James Buckley1

M, #865, b. 5 March 1786, d. August 1836
FatherGeorge Buckley1 b. 23 Jan 1762
MotherMartha Bashlor2,3 b. c 1764
Relationship4th great-grandfather of Keith Graham Bassett
ChartsAncestors of Keith Graham Bassett
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Baptism*5 March 1786 Shaw Chapel, Oldham, Lancashire;
James son of George Buckley and Martha, his wife, Whitfield, Weaver1 
Marriage*12 August 1805 St John the Baptist, Halifax, West Riding, Yorkshire;
James Buckley of Crompton in the Parish of Oldham Cotton Spinner and Mary Hitchen of Warley of the Parish of Halifax Spr were married in this Church by Banns this twelfth Day of August in the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and five
By me Thos Atkinson Clerk in Orders
This Marriage was solemnized between Us
Ja Buckley's mark
Mary Hitchin's mark
in the Presence of
James Rigg
Robt Hargrave;Bride=Mary Hitchen4 
Death of Daughter5 February 1808 Royton, Lancashire;Principal=Hannah Buckley5 
Birth of Daughter1810 Lancashire;Principal=Sarah Buckley6 
Birth of Daughtercirca 1815 Lancashire;Principal=Mary Buckley7 
Conviction*22 January 1817 Lancaster Quarter Sessions, Salford, Lancashire;
Sentenced to 7 years transportation8 
Transported*7 November 1818 "Morley", Port Jackson, NSW, Australia;
Name: James Buckley
Where Convicted: Lancaster Quarter Sessions
When: 22d January 1817
Term: Seven years
Native place: Lancashire
Calling: Weaver
age: 31
height: 5 / 5¼
Complexion: dk rud
hair: brown
eyes: hazel9 
Assignment*17 November 1818 Sydney, NSW, Australia;
Secretary’s Office Sydney
17th Novemr. 1818.
I herewith transmit you a General List of the Names of 112 Convicts landed from the Transport Ship “Morley”(2nd), Brown Master, of whom 30 are Ordered by His Excellency the Governor for General Distribution among the Settlers within the District where you preside as a Magistrate, and 17 to those to whom His Excellency has already Assigned them and whose Names Appear in the Accompanying List You will please to furnish Me with a List of the Names of the Settlers to whom You Shall Assign any of those Convicts Specifying therein the Names of the Convicts so Assigned.

These Men are now sent forward to Parramatta by Water, and You are to Distribute them according to the said List.

I have the honor to be,
Your Obedt Hble Servt
Signed “J. J. Campbell” Secy

H. W. Arthur Esqre J.P. Parramatta

11. James Buckley
For Mr. Rouse Parramatta10 
Birth of Daughter27 August 1819 Parramatta, NSW, Australia;Principal=Ann Buckley11 
Birth of Daughter7 August 1821 Parramatta, NSW, Australia;Principal=Jane Buckley12 
Muster 1822*1822 Parramatta, NSW, Australia;
James Buckley,,,Convict, Morley,, 7 years, Sexton
Mary Buckley,,, Convict, Maria,, 7 years, Wife of J Buckley
Buckley, 13, Born Colony,,,,, chidren to J Buckley
Buckley,, Born Colony,,,,, children to J Buckley
Buckley, 2, Born Colony,,,,, chidren to J Buckley;Principal=Mary Hitchen13 
Birth of Daughter2 June 1823 Parramatta, NSW, Australia;Principal=Martha Buckley11 
Birth of Son7 May 1825 Parramatta, NSW, Australia;Principal=James Buckley11 
Cert-Freedom*16 March 1826 NSW, Australia;
Number: 65/5037
Name: James Buckley
Vessel: Morley
Year Arrived: 1818
Where Convicted: Lancaster
When Convicted: 22nd January 1817
Term: Seven Years
Native Place: Lancashire
Calling: Weaver
Age: Thirty nine
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Complexion: Dark Sallow
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Date of Certificate: 16 March 1826
General remarks:14 
Birth of Son26 December 1826 Parramatta, NSW, Australia;Principal=William Buckley12 
News-Arct*25 April 1827 "The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser", NSW, Australia;
James Buckley appeared by summons to answer the complaint of constable Brown, for fiddling and dancing, on the night of Good Friday. Reprimanded and discharged.15 
Census 1828*1828 Parramatta, NSW, Australia;
James Buckley, 41, FS, Protestant, Morley, 1818, 7, Nailer
Mary Buckley, 40, FS, Protestant, Maria, 1818, 7
George Buckley, 20, CF, Protestant, Maria, 1818,, Nailer
Sarah Buckley, 18, CF, Protestant, Maria, 1818
Ann Buckley, 9, BC, Protestant
Jane Buckley, 7, BC, Protestant
Martha Buckley, 5, BC, Protestant
James Buckley, 3, BC, Protestant
William Buckley, 20m, BC, Protestant

3 cattle and 1 horse;Wife=Mary Buckley, Son=George Buckley, Daughter=Sarah Buckley, Daughter=Ann Buckley, Daughter=Jane Buckley, Daughter=Martha Buckley, Son=James Buckley, Son=William Buckley16 
Death*August 1836 Parramatta, NSW, Australia12 
Burial*23 August 1836 St Johns, Parramatta, NSW, Australia;
Name: James Buckley
Abode: Parramatta
When Buried: 23rd August
Age: 54 years
Ship's Name:
Quality or Profession: Nailor
By whom the Ceremony was performed: Samuel Marsden12 
Govt-gzte*16 July 1847 Sydney, NSW, Australia;
NOTICE is hereby given, that the following Claim for a Deed of Grant will be ready for the examination of (he Commissioners appointed for that purpose, under the Act of Council, 5 William 4 No. 21; at the expiration of two months from this date, before which day, any caveat or counter claim must be entered at this Office. Due notice will be given of the day appointed for the hearing.
Case No. 1266.—George Buckley, of Parramatta, by his Attorney Augustus Hayward, Esquire. Twenty-three and a-half perches in the County of Cumberland, parish of St. John, Town of Parramatta, allotment No. 6, on the north side of Argyle-street, at the corner of O'Connell street, in section No. 9; bounded on the west by O'Connell street 128 links; on the north by allotment No. 8 118 links; on the east by part of allotment No. 7 125 links to Argyle-street; and on the south by that street 118 links.
This allotment was leased Sir Thomas Brisbane for twenty-one years by a Lease dated 30th June, 1823, in favor of James Buckley, who died intestate, leaving his Son, the Claimant, in possession, who requests a Deed of Grant, on the ground of his having conformed to the terms agreed to by the Government since the expiration of the Lease, in July, 1844.
By the direction of the Commissioners,
Court of Claims' Office,
30th June, 1847.;Principal=George Buckley17 


Mary Hitchen b. 15 Jan 1786, d. 1853


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