen Charlotte's Vale is now known as Perthville (12kms from Bathurst);Principal=Margaret Cunningham5 
Death of DaughterMay 1853 Queen Charlotte's Vale, NSW;Principal=Margaret Cunningham6,5 
Birth of Son15 June 1853 Queen Charlotte's Vale, NSW, Australia;
Note - Queen Charlotte's Vale is now known as Perthville (12kms from Bathurst);Principal=John Cunningham5 
Birth of Daughter22 February 1855 Caloola (near Bathurst), NSW, Australia;Principal=Margaret Cunningham5 
Birth of Son25 June 1857 Caloola (nr Bathurst), NSW, Australia;
Surname: Cunningham
Given names: Unknown (William added after registration)
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 25th June, 1857
Place of Birth: Caloola

Parents of Child
Surname: Cunningham
Given names: John
Occupation: Shepherd
Age: 31 years
Place of birth: County Cork, Ireland
Surname: Connall
Given names: Ellen
Age: 21 years
Place of birth: born County Cork

Date of marriage: 1851
Place of marriage: Bathurst
Previous children of marriage: John 4, Margaret 2, 1 female deceased

Informant: John Cunningham, Father, (Shepherd) Caloola, County of Bathurst;Principal=William Cunningham7 
Death of Spouse16 December 1857 Caloola (nr Bathurst), NSW, Australia;
Name: John Cunninghame
Date of Death: 16/12/1857
Place: Caloola, near Bathurst NSW
Occupation: Shepherd
Sex: Male
Age: 31
Place of Birth: County Cork Ireland
Time in Aust Colonies: 17 years in NSW

Father: William Cunninghame
Occupation: Hat Maker
Mother: Margaret Sullivan

Place of Marriage: Bathurst NSW
Age at Marriage: 26
Name of Spouse: Ellen Connall
Children of Marriage: John 4, Margaret 2, William 5m living, 1 girl dead

Informant: Michl Kent (his mark), Ship mate, farmer, Wardell near Bathurst, certified by George Larna.... (remainder of surname caught in binding), farmer and grazier, tenant, Caloola near Bathurst

Cause of Death: Unspecified
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant:
Date Last Seen:

Date of Burial: 18/12/1857
Place of Burial: Bathurst
Minister & Religion: J Phelan, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: Kerr and Rae
Witnesses: Michael Kent, Thomas Flood
Registered: 17/12/1857 Bathurst;Principal=John Cunningham8 
Married Name28 May 1858 Joyce5 
Marriage*28 May 1858 St Michael, Bathurst, NSW, Australia;
Groom: William Joyce
Status: Bachelor
Place of Birth: Ireland
Occupation: Farmer
Age: 30
Usual residence: Foster's Valley
Father: John Joyce
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Mary Conaughton

Bride: Ellen Connell
Status: Spinster
Place of Birth: Ireland
Occupation: House Maid
Age: 21
Usual residence: Peppers Creek
Father: Thomas Connell
Occupation: Laborer
Mother: Mary McCarthy

Date of Marriage: 28 May 1858
Place of Marriage: St Michaels Church, Bathurst NSW
Religion: Roman Catholic
Witnesses: Thomas Cullen, Ellen Coffey
Minister: Patrick Donnelly;Groom=William Joyce5 
Birth of Daughter3 August 1860 Mountain Run (near Bathurst), NSW, Australia;Principal=Mary Anne Joyce5 
Birth of Son13 June 1862 Fosters Valley (near Bathurst), NSW, Australia;Principal=Michael Joseph Joyce5 
Birth of Son29 April 1864 Rockley, NSW, Australia;Principal=Thomas Joyce5 
Birth of Son19 December 1866 Rockley, NSW, Australia;Principal=Patrick Joyce5 
Birth of Daughter1 December 1868 Rockley, NSW, Australia;Principal=Honora Joyce5 
Birth of Daughter1871 Bathurst, NSW, Australia;Principal=Ellen Joyce9 
Birth of Son1873 Bathurst, NSW, Australia;Principal=William Joyce9 
Birth of Daughter1875 Bathurst, NSW, Australia;Principal=Bridget Joyce9 
Death*25 December 1888 Foster's Valley, NSW, Australia;
Name: Ellen Joyce
Date of Death: 25/12/1888
Place: Fosters Valley, District of West Macquarie NSW
Sex: Female
Age: 55
Place of Birth: Cork, Ireland
Time in Aust Colonies: 46 years in NSW

Father: (Given name unknown) O'Connell
Occupation: Farmer
Mother: Unknown

Place of Marriage (1): Bathurst NSW
Age at Marriage (1): 17
Name of Spouse (1): John Cunningham
Children of Marriage (1): 1 girl dead
Place of Marriage (2): Bathurst NSW
Age at Marriage (2): 26
Name of Spouse (2): William Joyce
Children of Marriage (2): Mary 29, Michael 27, Thomas 25, Patrick 22, Honora 20, Ellen 17, William 15, Bridget 13 living, 1 female dead

Informant: Thomas Joyce, son, Fosters Valley

Cause of Death: Cardiac disease
Length of Illness:
Medical Attendant: W H Spencer
Date Last Seen: 4/12/1888

Date of Burial: 26/12/1888
Place of Burial: Rockley
Minister & Religion: Thomas J Walsh, Roman Catholic
Undertaker: George Mendham, acting
Witnesses: Patrick Joyce (his mark), William Johnson

Registered: 2/1/1889 Bathurst8 
Photo* Irish Faminine Memorial, Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney, NSW, Australia;
The Irish Famine Memorial commemorates the arrival of over 4,000 single young women (mostly orphans) from the workhouses of Ireland during the Great Famine. Margaret Simmonds and Ellen Connell both arrived on the Lismoyne in 1849. Margaret Simmons is one of the 420 names etched on the glass panels amd can be seen on the lower left.

;Principal=Margaret Simmons10

Family 1

John Cunningham b. 3 Oct 1814, d. 16 Dec 1857

Family 2

William Joyce


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